Ezekiel Elliott closing in on second rushing title

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The Cowboys insist they will play to win Sunday despite having nothing on the line. Ezekiel Elliott does have something on the line — the NFL rushing title — though that’s not why he wants to play.

“This is not a week off. This is not a game that doesn’t matter,” Elliott said. “I think it’s important for us to go win this ball game and gain some momentum going into the playoffs.”

Apparently, only the NFL can stop Elliott.

Whether he plays or not, the Cowboys star running back likely has won his second rushing title in three years. The only time he didn’t win it was last season when the NFL suspended him for six games, and Elliott still led the NFL in rushing yards per game.

Elliott has 1,434 rushing yards this season. That is 183 more than Rams running back Todd Gurley, who didn’t play Sunday and could remain on the sideline in Week 17. Rookie Saquon Barkley is 236 yards behind Elliott, and Barkley plays the Cowboys on Sunday. He had 11 carries for 28 yards against the Cowboys in Week Two.

Two years ago, when the Cowboys were in the same position in Week 17, Elliott dressed but did not see the field in the regular-season finale against the Eagles. Elliott still won the rushing title with 1,631 yards.

Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith, the NFL’s all-time leading rusher, won four rushing titles in his 15 seasons and led the league in yards per game three times.

11 responses to “Ezekiel Elliott closing in on second rushing title

  1. He’ll be worn down in two more years like Marion Barber. He’ll be out of the league in for more barring injury.

  2. They have the wild card rapped up. They’ll skate and try to win on field goals this week only to lose the wild card game.

  3. Barver will never be a Zeke. The best donkey will never make the worst thoroughbred. Zeke is a lot better than the worst thoroughbred. Barber was never special nor was he ever going to be special. The guy was a bulldog. Bulldogs are fierce and unstoppable but they die young.

  4. lebrickie says:

    It is amazing how little overall impact he truly has. He is not a dominant offensive force – just an ordinary running back.

    Must be why the two seasons he wins the rushing title his team wins the division, and the one year he didn’t they missed the playoffs. Your knowledge of the game is astounding.

  5. When Dallas wins the Superbowl, Zeke would have nothing left to prove and just play fundamental football from here on out all the way to the HoF. Zeke is special. His build is like a big line backer with a jetpack.

  6. I don’t care about all the is Zeke good or great chatter. Common sense says…you have nothing to lose or gain in week 17. Playing Zeke only shows individual records mean more to the Boys then team records. Sure play Zeke, he goes for 100 and wins the rushing title…great. BUT, what if he tears up a knee in that meaningless game? Then what? Was it worth it? Dumb to play ANY starter.

    By the way when the Boys beat my Birds week 17 last year. We played the 2nd and 3rd stringers..No starters played.. smart.

  7. I don’t know yet if Zeke is a generational back. Too soon in the league and Gurley has been out, Saquon is a rookie, and Chubb hasn’t been handed the ball. What I do know is the guy has been good in a league that has de-emphasized the running attack. Otherwise why is it every other story is about teams running more? My only thing is let’s let him play a while before we start handing the gold jacket.

    Besides…someone has to make up for Dak Prescott…

  8. I love how all these donkey’s like to rip into Zeke, the dude’s a beast and will win his 2nd rushing title in his first 3 seasons, he would be 3 for 3 if not for that joke of a suspension he had last season, Zeke is the best back in the NFL, plain and simple.

  9. @1phillyphan says

    This is a professional football league that pays all players as professionals to win championships, so what was up with your starters this year and losing seven games, not to mention two this year to the those same Cowboy’s and basically falling face first into the mud after winning your first ever SB

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