Jadeveon Clowney thought he made a “good, clean hit” on Nick Foles

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The Eagles pulled out a 32-30 win over the Texans on Sunday thanks to a Jake Elliott field goal at the gun and one of the biggest plays on the winning drive came on a third down pass by Nick Foles.

Foles hit Alshon Jeffery for 19 yards and a first down, but a flag on linebacker Jadeveon Clowney for roughing Foles turned it into a 34-yard gain. Foles said after the game that he thought it was a “great hit” from Clowney and Clowney took issue with the penalty call when he spoke to reporters after the game.

“I do not think it was a good call,” Clowney said. “Just playing football, trying to make a play. I feel like it was a good, clean hit. … I saw a couple of them today, I was like, ‘Wow, why are you throwing that flag’ but the refs are a part of the game. They make the calls. You just have to stick with it and keep playing football.”

Texans coach Bill O’Brien said he wanted to see the hit “on my screen” before commenting on the call. He did add that he thought the officiating was “very fair” over the course of the game.

24 responses to “Jadeveon Clowney thought he made a “good, clean hit” on Nick Foles

  1. If Clowney had his facemask to Foles’ number it’d been perfect IMO, but he didn’t even lead with his crown, it was flat out top of helmet.

    Terrible ref’ing and broadcasting overall. Listening to Fouts is like listening to Drunk Uncle, and this duo sucked the energy out of the game every opportunity they had.

  2. dg0122 says:
    December 23, 2018 at 7:34 pm

    Clean hit, home cooked cheesesteak served up there


    Don’t be jealous of the World Champions. The refs were brutally bad for both teams all day. Just laughably awful.

  3. Well he did rip off Nick’s face mask on the 2 point conversion and got away with it so beggers can’t be choosers.

  4. If Clowney thought that was a clean hit then he’s poorly coached. That was text-book leading with the crown of the helmet, roughing the passer.

  5. And that’s why Montana will always be the greatest of all time. He didn’t benefit from soft flag football rules where referees coddle and pamper qbs for getting tackled to hard and helped with free 15 yards and a first down. If you touch a qbs helmets or legs it’s another 15 yard penalty and a first down. If you land on top of the qb with your weight it’s another 15 yard penalty and a first down. This is no longer tackle football. Qbs are treated like little kids who are barely able to walk. This generation of football has become a joke and it’s turning fans into soft powder puffs agreeing and supporting these embarrassing penalties that are normal hits and tackles. Nfl will soon ban helmets, pads and any kind of hits and tackles and players will start wearing flags or it will be two hand touch.

  6. This clown has no business being on the field – he is a threat to everyone who plays the game – he is a dirty player who cost his team dearly every chance he could.

  7. IVe seen lots a Other Texas fans cry about injuries LOL LOL you just played the Eagles Backup QB …. Eagles have been injured ALL year . 13 of original D and 5 on O for 18 total were IR out of original 53 man We have CBs on team that were on the street 3 weeks ago. Players playing hurt as no replacments.

    You guys got fooled again by BoB … he is a bad HC. You can tell by the actions of his players as well. Hell even Watson knew they were doomed after his last TD … he ran his finger across his throat. Just think Eagles are 27th D this year …. No chance for a SB run if you sturggle with that.

  8. Clowney ought to know that this pansy league wants to put dresses on QB’s so you can’t even breathe on them.
    Clay Matthews found that out in two back-to-back games this year with roughing the passer calls against him that were complete b.s.
    One thing Clowney is wrong about is the referees are not part of the game, they ARE the game nowadays! I’ve seen 10 games this year that were directly decided by the striped shirts. It’s beyond ridiculous but it’s what the brainless NFL wants.

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