JuJu Smith-Schuster apologizes for letting “everyone down”


Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster was listed as questionable heading into Sunday’s game against the Saints because of a groin injury, but wrote a tongue in cheek message on Twitter a day before the game that he’d be playing because it was the finals of most fantasy football leagues.

Smith-Schuster was back on Twitter Monday, but the message wasn’t delivered with a smiley face. Smith-Schuster fumbled to end Pittsburgh’s final offensive possession of their 31-28 loss to the Saints and wrote an apologetic message to his followers on Monday.

“When I’m at my lowest, I’m not going to hide,” Smith-Schuster wrote. “I’m sorry. That loss was on me. I let everyone down, it won’t happen again.”

Smith-Schuster had 11 catches for 115 yards and drew a pass interference penalty at the 2-yard-line that set the Steelers up for a touchdown. None of that makes the fumble any less painful for Smith-Schuster or the Steelers’ playoff hopes, but the play wasn’t the only reason the Steelers came up short on Sunday.

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  1. No, it was Tomlin who let the team down … up by 4 late in the game and you go for it on 4th and 5 in your own territory? That was downright stupid. That’s the kind of call Vance Joseph would make.

  2. That’s great of him to man up but, without him, the Steelers aren’t in the game or even in contention for a playoff spot this year.

  3. Mike Tomlin has let the team down over the last six seasons. If it’s not Roethlisberger throwing interceptions, it’s Tomlin and his terrible coaching. The Steelers had 8 pro-bowlers on their roster last season and were beaten at home against the Jaguars right out the gate in the post-season. Now, they have to rely on the Browns just to make the playoffs. If I was Mayfield, I would throw the game. If Belichick had this much talent, or the same roster for that matter, they would have won three more super bowls by now.

  4. That was far from the only reason the Steelers lost the game, it just happened to be the last mistake made. They had chances to close the game out before that play, and they blew it. The Steelers, in general, have several issues, but Tomlin makes way too make boneheaded in game decisions for this team to succeed in the long run.

  5. To be honest, it shouldn’t have come down to this game. Laying an egg against Denver and Oakland cost them the playoffs. Then blowing the game to the Chargers. If those three games were wins they’d be 11-3-1 and the top seed in the playoffs. Instead, they are going to miss the playoffs because of those three awful games. And what did Tomlin do on the sidelines during those games? Just stand there and look befuddled.

  6. That had to be one of the best games of Roethlisberger’s career. The Steelers gave NO all they could handle. It would be a shame if they were eliminated before the playoffs begin because of a lack of situational awareness by their coach..

  7. First off I am with most of the posters. I am not a Steelers fan but I think this should be the last straw for Tomlin. He’s had success but between the tripping and the bad game management…think it is time for that change.

    JuJu if you read these things…ain’t your bad. Fumbling is a physical mistake not a mental mistake and that is part of the game. Deal with it, move on, and help your team going into week 17. All you can do. Game wasn’t lost there. There’s 60 minutes of football.

  8. Everyone uses the failed fake punt (and Tomlin) as a scapegoat, but the defense stopped the saints on the following drive and blocked their fg attempt. The failed fake punt lead to 0 points for the opposing team, so shut up and look for other reasons we lost.

  9. Give the Steelers credit: They are the best in the league at drafting and developing receivers, and JuJu is just the latest in a long line of studs they’ve had at the position. The guy played lights out. The fumble was unfortunate, but not exactly an “unforced error” – he was tangled up in an awkward position and the defender made a good play. Obviously he feels terrible about it, but he isn’t the reason they lost that game.

  10. Its Mike Tomlin that should be apologizing to all of STEELER NATION
    Annual & consistent under-achiever. This season was lost before this NO game.
    Undisciplined play. Stupid personal fouls penalties. Time-outs wasted. ZERO successful challenges.
    Tomlin is a joke

  11. Time for a change at the top. Tomlin is in over his head in today’s NFL. The new head coaches today are physics professors and he’s the gym teacher. The game has passed him by. Tough talk cliches and rah rah speeches still have their place, but they better be backed up with the knowledge of statistics and probability that should have made him realize that the fake punt was a high risk low reward move.

    He had a great run, and if he gets out now he will still be remembered fondly in Pittsburgh. But every season like this one tarnishes him just a little more.

  12. Come on Pittsburgh fans your coach could be Gase or that guy in Jacksonville, better yet the Jets stare into space coach. When KC fires Reid this year you can claim him. Talk about mismanagement. !!!

  13. Tomlin is a star … second best coaching record in football over his tenure, no losing seasons, a superbowl win and another, but lost.

    Imagine the Rooney’s paid attention to the donkeys, fired Tomlin, found out Belicek is not leaving the Patriots, the only coach with a better record. Left with only once choice, to hire a coach with a worse record than the one they fired.

    Doubt they will listen.

    Go Browns.

  14. hiresolutionfilms: Actually, professor, Ridley’s fumble led to the blocked FG. The fake punt led to the Saints’ game-winning score

  15. Anyone saying Tomlin needs to go, and is serious and not just trolling, never played a down of organized football in their lives. They’re just flexing their beer muscles.

  16. To all you Mike Tomlin haters…get a life!!! Of the 32 head coaches in the NFL he is top 5. Unless you are envious of the Steelers or have something against him because of his race, you would love to have him as your HC.

  17. Don’t blame Mike Tomlin. He’s not the one who told the Steelers they only have to play two quarters of every game. JuJu Smith-Fumble is so obsessed with himself he’s only thinking of doing a 1st down dance and forgetting to hold on to the ball,

  18. This time last season Ju Ju was standing over a player he just injured acting like a jerk and spent the whole off season bragging about how he didn`t have to pay for anything anymore because of how much Steeler fans loved it.
    Karma always comes back on you.

  19. Mike Tomlin’s genious + an NFL officiating crew on the take clearly on the take = Saints win. The NFL is so corrupt how can anyone watch?

  20. Juju should have gotten AB’s spot in the Pro Bowl! But it shows character he’s more concerned about a bad play he feels lost the game. It didn’t. The Steelers are WAY too up and down, game after game. That play happened on a down.

    Maybe Cleveland beats Baltimore and Pittsburgh is in the playoffs, and none of that matters.

  21. JuJu Smith-Schuster has nothing to apologize for, he’s 1 of the best wr’s in the league and a huge playmaker and the fact that he’s taking the loss on himself even though it wasn’t just him shows how much passion this young man has for the game and this team the steelers are lucky to have him on their roster

  22. A disappointing loss but the AFC is still wide open for the playoffs. I would not be a big surprised to see the Steelers in the Super Bowl this year.

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