Doug Pederson: Carson Wentz is our guy

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Carson Wentz again is watching from the sideline as Nick Foles does what Nick Foles does.

Foles has led the Eagles to back-to-back wins over the Rams and Texans since Wentz injured his back to keep Philadelphia’s postseason hopes alive. He is 3-1 this season after going 5-1 last season, including three postseason wins and Super Bowl MVP honors.

Coach Doug Pederson reiterated Wednesday that the Eagles are fully committed to Wentz as their quarterback of the future and he continues to tell Wentz just that.

“I think you have to continue to talk,” Pederson said during his press conference. “I don’t think you have to necessarily always go out of your way and make sure that [you communicate that to him]. He understands. He knows the situation he’s in. He’s trying to get healthy. But at the same time, I want him to understand that, hey, he’s our guy. He’s the guy we drafted and moving forward, he’s our quarterback. I don’t have to sit there and keep encouraging; he knows that. But we do have conversation, and I try to encourage him the best I can.”

Foles becomes a free agent after this season.

23 responses to “Doug Pederson: Carson Wentz is our guy

  1. Foles has been their go-to guy for the last 2 years. And Wentz? As the saying goes…guys who get injured, tend to get injured. Be interesting to see what happens in the real world, irrespective of Pederson’s opinion.

  2. Kind of concerning that Coach Pederson has to keep stating the obvious. Especially, before a must win game against the Redskins. I know Carson Wentz is young but he can’t possibly be this neurotic.

    Focus on the game at hand with Nick Foles starting.

    Don’t worry about the future with the playoffs on the line.

  3. Pedersen is an idiot. Eagles will regret keeping Wentz over foles. Pedersen will get ran out of town after missing the playoffs 3 years in a row with wentz as the starter. Eagles fans are just as delusional and clueless as Pedersen. What has wentz done to be given the starting job? Absolutely nothing. He’s mediocre and and injury prone. Good luck with that.

  4. Wow, I like Carson Wentz, but it is clear as day that the Eagles are a better team with Foles. It is unfortunate for Eagle nation that Foles will not be there to bail the Eagles out next year. Good Luck to Nick Foles as he enters Free Agency next year!!!!!

  5. Had NF been their starter all year, Philly wouldn’t be depending on a loss by the Queens to qualify for the wild card. Philly would be in and the Queens out.

  6. “…since Wentz injured his back to keep Philadelphia’s postseason hopes alive”

    Man, that’s dedication

  7. Proves Doug is not the sharpest coach in the league. Cut your losses on Wentz’ three year career. Foles is a winner.

  8. At this point, it’s getting kind of offensive towards Foles. He’s obviously a system guy, hopefully he lands somewhere they adapt the system to his talents the way Pederson has done when forced to you use. The way Kelly did. But this constant dissing in the face of his success makes me feel bad for the dude.

  9. The most popular guy on ANY football team is the backup QB.

    And if that QB also happens to be talented you get conversations like this one.

  10. It would be funny is Foles got the Eagles into the playoffs and won another super bowl. Not an Eagles fan, but what does Foles have to do in order to get some recognition? “Foles does nothing but win, but Wentz is our guy!”. Hope Foles gets a decent paycheck somewhere next year.

  11. If I’m Jeffery Laurie and think my fan base wants Foles over Wentz, I cut Foles today. If you don’t think Wentz is 5 times more talented than Foles stop claiming you know football.

  12. “Foles becomes a free agent after this season.”

    Well he might but it’s not automatic – there is a mutual option for 2019 in Foles’ deal.

  13. “Foles becomes a free agent after this season.”

    Philly has the right to extend him if they so choose, at which point then Nick Foles has the right to void the contract and pay back $2M to Philly to become a Free Agent.

  14. steelerdeathstar says:
    December 26, 2018 at 2:27 pm
    Foles has been their go-to guy for the last 2 years. And Wentz? As the saying goes…guys who get injured, tend to get injured. Be interesting to see what happens in the real world, irrespective of Pederson’s opinion.
    I love Foles, but your logic disputes the point you’re making. Foles has never played a 16 game season, mostly due to injuries. People forget Wentz was 11-2 last season before he got hurt and despite everyone being dramatic, his injury this year isn’t severe….nor were the other ones prior to last year. He’s hardly injury prone. Wentz is the Eagles future QB, and he’s going to be good.

  15. Doug why don’t you pull a Belichick for once and say we’ll cross the bridge when we come to it, instead of writing a book about everything. The more you say “he is our guy” the more it must be frustrating for Foles – even though he might know that for a fact.

  16. Anyone who thinks Carson Wentz is “mediocre” isn’t qualified to have an opinion. As an Eagles fan, it’s sucks that CW has been injured, but he’ll continue to get better if not by taking snaps, but by holding the clipboard and contributing what he can. That said, The Reigning NFL Champion Philadephia Eagles will continue their fight to the playoffs and beyond with the greatest backup QB of all time. Happy Holidays to all!

  17. There’s common sense and then there’s sticking with Wentz.
    I’d much rather add a big influx of talent, which we’d be able to do by trading Wentz instead of paying a large amount for what we HOPE he might do, and be, someday….and go with the BETTER QB. With a couple #1 picks (our own and one for Wentz…from Jacksonville it’d be a very high one, along with some more picks and/or a player like Myles Jack or Jalen Ramsey) and a couple #2 picks too, we can upgrade at a number of places.

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