Baker Mayfield on staring down Hue Jackson: No idea what you’re talking about

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After Browns tight end David Njoku turned a pass from quarterback Baker Mayfield into a 66-yard gain against the Bengals in Sunday’s win, CBS cameras showed Mayfield staring at the Bengals sideline for a long time as he made his way down the field.

The announcers noted that former Browns head coach and current Bengals assistant Hue Jackson was in Mayfield’s sightline “for what felt like an eternity.” Given the quarterback’s past statements about and interactions with Jackson, it wasn’t hard to imagine Mayfield staring his former coach down but he denied that was his intent when asked about the moment after the game.

“No idea what you’re talking about,” Mayfield said, via

Mayfield was grinning while looking at the Cincinnati sideline and has good reason to feel good about things right now. The Browns are 5-2 since Jackson was fired and the rookie continued to shine by going 27-of-37 for 284 yards and three touchdowns to complete the sweep of the Bengals.

A win next week would give the Browns their first winning season since 2007 and send the team into the offseason with a lot more optimism about the future than there was during the Jackson era.

48 responses to “Baker Mayfield on staring down Hue Jackson: No idea what you’re talking about

  1. Awesome !! If the Browns booted this stooge earlier they might be staring at home field in first round of playoffs

  2. Jackson did everything he could to break this young guy but somehow he ends up employed again.

    Can’t blame Mayfield at all.

    Go Brownies.

  3. I wouldn’t blame baker one bit. The guy tried to destroy him and the browns and nearly succeeded. Hue is an egomaniac, everything I’ve seen from him shows that. The only reason he lasted as long as he did is because he was friends with haslem.

  4. “A win next week would … send the team into the offseason with a lot more optimism about the future than there was during the Jackson era.”

    You mean they don’t have that now?

  5. This team is 13-2 if Baker Starts the season, and Hue Jackson was relieved of his duty in the spring of 2018. Definitely ROY, hands down. From everything from no camp reps with the first team, to coach change, to Rookie WR, Rookie RB, Rookie OC, and got his team above .500 since 2007, AS A ROOKIE, 3 TDs from Rookie TD record,

    HandsDown ROY, especially if he wins next week, and Ruining the Old Browns playoff hopes.


  6. Good answer. Unless you’re trying to stir up a hornet’s nest again, there’s no reason to even acknowledge that it happened. Probably what he should said about refusing to give Jackson a hug too. “Hug? What hug? No idea what you’re talking about.”

  7. So Hugh leaves a team that suddenly begins to win and then joins a team that completely implodes. I’ve heard that Hugh might end up doing TV to which I say who the hell wants to hear his “expert” opinion?

  8. At some point he needs to get over it. He’s not the coach anymore and you’re doing well right now. You’re in the NFL now, time to put the childish behavior in the past.

  9. Michael Jordan is the pettiest professional athelete of all time and probably the best. Cam Newton is petty too and the best physical specimine to enter the lease at QB ever. The difference is that Michael won championships and Cam hasn’t.

    If Baker keeps winning, nobody will care. But if he loses the hate will arrive in an avalanche.

    Right now, he has done more than a Browns QB has done in my lifetime. Get it brother, and rub it in and enjoy it. You never got a taste for humble pie don’t start eating now.

  10. I can’t help but think that if they had kept Haley that this team would have continued to implode. That hasn’t gotten nearly as much press, but I think it was almost as important as firing Hue. Great job by Dorsey.

  11. That kind of attitude is going to come back and bite him. Act like a punk and people are going to hit you like the punk you are. Be above that.

    Stay classy Browns fans… don’t forget you have been the doormats for 20 years. Karma is a thing.

    I’m glad you guys are finally good again, don’t get me wrong, but don’t start beating your chests around here until you’ve actually done something…in the playoffs. Bernie kosar was a long time ago.

  12. Mayfield might be great but let’s ease up on the hype. He hasn’t beaten 1 team with a winning record this year.


    barkhardandloud says:
    December 23, 2018 at 6:20 pm
    This team is 13-2 if Baker Starts the season

  13. I thought he was pretty cool at first but now he’s just coming across as a little punk with an inflated head.

  14. Also, “stay classy browns fans” is tired and tone deaf. We have stayed by them for years of ineptitude and have earned the right to enjoy them winning.

    At least the browns have been newsworthy for being terrible. The Bengals have been forgettable and mediocre. They are a 6-9 win team with 0 playoff wins. Take this L.

  15. Finally, Baker now has the third best rookie TD count of all time at 24. He just passed Andrew Luck at 23. Peyton and Russell have 26 and started every game while Baker sat the first 2.

    Be scared Bengals fans. He’s the real deal and you’re gonna eat this for a decade.

  16. Mayfield might be great but let’s ease up on the hype. He hasn’t beaten 1 team with a winning record this year.


    Try again. He beat the Ravens earlier this season.

  17. Barkhard is right. Baker has beaten “1 team” with a winning record this year…


    Mayfield might be great but let’s ease up on the hype. He hasn’t beaten 1 team with a winning record this year.


    barkhardandloud says:
    December 23, 2018 at 6:20 pm
    This team is 13-2 if Baker Starts the season

  18. When was the last time a team and it`s fans got so arrogant so fast without doing anything?
    2017 Jaguars? There is one every season and the Browns are setting themselves up nicely to be next seasons big disappointment….And their fans are showing why we shouldn`t feel sorry for them when it happens. Classless!

  19. Bengals fans, don’t forget you were the doormat of your division since 1991 and then you hired Marvin in 2002 and became halfway relevant. I rooted for them in 2003 when Ocho Cinco and Carson Planer went off.

    And since…the fans have been mouthy about making the playoffs and then pooping the bed every time. Your high horse smells like the same horse that we browns fans have been scooping up after.

  20. “Cam Newton is petty too and the best physical specimine [sic] to enter the lease [sic] at QB ever.”

    Cam over Michael Vick?
    Cam over Randall Cunningham?
    Cam over Steve Young?

    Arm strength? NOPE.
    Accuracy? NOPE.
    Attitude? NOPE.
    Size and Overall Strength? Sure, but virtually nothing that tangibly-matters on every single down as a QB.

  21. Cobrala2, Cam’s height, weight, arm strength, accuracy, 40 time combined make him special. Yes, others have been around that are better than single things. Wither way, my point is that the the guy is gifted and petty but he isn’t a winner.

    The three dudes you named were winners. My point is that your brash attitude only bbecomes an issue when you stop winning.

    Also, don’t forget Mike Vick was a serial animal murderer that went to prison. But sure, he never stared down an opposing coach. Just electrocuted dogs in an above ground pool and owned a permanent fixture known as a “rape stick”.

  22. How could Hue not know that Mayfield was his best QB in training camp ? Since he entered that Jets game anyone could see he was easily the Browns best QB since Kosar. Even an untrained eye like me could see it.

  23. I dont care……i don’t live in Cleveland, aka “the armpit of the universe!” Even Lebron left….twice!
    Mayfield will be eating crow soon enough

  24. The real question should be do the browns keep this staff as is?
    I feel like Greg Williams deserves a lot of credit here…
    Baker will come down to earth a little next year but this staff has really done a great job….

    Now if my Bengals would just play football again

  25. This was the first time he faced Hue on the other sideline, after literally months of being stifled by him.
    Both sides earned this staredown.

    I doubt Baker will bother to again if Hue actually winds up on another sideline, but this one was cathartic.

    Now to continue the strong finish next week, everyone stay in shape in the off season and come to camp ready to tear it up.

  26. The Browns’ fans have a few wins and they get delirious. They are acting like they’ve won the Super Bowl but the reality is they are still a bad team that will be watching the playoffs from their couch. If the Bengals would’ve had Dalton and AJ Green the Browns would have lost as usual.

  27. Okay,Baker. You’ve made your point crystal clear. Time to let it go now and move on to something more productive,like closing out with a win next week.

  28. Dream scenario next week:
    Browns driving against the Ravens during the final seconds for the winning touchdown.
    Take a knee at the 1 showing the Ravens they could have beat them.
    Thus eliminating the Steelers from the playoffs.

  29. Ive been pulling for cleveland this year after watching hard knocks. Didnt like that jackhole OC haley and thought Hue was like the kid that gets picked on then gets a job title that gives him a bit of power and tells ev1 im the boss. Didnt get why Baker wasnt given a chance to start over tyrod but whatever. I really liked baker and his attitude that hes never been seen as the guy but he works hard and eventually becomes THE guy. However im starting to not like his inflated ego and childishness. Ok hue didnt give u a shot this year but that doesnt mean he wanted to destroy you. He mightve thought it would honestly be good for you to hold the clipboard for a while. Maybe his plan was to put you in at some point. Then again maybe he felt tyrod gave the browns the est shot at winning. Doesnt matter he paid by losing his job. He went to cincy cuz where else was he going to get a job? Bottom line is youre now a pro…and supposed to be grown….start acting like it. No need to stare that man down. Its over you won. He got fired…youre the starter….and youve beaten them twice i believe. Hue has moved on and so should you. By doing these petty childish things youre making him look like the winner in being the bigger man. Also someone needs to get him to check his ego cuz his head keeps growing he wont fit through doors. Im happy the browns seem to finally be on the right track but baker needs to stop his crap. Next season teams will have like 14 games of film on baker to breakdown and best believe they will. Hope baker does great things but hes got to stop this petty crap. If he were the grown up hes supposed to be hed have simply walked up and shook hues hand.

  30. Let’s see how funny his immature antics are to the fans when he’s going 8-8 every year.

  31. Bengal fans calling out Browns fans is comical. Bengal fans are the worst most classless fan base in professional sports. I came to this realization living in Columbus when the Browns were gone and absolutely loathe Bengal fans. Classless loudmouth garbage fanbase. It makes me want to puke that I have to share the Buckeyes with them. God you people suck. Who Dey!!! Idiots.

  32. Too bleeping weak to own it. Punk. Damn fine QB. Damn sorry individual. Should’ve been a Bengal, but too much talent for that, I guess.

  33. You can either copy Tom Brady and Russell Wilson, or you can copy Cam Newton. It’s either all about the team or all about me. The me guys don’t seem to stay on top long. The team guys do. The classy guys stay on top.

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