Pete Carroll plans on coaching another five years

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Pete Carroll, 67, is the oldest coach in the NFL. Yet, he signed a contract extension Monday that will take him through the 2021 season.

Carroll plans to coach another five years, at least, he said.

I’m in great shape,” Carroll said, via Gregg Bell of The News Tribune. “I’m counting on a five-year plan. That doesn’t have any statement on my contract. But it’s just kind of the way somebody taught me to look forward, and it helps.”

Team chairman Jody Allen, the sister of late Seahawks owner Paul Allen, began talking to Carroll about a two-year contract extension last week. Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the extension is worth more than $11 million per year.

The length of Carroll’s contract now matches that of General Manager John Schneider.

“So grateful to Jody and the organization,” Carroll said. “I love this team and couldn’t be more proud to represent the 12s.”

23 responses to “Pete Carroll plans on coaching another five years

  1. Pete does keep in great shape so if anybody can coach to 72 it’s him. Who wouldn’t want to coach a team with Russell Wilson as QB?

  2. Pete Carroll is having fun and he’s in great shape. They keep bringing in top character kids and talented kids, so it never gets old. Pete doesn’t have to deal with a bunch of nonsense. Tip of the hat to his GM, John Schneider, and also to the late owner Paul Allen. The one theme that seems to be a constant with Paul Allen’s team is high character people.

  3. I’m still waiting for one of my siblings to create a billion dollar empire and give me a cushy job, but so far they are slacking!

    Congrats to coach Carroll. He, Russell Wilson & the Seahawks have a true identity.

  4. Stability.

    They had a great owner in Paul. His sister seems to want to prolong his legacy and vision for the team. They have a stable front office with the GM. A head coach that doesn’t want to leave. And a franchise QB that, if it works out, will be there most of, if not, his entire career.

    Those four are the foundation, and most important pieces, of an NFL franchise.

    Happy that Pete wants to stick around longer. Pete and John have worked great with each other, and seem to be in lock step with personnel decisions.

  5. The smartest career move Carroll ever made was to bail on USC so he would not have to deal with the consequences of his recruiting violations. While SC was left holding the water, he was high and dry in rainy dreary Seattle. Nice move Pete.

  6. Pete came in and completely flipped the roster in 2010. He found guys that loved playing football and had chips on their shoulder, and just did a reboot after a few of the old guard defenders ripped him for being……..repetitive and favoring his franchise QB. Wow…..those are damning accusations…….said no one ever!

  7. Sweet Pete will always be remembered for passing the ball on the goal line in the SB and giving the game to the Pats. Incredibly dumb. Marshawn Lynch still wont speak to him.

  8. mlhigh says:
    December 24, 2018 at 6:31 pm
    Sweet Pete will always be remembered for passing the ball on the goal line in the SB and giving the game to the Pats. Incredibly dumb. Marshawn Lynch still wont speak to him.
    Yep. He’ll also be remembered for holding the best offense in NFL history to eight measly points in the super bowl. Ya know. Those unstoppable Denver Broncos.

    As for Marshawn. He’s chatted with Pete many times since then. Even visiting practices. I know this, and I live outside of Denver. So quit making things up!

  9. mlhigh says:
    December 24, 2018 at 6:31 pm
    Sweet Pete will always be remembered for passing the ball on the goal line in the SB and giving the game to the Pats. Incredibly dumb. Marshawn Lynch still wont speak to him.

    You’re a real glass half empty kind of guy. You could stand to learn from someone with a positive outlook on life who tries to always look forward and not back.

    Maybe you should pay attention to Pete Carroll.

  10. wttoolman says:
    December 24, 2018 at 8:31 pm
    Was it Garrett that tried to pass it on the one??
    No. Because he can’t even get to an NFC title game. Does Garrett call offensive plays? Because Pete let’s his coordinators coordinate.

  11. The Seattle Seahawks continue to skirt NFL practice rules, yet Pete Carroll is seldom called a cheater. This is a case study of how media relations are essential to shaping one’s legacy.

    The Seahawks and Carroll were disciplined earlier this week for violating league rules that prohibit excessive contact during offseason workouts. Seattle will be fined $400,000 and lose a fifth-round pick in the 2017 draft for a June 6 OTA session in which two players “banged heads” during a helmet-less practice. The team will also lose the first week of organized team activities next year and Carroll was slapped with a $200,000 penalty as well.

    This is the third time since 2012 that Carroll’s Seahawks have been punished for breaking offseason contact rules. Four years ago, the NFL took away OTA practices and levied an undisclosed fine. In 2014, the league docked Carroll and the Seahawks more than $300,000 in addition to stripping away practice time.

  12. If you look at one of the other articles about pete in the last day I said that I really hope that he will stay for another five years to see these NEW young kids through.

    It’s like he saw that and decided to give me what I want for Christmas. I am so happy about this! I think youngsters like Shaquille and shaquem Griffin and Trey flowers(and many more) keep Pete full of youthful exuberance much like my young son does for me in my midlife.

    Seahawks fans will remain spoiled with one of the best and definately the most positive coach in the league for another 5 years(a lifetime in the NFL)….what a great day!


  13. Pete Carroll is an excellent coach and he is also in tremendous condition. Other than the fact that he leans over when he walks, you’d never know he was pushing 70 years old.

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