Adam Gase: I don’t need to lobby for my job

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Dolphins owner Stephen Ross said on Monday that the team will not make a play to hire Jim Harbaugh as their head coach, but there’s been no word on whether they’ll hold onto Adam Gase for a fourth season on the sideline in Miami.

At his Monday press conference, Gase said that the topic of 2019 has not come up in any of his conversations with Ross to this point.

“We haven’t had a discussion about it,” Gase said, via the Miami Herald. “It’s been business as usual for us. I’m only worried about this week. I’m still here, so I don’t need to lobby for my job. I’m not worried about that. I’m worried about Buffalo.”

A win over Buffalo would give Gase a 24-24 record over his three seasons with the team and he was asked if he thought the team overestimated its talent heading into the season. Gase pointed to the injuries the team suffered as the biggest reason that they’ve gone 4-8 since winning their first three games.

“We lost good players,” Gase said. “You know we don’t have a 90 man roster, right? We lost good players. We have 53 guys. It’s not like you have a minor league system where you have a huge stable of guys backing up the starters. It’s a thin roster. Every team is. You are hoping you can stay as healthy as possible. We are living in a little bit of fantasy land thinking there are a whole bunch of guys waiting in the wings.”

If the Dolphins don’t make any announcement about Gase’s status this week, speculation about a possible new coach waiting in the wings is likely to linger through the game against the Bills.

22 responses to “Adam Gase: I don’t need to lobby for my job

  1. after we lose to the Bills this week there will be no discussion on lobbying for your job because you wont have one. Bills left a lot of points on the field the first game not including the last play of the game when Clay was wide open and dropped the ball in the end zone. The first Miami miracle

  2. “Any coach that cites injuries as a valid reason for losses
    should be fired immediately”

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Yeah… because… the players who can’t break the starting lineup
    are just as good as the injured starters.

  3. drrustbelt says;
    If you ask Gase he would agree with you LOL

  4. It looks to me like one the Dolphins’ biggest problems on offense is that ridiculous zone blocking scheme. It just doesn’t work against really good defensive fronts, which the AFC East is known for. If they would just go to more of a man on man, power based scheme, they would probably win a couple more games every year.

  5. If….Dolphins owner Stephen Ross doesn’t CLEAN HOUSE he should receive a brain transplant immediately!

  6. I think Gase could be a good coach but he’s arrogant. He needs better coordinators on both sides. Head coachs calling their own plays generally doesnt work he needs to delegate

  7. Remember when Harbaugh was HC of the 49’ers, Dolphins had a HC in place still and Ross made the HUGE mistake of flying to California to interview Harbaugh and was rebuffed because Harbaugh was turned off by Ross interviewing him when they still had a coach in place. Ross ended up having to give the HC a 1yr extension only to fire him the next season.

    So I think it’s more Jim Harbaugh wouldn’t consider Miami as a destination should he return to the NFL, and you can’t blame him because it’s a mess for all Miami sports!

  8. The Dolphins could have Bill Belicheat as their head coach and they would still struggle to win games. The problem isn’t the coaching as much as the level of talent Mike Tannenbaum and Chris Grier are bringing in.

  9. Wow I hope the majority of these responses aren’t from my fellow Dolphin’s fans. I think too many are hitting the egg nog a bit too much.

    Gase is right, and it’s a testament to his abilities that this team playing w third stringers and half the positions are only 7-8.

  10. I always thought his problem in Denver was similar to Kyle Shanahan’s-an inability to make adjustments. Gase can come up with a thousand different ways to run patterns and utilize his receivers, but if his gameplan does not work, he does not change it. Once the defense figures out what he’s trying to do, the offense is done for the most part, because Gase will not alter his gameplan to fit the defense’s strategy.

    But I do not ever recall Gase taking responsibility for his record in Miami. The injury bug is real, to be certain, but you can’t blame it EVERY year you fall short.

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