Jets plan to make a run at Jim Harbaugh

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Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh has said he’s staying put. That won’t keep at least one NFL team from trying to lure him back.

Per a league source, the Jets are the team that is planning to make a run at Harbaugh after the season ends.

The thinking is that the Jets plan to make Harbaugh a financial offer he can’t refuse, well in excess of the $7 million he earns at Ann Arbor.

Harbaugh is finishing his fourth season with Michigan. He left Stanford after four years, and he left the 49ers after four years.

The Jets started digging on Harbaugh roughly four weeks ago, and the plan remains to attempt to interview him, which presumes that coach Todd Bowles will be fired after the season.

It’s still unclear whether the Jets will change coaches only, or whether G.M. Mike Maccagnan also will be replaced. Harbaugh may want full control over the roster and the draft if he takes the job, and maybe the Jets will give it to him.

Again, Harbaugh has said he’s not leaving. But no matter what it may cost to get him, it’s free to try.

49 responses to “Jets plan to make a run at Jim Harbaugh

  1. My initial thought was why would he want to go to that train wreck. Then I remember the 49ers were a train wreck when he took over them. I think the Niners had a lot more talent than is on that Jets roster. I don’t think he’s interested in a team like the Jets. You have almost no chance to succeed there because it’s just a total mess.

  2. Jim Harbaugh would be the best coach in the NFL. He went to a super bowl with Colin Kaepernick, and Kap isn’t even good enough to get a tryout as a third string QB. I’d say Harbaugh is worth $20 million a year.

  3. For the love of GOD, please don’t lure Jim Harbaugh away from Michigan!! I’m begging you. Not because I’m a Jets fan and don’t think he’ll be good. It’s because I’m an Ohio State fan, and nothing would be better than keeping him at Michigan. C’mon Jets, there are plenty of mediocre coaches out there, you don’t need that one!!

  4. There are numerous reasons Harbaugh won’t be interested. He committed to his recuites he is not going anywhere. The Harbaugh family loves living in Ann Arbor and if he was going to make a change it will be to the Dolphins where he has a close relationship with the owner

  5. He wouldn’t be the best coach in the NFL and he is not the best coach in college. 0-4 against urban liar. The teams he coached in san Fran had the best offensive line I’ve ever seen and had a defense that could stop anyone yet he still couldn’t win it all

  6. I expect Harbaugh to come out immediately and say he has no interest in any other job than Michigan Head Coaching job, especially the Jets

  7. I hate Xichigan, but his record has proven that after 4 years, the Wolverines are a better team. They didn’t beat Notre Dame or OSU but the team and talent has improved during his tenure. The same could be said for all of his stops. What’s to say that he couldn’t improve the Jets in 4 years. I think his work in developing poor teams is underrated. Even his last year in Frisco wasn’t due to him, it was his meddling owner and incompetent GM. They haven’t been .500 since he left.

  8. Who are the qualified HCs the Jets can get that will make the better than Jim would? If Jim is interested and it looks like he is Jets would be fools not to take a shot at him. If he fails he’ll leave your team looking better than when he arrived. Go for it Jets.

  9. Where has Harbaugh ever proven he’s a great coach? Let’s look at the resume

    Univ of San Diego – had Josh Johnson at QB who is still in the NFL. Heck of an advantage over opponents at that level. Won some games but not a championship

    Stanford – he rides Andrew Luck for a few seasons. Despite having one of the best QB prospects in a decade, his Stanford offense is ultra conservative. No championships

    49ers – he inherits a great defense and an offense with a great OL and run game. He starts Kap and installs a college offense. It catches the NFL off guard and they make the Super Bowl. They lose. Next year the NFL caught on and Kap was bad. Harbaugh hits the eject button. Still hasn;t won the big one.

    Michigan – He inherited a team loaded with talent. The previous coach had a couple top notch recruiting seasons. His problem was he lost a bunch of games while they were freshmen and soph. Harbaugh got then as Juniors and they won some games. But never a championship. He had a team with 11 drafted players and lost 4 games.

  10. Ithink the problems with the Jets run a lot deeper than a coaching issue. I actually dont think Boles is that bad. That team needs more of a top down management change followed but a couple years of good drafting and good off season dealing before Bowles or any other coach is going to stand a chance in there.

  11. As Florio noted the Jets will have to break ways with Maccagnan to clear the way and they should. They should do this either way as soon as they return to NJ after game in Foxboro next Sunday. It’s the best path to getting the best coach. They should not wait until the interview process and ask the coach can he work with Maccagnan. BTW if Maccagnan given authority over new Head Coach and in charge of the hire, there is no worse outcome for Jets fans. (Maccagnan’s big money FA signing: Trumaine Johnson – a ton of money and another egregious pass interference penalty yesterday-it was like he was blocking a flyer on punt return; shoved WR out of bound 30 yards down field before ball was close to arriving)

  12. When did Jim Harbaugh turn into a bad coach in NFL fans eyes? lol

    Are we forgetting about his turn around of the 49ers? the turn around of Alex Smith’s entire career? or when he took a QB who can’t even sniff an NFL team today to the super bowl? Or the way multiple Vets just retired on the spot when the 49ers fired him? The 49ers should of given him more control like he was looking for judging by his Stanford, and now Michigan rosters.

  13. harbaugh is exactly who the jets need….no more first time coaches…the jets have had first time coaches for over 20 years! give me a guy whose been there before. no more defensive coaches…the jets have had a defensive coach over 20 years in a row! give me a guy who understands the quarterback is more than just the guy who you don’t want making mistakes. get it done, 14m a year.

  14. It’d be a good move by Harbaugh and the Jets to come together on this deal. I believe he could take the Jets to the superbowl in 3 years.

  15. Let’s see, the Jets have 100+ million plus cap space, Sam Darnold, and a top pick in the draft. And they can pay Harbaugh more than he’s making in Michigan

    Money talks folks. He’s not going to Miami who has no QB. You think the fact the Fish owner went to Michigan in 1846 means anything to Harbaugh when he’s thinking about his coaching future? Plus they’re probably going to give Gase one more shot at it. And Gase isn’t all that terrible

  16. Let jimmy go. And take Paterson with him. Time to start over with the top notch players at Michigan now and the few that will still come. Even the water boy would t suck like jimmy has these last 2 games. And take Brown with you too – over 100 points scored against Michigan in 2 games. Top notch dc my arse. Jimmy doesn’t know how to get the team up for the big games- that’s obvious

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