Pete Carroll: I don’t like resting players

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Seahawks coach Pete Carroll does not believe in resting players at the end of the regular season to keep them healthy for the playoffs.

“I don’t like doing that,” Carroll said today, citing a belief that it messes with a team’s momentum.

Carroll has proven that in the past, playing Russell Wilson and other key players in Week 17 even when the Seahawks are locked into a playoff seed.

The Seahawks don’t have much to play for on Sunday against the Cardinals, as they have clinched a wild card berth but can’t win the division. Still, the difference between being the NFC No. 5 seed and playing at Dallas in the wild card round of the playoffs and being the NFC No. 6 seed and playing at Chicago or the Rams is not nothing. The Cowboys are the more favorable matchup, and the Seahawks will try to win on Sunday and earn a trip to Dallas.

18 responses to “Pete Carroll: I don’t like resting players

  1. The team has an opportunity to basically use this week as a BYE week, instead they are playing a pointless game. Sad.

  2. Don’t have much to play for?

    5 seed is at DALLAS(where they already won this year) and then on to LA(where they almost won).

    6 seed is at BEARS(where they lost this year) then at the SAINTS(where Drew and Sean have never lost in the playoffs)

    Which path would you rather take?(rhetorical question)

  3. Back when there were true dynasties in the NFL and the game was played much more violently where QBS and wide receivers were blasted, coaches played their players all season long.

    You play withi fear, you play to lose.

  4. “Like throwing the ball from the 1 in the Super Bowl, things like that change your way of thinking.”

    You’re not paying much attention, are you? The Hawks have had tons of success throwing from the 1-yard line since that fateful play. The percentages are even better than running from there for most occasions. Just because a lucky play doesn’t make Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman’s intuition correct.

  5. I completely trust PC and if he wants to play full tilt so we can beat a division rival at our own home, build momentum and beat the Cowgirls in Texass, then go for it! Go Hawks! p.s. if we beat Dallas and whomever beats the Bears do we get a home game?

  6. Considering that Seattle lost in Chicago earlier this season, and the field conditions there slow down artificial turf teams, I wouldn’t rest any poayers either.

  7. I cannot stand Seattle but they are coming on big time. Can easily see them winning at Dallas or at Chicago. They can run the ball and rush the passer which travel well in the playoffs

  8. How is Seattle in the playoffs, when all the experts and haters here predicted Seattle would win a max of 6 games all season? Seattle lost 2 games this season to LA Rams by a total of 7 points. Two games! That’s without a hired gun defense, like LA. Let LA win a playoff game, FIRST, much less a SB.

  9. It’s a no-brainer: the Cardinal game matters, big-time, and it’s time for everyone to play…except for me.

  10. All these Sea-gull fans want to play the Cowboys in the playoffs because they think it will be easier than some of the other teams.

    Be careful what you wish for, don’t forget Kris Richard will have a full scouting report on the Hawks offense especially Russy, don’t look at that earlier meeting between both teams, the Boys were a mess compared to how they are playing now.

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