Did Ndamukong Suh poke Larry Fitzgerald in the eye?

Getty Images

Rams defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh may have lost a step, but he hasn’t lost his propensity to step over the line.

A video that has made the rounds after Sunday’s game between the Rams and Cardinals seems to show Suh deliberately sticking a finger into the eye of Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald’s only reaction is to push the hand away, a smart move when dealing with someone whose arms are the size of most peoples’ legs. The league so far hasn’t reacted.

Some are calling for Suh to be suspended. Regardless of whether the maneuver standing along would justify that punishment (it probably doesn’t), the suspension would have been imposed on Monday, so that Suh could have his appealed heard and resolved by Wednesday, the first day of serious preparation for the next game.

Also, it’s entirely possible the league didn’t know about the incident before it emerged on social media.

Suh could still be fined, and based on the video he should be. The NFL also should be watching Suh closely in Week 17 and beyond, ensuring that he doesn’t stomp on arms or step on legs or push a foot into someone’s crotch or otherwise cross a line that fewer and fewer players in this era of football seem to cross, even though there was a time when that kind of behavior was commonplace.