Jets say “no truth” to reported interest in Jim Harbaugh

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Jets head coach Todd Bowles had no comment on PFT‘s Sunday report that the Jets plan to make a run at hiring University of Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh to replace Bowles in 2019, but Jets CEO Christopher Johnson has weighed in.

Johnson released a statement via the team’s Twitter account on Monday morning.

“Todd Bowles is our Head Coach. There is no truth to the report of our interest in Jim Harbaugh.”

PFT stands by our reporting, which includes the team’s plan to offer Harbaugh more than he makes at Michigan and that General Manager Mike Maccagnan would likely stay with the team if things worked out with a Harbaugh bid.

18 responses to “Jets say “no truth” to reported interest in Jim Harbaugh

  1. I also stand by PFT’s reporting.

    It would make more sense for the Jets to attempt to hire Harbaugh than to not attempt to hire him.

    Darnold’s development would be a key factor, as well as the waning years of the Belichick/Brady era, the division is ripe for a new power struggle between all four teams.

  2. Doesn’t seem very fair to hand a dog’s dinner to Bowles for years on offense and when you finally get a qb to show him the door.

  3. He really doesnt fit the culture of the NYC area. I would be very surprised if he went to the NFL to the Jets.

    McCarthy is a more likely next HC.

  4. I tend to agree that it makes sense to go after Jim but I do not think the problem on that team is the coach. I think they have and have had a dearth of talent. Darnold looks like he’ll make it, and there’s a handful of others. But this is the team that invested a first round pick in Mark Sanchez – who started all of 16 games at USC (which doesn’t produce a lot of great QBs anyway) – and look how that turned out. There’s just dysfunction in that organization going back a long time that won’t be solved by a new coach.

  5. Hairball is a terrible coach. M would be lucky to ditch this guy. His philosophy of two runs and pass if you need to aint working. Ya they play a lot of losers along the way to pad their numbers but struggle and lose to the good teams. ND and OSU kicked their but and they barely won a few others so this is not a well coached team and matter of fact the 5 stars wont play for him, most 4 stars wont either

  6. Harbaugh would be an upgrade over most NFL coaches, but I’d rather see him at Michigan. Michigan has great tradition, and I’m hoping the Harbaugh era is a lengthy one. Look at guys like Nick Saban or Bo Schembechler. There are certain college programs that are not stepping stones. Michigan is one of them. Also, the Michigan alumni love winning, so they’re happy to be back among the top teams in the country. It’s a match made in heaven. The Jets are capable of winning with Todd Bowles. Just have to get Darnold a couple years experience and they’ll be fine. This isn’t rocket science. When you get great play from your QB, your coach becomes a genius. Until that happens, every coach is on the hot seat. Darnold is the youngest QB to start since the AFL-NFL merger. He’s just a baby. He’ll be a grown up very soon. He’s awesome. Why put him through unnecessary changes?

  7. Need a coach with HC experience Bowles, Rex, Mangini, Groh, Herm. PLus look at all the mistakes with 1st time coaches in the league recently. Arizona, Broncos, Bills, Lions, Jets, McAdoo, Bucs. TWO GUYS have been successful out of the gate, McVey and Nagy. THATS IT! Jets need a respected HC with prior experience problem is there aren’t many available this cycle just MCarthy

  8. “Need a coach with HC experience, Rex, Mangini, Groh, Herm”

    Somehow you neglected to add Jeff Fisher in to that list of illustrious retread coaches.

  9. Just more made up stuff by the media who just can’t let things happen. His brother was suppose to be done with the Ravens but is coming back. Now, the other Harbaugh is suppose to be wanted by the Jets. Jim Harbaugh is a flake and should stay at Michigan.

  10. Of course they’re interested. But that doesn’t mean they will pursue it. Better off chasing Tomlin (assuming he and Bell can get along) or McCarthy.

  11. 0 wins – 4 losses vs. OHIO STATE

    In S.F…. jimmy harbaugh drafted aldon smith,
    colin kaepernick, eric reid, chris culliver, bruce miller, etc..

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