Report: Dolphins are “all but certain” to part ways with Mike Tannenbaum

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Undecided about potential changes 10 days ago, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has made at least one decision regarding the future of his team.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports that Ross is “all but certain to dismiss” V.P. of football operations Mike Tannenbaum, who has spent four seasons with the team.

But that very well could be the only change Ross makes. Salguero also reports that, “barring some unexpected circumstance,” coach Adam Gase and G.M. Chris Grier will return in 2019. The unexpected circumstance would entail something like: (1) the Dolphins performing poorly again in Week 17 against the Bills; and (2) a “significant upgrade becoming available” at coach.

While Ross won’t pursue Jim Harbaugh, who currently is the coach at the college to which Ross has given enough money to get a building named after himself, Ross is believed to be very interested in Jim’s brother, John, and that Ross could attempt to initiate conversations with the Ravens about what would be, as a practical matter, a trade. With John Harbaugh under contract for only one more year and potentially willing to not sign an extension, Ross could possibly pry Harbaugh away.

It will take money, especially with Seahawks coach Pete Carroll now reportedly making $11 million per year. Beyond that, the full power over the football operations currently possessed by Gase would be attractive to any coach who currently doesn’t have it — and John Harbaugh currently doesn’t have it in Baltimore.

Even if Ross keeps Gase, Salguero suggests that Gase should be offered a contract extension that would bump up his $5 million annual salary but also reduce his influence, balancing his voice with someone else who would be able to tell Gase “no” when Gase wants to trade a Jarvis Landry or a Mike Pouncey or a Jay Ajayi, for example, or to keep a Ryan Tannehill. Of course, there’s a chance Gase may not want to give up his current authority, which could provoke a showdown that could become an “unexpected circumstance” that would pave the way for a bigger change in Miami.

51 responses to “Report: Dolphins are “all but certain” to part ways with Mike Tannenbaum

  1. So, if Gase has full control, why is there a GM, and a VP of Football Ops? Along with the vice chairmen? That org structure makes no sense.

  2. Typical Ross, fire the GM, then likely force the new GM to he stuck with a head coach he doesn’t want.

    Gase’ offense and defense are currently ranked 31st and he is a 7-17 on the road with losses average 20 points.

    Bring back Turnoverhill too and 2019 will be a
    4-12 season, Ross deserves it!

  3. If the Fins keep Gase they should force him to give up play calling and please please please fire Burke and bring in a hard nose D coach! Burke’s defenses have sucked!

  4. Getting rid of Landry was a win. No slot receiver that struggles to score is worth anywhere close to what he demanded. That, plus Fast Wilson is way more dynamic and cost less than half.

  5. They couldn’t have done this yesterday? The genius of calling him in to the office on 12/25, starting with “O(h) Tannenbaum” is crazy off the charts!

  6. I had no idea that Gase was the final say on player moves. I thought that was Mike Tannenbaum and Chris Grier. I agreed with dumping Ajayi but not the other 2 guys. To me that was a very poor decision. Gase was so worried that Pouncey was not going to stay healthy yet all he did was perform at pro bowl level ALL season for every game for the Chargers. And same for Landry. Gase just could not stand those guys being team leaders like they were. Who does Miami have now that is a leader???? NOBODY. Gase must go!!! But if they do not fire him atleast make him hire an OC play caller and defensive coordinator at the very minimum.

  7. As a Jets fan I am saddened to hear that a division rival has wisened up and fired our former GM. Ross was a moron to hire him after what he did with the Jets.
    Mike Tannenbaum was the Jets GM when they drafted these guys in the first round:

    2008 Vernon Gholston LB (bust)
    2008 Dustin Keller TE (eh, so,so)
    2009 Mark Sanchez QB (bust)
    2010 Kyle Wilson CB (bust)
    2011 Muhammad Wilkerson DT (very good)
    2012 Quinton Coples DE (bust)

  8. Owner Stephen Ross has been part of the problem. He’s hired the wrong people to direct and run the football operations; Mike Tannenbaum, Bill Parcells and coaches like Tony Soprano and Joe Philbin. Adam Gase just did not have an NFL starting quarterback in Ryan Tannehill and the Defensive Coordinator Matt Burke does not have the skills to excel (scheme changing & defensive play calling). What Owner Ross should recognize is that the Baltimore Raven’s Coach John Harbaugh wins because of talent acquisition. Which is something the Dolphins have not been able to do since the cap space era began. Hiring the correct top personnel decision maker, who has vision on current talent moving forward would be a huge step in the right direction regarding this Miami Franchise.

  9. murraysons says:
    December 26, 2018 at 7:43 am
    So, if Gase has full control, why is there a GM, and a VP of Football Ops? Along with the vice chairmen? That org structure makes no sense.
    Gase really does not have full control. He has significant influence but not full control…and their structure has been jacked up for years.

  10. somefans says:
    December 26, 2018 at 8:20 am
    Getting rid of Landry was a win. No slot receiver that struggles to score is worth anywhere close to what he demanded. That, plus Fast Wilson is way more dynamic and cost less than half.

    A “win”? LOL. He has 76 catches this year. Yes, they overpaid for him a little bit. But his cap number goes down next year and they can cut him after 2019 with only a $4 million cap hit. Yes, He doesn’t hit homeruns. But teams need singles hitters too. I’m sure he’s glad to be off the dolphins too – he’s on a much better team with a much brighter future.


  11. “What Owner Ross should recognize is that the Baltimore Raven’s Coach John Harbaugh wins because of talent acquisition.”
    Anyone following the Ravens would tell you two things. First, Raven drafts in recent years have generally been below average, although the last draft (2018) has been good, and their talent level is below the Steelers and others. If anything, Harbaugh deserves credit for making the team perform above its talent level. Second, Harbaugh has had too much say in making the poor draft choices.

  12. Glad to hear it, but I want to hear the burke, gase and tannehill are gone too! Enough of this nonsense!

    Get Harbaugh from Baltimore and let him get this team on track! Do something to show us fans, Ross, that you actually care about winning. His track record with sporano, philbin, gase and tannenbaum has been a joke! We need a coach like Harbaugh who will have the guts to make moves in the draft and FA to make this team better! We need a franchise QB, not a converted WR who played QB for 2 years in college before we drafted him at #9! Very stupid and even worse, they have stuck with that failed project for 7 years!

  13. Ross is a giant bucket of suck.

    He has absolutely ZERO clue how to hire the right people who can build a team. His ten-year track record speaks for itself.

    His greatest gift to Miami would be to sell the team.

  14. “Adam Gase just did not have an NFL starting quarterback in Ryan Tannehill”

    Good post otherwise but if you really think Gase’s only issue was not having a good-enough QB then you simply haven’t watched much of him coaching. He’s perpetually handicapped by the chip on his shoulder so no problems ever gets fixed because he doesn’t believe he’s capable of making mistakes. He’s also passive-aggressive in that he doesn’t like disciplining guys who are still on his team but will instantly vent about how big a problem they were for him once they have departed.

  15. Gase has yet to produce a offensive unit that scores more than 21 ppg. Only one HC during the Tannehill era has done it once, and it wasn’t the QB “whisperer”.

    Ross is all about half steppin, taking lateral and marginally insignificant moves, and getting consistent marginally insignificant results.

  16. Who ever has been evaluating and bringing in the talent has to go. Young tough football players is needed not old retreads that can’t practice except on certain days and can’t finish the year. Sitton, Kilgore, Hayes… even Gore and Amendola for that matter. For 10-12 years it’s been obvious the weakness is up front on both lines. Band aid retread fixes don’t work. With out those lines fixed 8-8 is all this team will ever be.

  17. Oh Tannenbaum, Oh Tannenbaum please take Adam Goose to the curb with you & the Christmas Tree. 🎄

  18. Its a match destined to fail when your owner hires a head coach, gives him full personnel control, but the coach has absolutely no history in scouting/personnel. Everybody wants to be Belichick and have the control he has, but it usually ends in disaster. People have made a mockery of the head of a personnel department role. Hiring people with no experience in personnel, to work win personnel is absurd

  19. It’s not solely on Gase – he was hyped up as a hot shot HC candidate by the media with absolutely NOTHING on his resume to qualify him & working with Payton Manning does NOT
    Tannenbaum fed Ross a line to sign him & POOF here we are!
    Mike Tannenbaum is a HUGE reason the team has underachieved – he did the same in NY,
    so this falls solely on Ross for making the decision to hire him in the first place.
    You can’t tell me Ross didn’t see this coming by hiring MT – did he not listen to his good
    pal & Tannenbaums former boss Woody Johnson?
    This whole fiasco screams : Stephen Ross is content with mediocrity and is treating the team like its a second rate hobby of his !

  20. Do any of these front office moves really matter? It’s the Dolphins organization and it’s Ryan Tannehill…they’ll be the same mediocre team next year and so on until they get a real quarterback in the building.

  21. You can do a lot worse than Tannenbaum:

    D’Brickashaw Ferguson
    Nick Mangold
    Kellen Clemens (at he was a back for 10 years-not Hackenberg who never played)
    Leon Washington
    Bard Smith
    Eric Smith
    Darrelle Revis: Darrelle Revis – first ballot HOF
    David Harris
    Traded for Thomas Jones
    Dwight Lowery
    Nate Garner
    Shonn Greene
    Matt Slauson
    Acquired Braylon Edwards for nothing
    Vlad Ducasse
    Joe McKnight (rip)
    Acquired Santonio Holmes for a 5 (should have let him walk next year)
    Muhammad Wilkerson
    Bilal Powell
    Jeremy Kerley
    Demario Davis (Pro Bowl)

  22. arclight1972 says:
    December 26, 2018 at 9:13 am

    2008 Vernon Gholston LB (bust)

    Gholston doesn’t get highlighted enough for being such a colossal bust.

    Number 6 overall pick — guaranteed money, $21 Million.
    Zero sacks, zero interceptions, zero forced fumbles, zero fumble recoveries, three tackles for loss and 24 total tackles in three seasons.

  23. thefiesty1 says:
    December 26, 2018 at 1:46 pm
    This is the first time I’ve heard of Grier’s name. Apparently he’s been nonexistent.

    Exactly, Grier is a token GM who makes no important decisions, again the Dolphin front office is a non-stop clown show, the results on and off the field prove it.

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