Matt Millen out of transplant surgery, heart “a perfect match”

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Monday began with word from Peter King in Football Morning in America that former NFL linebacker and Lions General Manager Matt Millen was having heart transplant surgery after months in the hospital waiting for an organ.

Millen was set to start the four to six hour surgery around 1 a.m. and King got an update from Millen’s wife Pat a little after 8 a.m. ET.

“Doctors said the heart was a perfect match and he is doing well. The surgery went smoothly.”

Millen is in recovery and will stay there through the late afternoon. Everyone at PFT is hopeful that Millen continues to do well and sends warm wishes to him, his loved ones and the loved ones of the donor whose heart is now beating in Millen’s chest.

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  1. Hoping for the best for you, Matt!

    By the way, doesn’t 4-6 hours seem a little short for heart transplant surgery?

  2. Good luck Matt Millen; I would encourage everyone to stipulate that their organs be used to help folks in need. A lot of states allow its residents to make that stip on their license’s.

  3. Here is hoping for a long and healthy life for Matt Millen, and God bless the donor and the family of the donor.

  4. It’s sad knowing someone died with a relatively young and healthy heart earlier today but pretty awesome we’re able to put the healthy parts to good use. Pretty amazing if you think about even if it’s becoming “routine”.

  5. My son got a heart transplant at age 24 in November of 2004. He’s 38 now so we’ve already had 14 more years than we thought we’d have with him. So we are very familiar with what Matt Millen will be going through. It’s a life changing event for sure, and he’ll have to deal with those changes carefully. If he does what he’s supposed to do, he can live another 10 to 15 years in a somewhat normal capacity.
    I urge everyone who’s reading this to PLEASE think about becoming an organ donor. One donor can help about 50 people now, believe it or not.
    Imagine if you could give sight to a blind person when you die. I can’t think of a more precious gift you could give anyone in your lifetime.
    Please consider it and thank you.

  6. I think the people who need a “heart” transplant are the losers who thumb any well wishers down.

    Best of luck, Matt. Thanks to the donor’s family.

  7. What a wonderful Christmas present. My prayers to the donor’s family who are grieving this Christmas and praying for Matt’s recovery. A bittersweet yet miraculous story. Good luck Matt Millen!

  8. therealraider says:
    December 24, 2018 at 11:32 am
    “Millen is in recovery and will stay there through the late afternoon.”


    Recovery is only 1 day after heart transplant surgery


    I just went through heart transplant. I was sent home one week later. I go in every week for a biopsy and three times a week for one hour of cardio rehab. I received the greatest Christmas gift.

  9. Amazing how far transplant surgery has come in our lifetime that recovery is now so much shorter. Peter King had Matt on his podcast a couple of weeks ago and it showed how happy Millen actually is regardless if he received a transplant, or not. Loved him while I watched him play at Penn State, loved him as a pro receiving 4 Super Bowl rings, loved him as an analyst doing games, respected him as a novice GM in Detroit…we know how that turned out but listen to King’s podcast and he’ll describe his feelings about it. Take care Matty, as a boy who grew up near where you did in Eastern Pa., lots of people pulling for you. You’ve helped make this world a better place.

  10. canetic says:
    December 24, 2018 at 10:20 am
    Hoping for the best for you, Matt!

    By the way, doesn’t 4-6 hours seem a little short for heart transplant surgery?


    Actually 6 is on the long end. Usually takes about 4.

    Best of luck Matt.

  11. Great news. Someone else said it best, about this being a great Christmas gift, and for people to consider being a donor, it does save lives.

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