D.J. Swearinger will wear Cardinals helmet if he plays in Pro Bowl

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It’s not often that a player gets cut after making a Pro Bowl team, but D.J. Swearinger was cut by Washington and claimed by Arizona this week — after being chosen as a Pro Bowl alternate last week. That raised a question: Which team’s helmet will he wear if he plays in the Pro Bowl?

PFT put that question to the league office, and we were told that if Swearinger plays in the Pro Bowl, he will wear a Cardinals helmet.

Swearinger said after he was released that he’d like to wear his South Carolina helmet from college in the Pro Bowl. The NFL wouldn’t allow that.

It’s unclear whether Swearinger will be active on Sunday, but it’s entirely possible that he won’t be, as five days might not be enough time for him to learn the defense. It could turn out that his first game wearing a Cardinals helmet will be the Pro Bowl.

18 responses to “D.J. Swearinger will wear Cardinals helmet if he plays in Pro Bowl

  1. Hey No Fun League…..the Pro Bowl is horrible. Make it fun & let the players wear their college helmets (if they would like to). Who cares. You’re much closer to scrapping the whole thing anyways since a majority of the real Pro Bowl players don’t play in the game and you get the 3rd to 8th alternates (aka scrubs) anyways. Plus the voting has to change….fans vote for their favorite person, not the most deserving.

  2. Pro Bowl is a joke, it’s just a popularity contest. I’m sure the players LOVE going to Florida over Hawaii. Do football fans even still watch it?

  3. What would have happened if he didn’t get picked up by another team this year and he played in the Pro Bowl? Man, no matter how disfunctional your favorite team is, you will always be able to laugh at the Washington DC football team. I just love it!

  4. If he doesn’t play Sunday, will this be the first time a player in the Pro Bowl represents a team without having played a down for them during the season?

  5. It’d be interesting to see what would happen if a player in a situation like this were signed by a team of the other conference.

  6. Only the Redskins could cut a player just after being named a Pro Bowl alternate. Bruce Allen is putting on quite the clown show in show in Washington. A .408 winning percentage, no playoff victories, and yet somehow he stays on after nine years. It is a friggin’ joke.

  7. The Pro Bowl in Florida sucks. The players hate it.
    Hawaii is better, the families and players love the
    venue but hate the game which can be s far as a
    2-3 hour drive ( given the horrble traffic situation).
    The NFL needs to figure out how to reward the
    players. The game also involves the tradition of a players
    families attending and celebrating.
    What drives the game is that the TV ratings are well above
    the incentive to eliminate the game. In other words the NFL
    is shocked how well it does, bottom line the network makes
    enough to pay for he game and makes enough that they force
    or pressure the NFL to continue to have the game.( I believe the
    pro bowl gets similar ratings as the Stanley cup final series ..
    So it’s not going away. The NFL has to create more interest in the
    game while giving the player and his family the benefit of a good time,
    not an option in Orlando in February.

  8. An issue with the Hall of Fame is that the voters site how many Pro Bowls a player had, and those are partly based on fan voting. Fans don’t have enough information to make the right vote.

  9. I’d be fine with him wearing the helmet of the teams that torched him in this season so if he wants to wear a Saints, Falcons, Cowboys, Eagles or Giants hat in the pro-bowl let him. He earned his berth playing well in the beginning of the season save the Saints game but the 2nd half of the season he was more of a miss than a hit. Coincidentally, the 2nd half was when his mouth started running about his teammates, practice habits, then the coaches.

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