Rudolph guides Vikings to halftime lead with Hail Mary catch

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The Vikings had a Festivus miracle before halftime today in Detroit.

On a play they barely managed to get off before time expired in the second quarter, the Vikings scored a Hail Mary touchdown when Kirk Cousins heaved a ball into the end zone and Kyle Rudolph caught it for a 44-yard score.

That wrapped up a first half in which the Vikings’ offense went three-and-out on the first four drives but scored two late touchdowns. It wasn’t a pretty half for the Vikings, but they have a 14-9 lead.

The Lions, who settled for three field goals in the first half, will need to score touchdowns if they’re going to come from behind.

15 responses to “Rudolph guides Vikings to halftime lead with Hail Mary catch

  1. The Vikings’ are fortunate to have the Hail Mary at the end of the 1st half for a 14-9 lead.

    But the Vikings look lackluster in an important game for them. Once again, Zimmer doesn’t have his team ready. This doesn’t look like a bunch of guys who will run through walls for their coach. Looks like a bunch of really talented guys who are underachieving.

    They should be absolutely destroying a Lion team with an injured QB, their starting RB on IR, a starting receiver on IR, the other starter traded away, a coach that doesn’t seem to have a clue, and an overall team that’s down-in-the-dumps with nothing to play for.

    Yet you guys will give Zimmer a pass. He didn’t have them ready against the Eagles last year. He didn’t have them ready against the Bills, and he doesn’t have them ready today. The Vikings will win today in spite of Zimmer.

  2. Great situational coaching by Patricia. Good thing he’s changed the Lions after being 36-28 the last few years.
    Next year, they’ll import some ex-Patriots to help them go 7-8-1.

  3. Amazing. Vikings’ fans think that Zimmer had this team ready for the game and that they don’t look lackluster. I must be watching a different game.

  4. Frank and Pack, Rodgers has been doing it for years yet you guys thought the Vikings should have kept Keenum even though he couldn’t throw it 35 yards. I’m not saying Cousins is going to take the Vikings to the super bowl while he is their quarterback, at least they have a chance. The only reason they made the NFCC last year was a bad defensive play by Saints. This is from a plus 50 Vikings fan. You’re just mad they have someone who competes with your team.

  5. Vikings need to get their secondary straightened out. Right now Rhodes closed seems to be more like interstates open. He got payed and is playing worse than he did last year

  6. Frank thinks holding Stafford to 9 points at home is lackluster and being unprepared. I’ll cut him some slack since his Packer fan mentality thinks defense is just a good time to go to the kitchen and make a sandwich.

  7. Frank, you make a valid point, although a bit pre-mature. Football is 4 quarters, sometimes good teams have to make adjustment, but the good ones do and I don’t think there is a better coaching staff in the league who adjusts better at halftime than MN. Vikings will have to come out much faster against Chicago next week.

  8. Mnfaninil, absolutely couldn’t agree more. If they come out that flat they won’t have a prayer unless they back in and I don’t want that to happen. I don’t see them going very far with a new qb and coordinator but they have a chance of developing. Maybe with some OL help and consistency they’ll have a better chance next year

  9. These things almost never work in the wires play defense like they knew that. They really didn’t do much to prevent this. I don’t know why it’s in the area few people jumping fewer people in position. I was glad to see the Vikings get this I’m a fan of the purple. But this is more about the Lions and the Vikings

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