MNF hits new record low

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Christmas Eve plus a game between two non-playoff teams equals bad ratings.

How bad? Broncos-Raiders generated an all-time low for Monday Night Football.

According to Austin Karp of SportsBusiness Journal, the 5.4 rating came in five percent lower than the previous record low for the prime-time Monday package. That number, a 5.7, came in 2016, when a contest between the Falcons and Saints competed with (and lost badly to) the first Clinton-Trump debate.

Despite the lower-than-ever showing on Monday night, Week 16 generated a six-percent bump over Week 16 from a year ago.

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  1. Let me see, Christmas Eve, do I rather spend time with family and friends or do I rather watch Broncos Vs Raiders? ESPN should have sold the game as the last Raiders game in Oakland. The results may have been different.

  2. Christmas Eve, HORRIBLE announcers, and a couple teams playing with no playoff implications..

    That said, can MNF please go to another network that knows what they’re doing?

  3. Yeah, too bad more people didn’t tune in.
    It was Booger’s best game of the year.

    Oh well, at least he’ll be back next year.

  4. I can’t think of many compelling match ups that were on MNF this year. Look at the teams which were give two games this year: The Raiders, Broncos and 49ers totaled 14 wins between them. The Jets and Lions played MNF? BWAH! The Bucs got a MNF game = waste. The Pats only MNF was against the Bills? Not only do the Bills always suck but no one cares about that game outside of the division. Who picks these match ups? Why the Pats/Steelers games wasn’t set for MNF is beyond me. it’s a perennial great game. Heck it wasn’t even a night game.

  5. Well, who’s thinking about the Raiders and Broncos game on Christmas Eve? If this is the first event that comes to everyone’s mind, I think people should rethink their life priorities.

  6. Let’s also notice that the two superbowl teams each only had one MNF game. the Raiders and 49ers each had two MNF games coming off of 6-10 records? WTFFFFFFF?

  7. According to Austin Karp of SportsBusiness Journal, the 5.4 rating came in five percent lower than the previous record low for the prime-time Monday package.
    I’ll bet that 5.4 was still higher than every NBA game on Christmas Day, except possibly Lakers/Warriors.

  8. tylawspick6 says:
    December 26, 2018 at 1:55 pm

    Ratings simple continue to tumble.

    Ratings are up for the season, bozo.

  9. Honestly, I think this trend will keep happening regardless of day next year as long as this team of announcers stays together.

    I’m honestly ok with Booker or Witten, but not both. 3 people constantly talking doesn’t work. Specially when neither really know what to say at times and just say the same thing over and over and over and ad nauseum.

  10. what I cant understand is why people sit in front of their TV for two hours of multicultural propaganda in the first place. there must be a million better things you could do with your time

  11. NFL needs to add some sort of flex scheduling for Monday Night or put a team that is always in playoff contention in the week 16 spot. No playoff implications and no fantasy implications means no watch from me.

  12. I’m a college guy first but this year the games haven’t been bad actually. Mahommes, mayfield, Darnold and yes even josh allen in spurts have made the games a bit more enjoyable.

  13. As the NFL continues to recede in popularity. Just came here to see how you are spinning it. Re-engaging boycott.

    Now do the empty seats which cannot be fanboysplained.

  14. We moved Christmas to the 29th due to waiting for all the kids to be in town. So I was able to watch the game, on mute, and fell asleep in the first quarter. I used to look forward to Monday nights as a kid, before ESPN

  15. Its a pretty bad broadcast, starting with the announcers to the graphics to the ridiculous emphasis on non football, like music. Turn out the lights, the party’s over…

  16. THAT WAS MNF???
    I thought was one of those “30 For 30 Specials” about Vance Joseph’s last days as a coach…

  17. Dear NFL, if you want better ratings for MNF, please feature it on a better network.

    I mean even TNF has the options of other networks line CBS, the NFL Network, Amazon Prime Video and Twitter to check out the broadcast, while MNF is sadly tucked away next to the broadcasting grave of Chris Berman…

  18. To me and I could be wrong but this year the numbers were down because there are a lot of crap football teams. Bungels, the Lions, miami, jets, bills, panthers, jags, atlanta, raiders, et al.
    Be honest pick any two teams above and say how you were looking forward to them bumping heads on Monday or thursday night match ups.
    Ok now your favorite teams with good records matching up with any above? If you were looking for a slaughter game fine, otherwise pre drawn conclusions here.
    The NFL wanted parity not over a third of the league stinking it up to the point the fans wont even attend the games.

  19. Would it have killed them to play the game tonight (26th) instead? Or heck even Christmas night as opposed to Christmas Eve. Many who aren’t celebrating Christmas Eve per se with family and friends are traveling that night.

    Granted the teams involved stink but it’s still an age-old rivalry and I think on a different night than Christmas Eve could have pulled better regardless. The good news is, the league has 6 years between now and the next time this happens again to figure out an alternate.

  20. Cord cutter here. Anyone thought at all about since you took MNF off broadcast networks that maybe, just maybe, there’s a market of millions no one cares about because there is no way to monitor us for ratings.

  21. Don’t blame the teams/league, blame ESPN.

    Worst broadcasting team & production quality since people thought comedians would be a great addition.
    Their on screen graphics look 90’s compared to CBS’ cleaner, smaller, yet more legible design.
    NHL Network can do better than this crap.

  22. Nfl should not have games on Monday Nights Christmas Eve. Last time they did was 2007, and it had terrible ratings as well. After all it is Christmas Eve.

  23. Best monday night game of the year!
    I dont care about ratings
    Raiders broncos us always a must see
    Support your team

  24. I can’t watch that Tessitore dude. He is so damn eager to make everything so incredible that he’s completely unwatchable! He’s like a stalker x-girlfriend who can’t stop telling you how everything you do is amazing!!!

  25. Who cares about the quality of the teams — who took a knee during the National Anthem? Which “Entertainer” is refusing to play halftime at the Superbowl because of injustice to the rich large children who play a game?

    The teams playing is why the show had the lowest in history. No really. Hey, “protest” works both ways.

  26. This is why you were let go. I’m talking to the hundreds of fired ESPN writers and talking heads. How’d that turn out for anybody? Can’t wait to see how many billions you give the NFL for D-list games next time, worldwide leader.

  27. Last Monday at 8:00 PM I was right in the middle of not watching MNF. All though I am interested in the NFL giving us the time and place for their new Stab the Fans in the Back Bowl.

  28. In response BSPN probably fired another 50 people on Christmas Eve like the classy world leaders they are.

  29. Cannot believe the Booger mobile was not in play for this game. When it got bogged and the Black Hole torched it to see the game,ratings would have gone through the roof.

  30. Screw the NFL… After 40+ years of watching every Sunday, I gave it all up 3 years ago… Not just because of the kneeling crap. The game itself has changed so much (for the worse), it just wasn’t worth my time any more… Don’t miss it one bit!

  31. When the “players,” begin to play better than they protest?
    They’ll have returning viewers.
    No corporation can survive, if they keep pissing off, their paying customers.

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