Jaguars end Dolphins’ playoff hopes

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The Dolphins’ playoff chances have just gone from slim to none.

Miami, which already had a very limited path to the playoffs, lost at home 17-7 to Jacksonville today and was mathematically eliminated from playoff contention. It was a highly disappointing effort from a Dolphins team that raises questions about whether either head coach Adam Gase or quarterback Ryan Tannehill will be back next year.

For the Jaguars, Cody Kessler and Blake Bortles both took some snaps at quarterback, but it really wasn’t about what they did on offense. Instead, it was the defense shutting Tannehill & Co. down, with a Telvin Smith pick-six in the fourth quarter sealing the win.

Today’s result drops the Dolphins to 7-8 and improves the Jaguars to 5-10. Neither of these teams can be happy with where they are heading into Week 17, and both seem set for long offseasons in which major changes are sure to come.

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  1. From the opening defensive non stand it was obvious that Jacksonville was going to win. Seeing Gase having a seat by himself with the defense trying to hold was the final straw to me. I’m praying i hear that he is fired tonight or tomorrow. I don’t expect to…but one can hope. At the very least, they have to get rid of him and Tannebaum as soon as the next game ends.


  3. It is simple folks; Steven Ross should clean house; particularly ryan tannehill & adam gase.
    Any quality HC who is willing to claim Colin Kaepernick and also draft a QB; should be hired. All of the dolphins qbs on the roster now and adam gase should be released NOW with the exception of that rookie QB! Then allow the special teams coach to coach the last game.

  4. It’s hatd to believe we started 3-0 this year. What an overwhelming disappointment this season has been. Tannenbaum and Burke should go immediately and Gase either has to go or must be forced to hire an offensive coordinator who can run his own scheme. Wide 9 needs to be binned. I’d probably keep Tannenhill

  5. What looked like a game where both teams wanted to lose, the Dolphins dug deep and denied the Jaguars the lost. Way to go. The best action on the field were the refs throwing a multitude of penalty flags. Hard to watch.

  6. I knew at some point in the 2nd half; when the game was on the line; that tannehill was going to throw a pick 6! He does it in every important and must-win game. I sure hope that he does not return next season; not even as a backup!

  7. Well Owner Stephen Ross has a decision to make; Should he just gut this team from the operations brain trust to the coach or not? I think Ross should defer all his decisions to the cheerleaders due to his numerous mistakes on his teams leadership. Well seriously he should hire Todd Bowles as his Defensive Coordinator as soon as the Jets fire him. Then perhaps give the operations brain trust and head coach another year due to the multitude of injuries. However hiring a new condition coach should be a priority.

  8. Just gut the front office and fire ALL the coaches and start all over again. Need a HC with fire. Have Marino take over Tannenbum’s position. Need Offensive line, QB oh heck, just revamp the whole team. Reminds me of the 66-69 seasons with George Wilson as HC.

  9. I still stick with my opinion on staying with Tannehill.. BUT.. we must get rid of Gase and the ENTIRE coaching staff with the exception of Rizzi. Clean house on upper management also.
    Gase is so pathetic and has no clue how to adjust play calling and as bad as he is Burke is so much worse. If Ross doesnt make serious changes more of the fanbase will be gone. How can you allow a team like Jax to really beat the brakes off you?? The moment Tunsil finds out he doesnt make the pro bowl he has the worst game of the season. That is a pure reflection of leadership. But, I still think Tannehill is the best option unless we can get Foles or dradt a game ready QB.

  10. Mr Ross has got a problem. I don’t think it’s who he should fire or get rid of on this team. The bigger problem is who should he keep. I’m trying in my mind to put together a list of “keepers” and the list is short. Out of 53 players I can barely name 10. Of all the coaches only Rizzi. As for Tannenbaum…he needs to be made into a pinata and placed on 50 yard line.

  11. I’m okay with a purge if it starts with Tannenbaum. Otherwise it’s a waste of time.

    Just ignore Blinders. His posts are a waste of effort to read.

  12. Ross has taken a dumpster fire and single handedly turned it into a 20 story inferno!
    His ineptness as an NFL owner is front & center – He’s spent millions of his own money
    to upgrade the stadium & team facilities but blown money on the likes of Tannenbaum & Gase
    just to have a less than average team and be perfectly content with the results!
    There’s only about 10-12 players & NO current coaches that would survive the offseason if I were owner…wishful thinking I know but at some point Ross is got to either build a
    championship caliber organization or be outed for being just another clueless bizillionaire!

  13. Fellow fin fans I’m afraid as long as MR.Ross is the majority owner the fins will continue to suck. He will never get it right so we will be stuck in this cycle of hiring and firing a coach every 2 to 3 years. Lets face it as long as that pathetic owner of ours is making the decision my beloved dolphins will continue to flounder.

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