Report: Washington releases D.J. Swearinger

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Washington safety D.J. Swearinger was critical of his own coaches in the wake of Saturday’s season-killing loss to the Titans.

So Monday, his coach told him to take a hike.

Swearinger told Grant Paulsen of 106.7 The Fan that he was called into coach Jay Gruden’s office this morning and released.

Swearinger teed off on defensive coordinator Greg Manusky’s play-calls late in the game, as Blaine Gabbert led the Titans back for a win. He said their decisions were “horrible.”

With the season shot anyway, Gruden has apparently chose tranquility over talent. Swearinger had been a productive player, and had a year left on his contract.

48 responses to “Report: Washington releases D.J. Swearinger

  1. I’m fine with his “feelings”….just keep your mouth shut and take it to the meeting room you egomaniac. You’re arent as good as you think you are and obviously not good enough to keep up with your mouth. Please collect all your gold teeth and use the door just one more time.

  2. Why wouldn’t you pull him aside and fine him or something else? Yes he was completely out of line making that comment to the press. However it was in the heat of the moment. Bench him for a quarter and fine him. But to release him and also take the salary cap hit just to prove a point is not good for the team overall. Isnt he a pro bowler?

  3. I wouldn’t mind if he went to Philly but his coverage skills would worry me. Dude brings passion and hits like a truck though.

  4. Poor timing…Redskins should have held him for one more game then got something for him in a off season trade..bad business…

  5. inzfan49 says:
    December 24, 2018 at 12:10 pm
    Why wouldn’t you pull him aside and fine him or something else? Yes he was completely out of line making that comment to the press.

    Why? Because this clown is full of himself and is toxic to the rest of the locker room. He’s not worth the drama. Good riddance

  6. Can we please get rid of Bruce Allen too!!! I mean, DJ may be toxic in the locker room, but Allen has ruined the franchise.

  7. Redskins add R. Foster to the team. DJ tells the truth about his DC , released DJ. Gruden it’s too late Dan already has your replacement. Don’t try to be a disciplinary now. Gruden by the way, why was player out at 2am on a practice weekday. Gruden you lost the time and it will really show Sunday when your team side with DJ and don’t show up to play Sunday. Eagles 50 Redskins 3

    Allen / Gruden fired after the Eagles game

  8. Good riddance. Swearinger is a quality player but the coaching staff standing up to his antics was the right thing to do.

  9. Come to KC and call out Bob Sutton, no one else will.

    It’s not like he could hurt. The defense is already trash and maybe pairing him up with Fuller will get Fuller back to where he was last year.

    Heck, maybe Fuller and Swearinger could install the Redskins defense by playoff time… Or maybe a middle school coach could come in and put some focus on tackling. Or maybe just a lesson to the DB’s saying you can’t tackle the receiver “until AFTER he catches it”…

  10. Houston used a second rd pick on him and dumped him after two years.
    Been on 3 teams since and hasn’t lasted more than two years anywhere he’s gone.

    That’s all you need to know about DJ

  11. IDK how he plays against the rest of the NFL but he’s been weak for Washington when facing Philly in the past.

  12. What a mess. Its something new everyday with the Redskins. Dysfunction, Distraction, or Desperation. None of them equate to winning on the regular.

  13. Foster beats up his GF, we sign him.
    Montae is caught on video assaulting a guy, still on the team.
    Mason says F the fan base, nothing….Crickets….
    DJ calls out a lousy game plan, gets cut.

    Can’t. Take. Much. More.

  14. Swearinger was the heart and soul of the Redskins this year. He was one of the few signings that actually worked out really well for the team. I’m sorry to see him go, and any true skins fan should make it his or her mission to run Snyder and Bruce Allen out of town. Do not give one cent to the organization. Don’t buy a ticket, merchandise….not one penny. Don’t show up at games either. They’ve taken the team I love and totally destroyed it.

  15. Gruden sucks big time! How do you release one of the more productive guys in your secondary?! Gruden and the rest of his cronies need to go now! It’s obvious that he has lost the team. I’m really thinking about no longer supporting this team at all with Gruden at the helm.

  16. Those who defend Swearinger have a very short memory – he was one of the most penalized defenders in the last three years and cost his team dearly. Shed no tears for this fraud.

  17. Well played DJ. You went from a team with no shot at the playoffs to likely being signed by one for the remainder of the season. If he wants to shoot for a championship, this was pretty easily the smartest way to do it this year.

  18. Good riddance. Good starter having his best year but his mouth undermined the team at every turn. I mean this is his best season ever and he only has four picks and none in the last 10 weeks or so, so, no, he’s not good enough to outrun his mouth. There’s a reason he never sticks past two years with any team.

  19. Everyone expecting him to go sign with a playoff team is going to be absolutely shocked when the 49ers or someone waiver claim his rights. He doesn’t really have a choice where he goes for now

  20. The other players ripping the coaches (Zach Brown) and ripping the fans (Mason Foster and Josh Norman) should take note. The team can do without you. Heck, Brown’s replacement, a sixth round pick, is already starting in his place.

  21. Yeah you get cut and are likely to be signed by a team with playoff / super bowl aspirations rather than working for the dysfunctional Dan Snyder show. Most of us would call that #winning.

    thefiesty1 says:
    December 24, 2018 at 2:43 pm
    See what happens when you open your mouth one too many times. Buh bye.

  22. The Redskins are a joke of a franchise. In back to back years, the Redskins have let go or released their best offensive and defensive players. After five years what has Gruden accomplished? Absolutely nothing. After nine years, Allen has accomplished literally nothing either. No playoff wins. Both labor under losing records. And now they release, instead of fining or benching, an All Pro Safety. Insanity as usual at Redskins Park.

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