LeSean McCoy owns his benching for first snap

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LeSean McCoy was back on the field this week. But not for the first play.

The Bills running back was on the sidelines watching as undrafted rookie Keith Ford was out there for the first snap, and said after the game it was his own fault.

“Coach, we had a situation, and he was totally right,” McCoy said, via Mike Rodak of ESPN.com. “It was a private situation. I’m a captain and I gotta be more accountable. Simple as that. He checked me, put me in place. That was it.”

It was the first time he didn’t start a game in which he played since 2010.

The benching didn’t last long, as he was out there for the second snap. But he wasn’t what you’d call productive, with six carries for 9 yards.

McCoy’s having a miserable year, as he’s now up to 488 yards on the season. And at 30 years old with just one year left on his contract, it’s reasonable to wonder about his future.

9 responses to “LeSean McCoy owns his benching for first snap

  1. Being up here in Boston and thus forced to watch this minor league football game the hapless Byefullo Bills should have just benched him period. They dropped and fumbled so many passes he wasn’t gonna make amdifference

  2. A series on the bench would have been appropriate. He’s not entitled to start whether or not he believes it.

  3. The Bills blew it again, they should’ve traded this dummy last year when he was still worth something.

    Oh, Buffalo.

  4. Still thinks he is a featured RB in this league. Hasn’t been that for some time if at all.Go Bills.

  5. Sadly, Shady has hit the wall. He has lost his quickness. All the jump cuts end up in tackles for no gain. He shouldn’t be back next year and likely won’t be. But he had a nice run with the Bills and was generally a positive in the locker room.

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