Report: “Major shakeup” in Washington front office

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Heads are apparently about to roll in Washington, beyond D.J. Swearinger or anyone else on the football side of the operation.

According to Craig Hoffman of 106.7 The Fan, there’s a “major shakeup” coming in the front office there, with multiple top executives on the way out.

The jobs are on the business side of the operation, and do not include team president Bruce Allen.

The list includes chief operating officer and president of business operations Brian Lafemina, chief marketing officer Steve Ziff, and senior vice president of consumer sales and marketing Jake Bye.

Lafemina was just hired in May after previously working in the league office, making it unusual to say the least to see such a short tenure.

The team is bad at the moment, but they’ve been bad on the football side for most of the Dan Snyder era (five winning seasons and four playoff appearances since 2000). But this year, they also quit pretending there was a waiting list for season tickets, and haven’t drawn well as the team spiraled after a 6-3 start when Alex Smith suffered a gruesome broken leg.

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  1. Yeah, those moves will really help the on the field product. Can the “consumer sales and marketing” guy who is touting ‘buy one taco get three free’ in an effort to get people through the gate and into their seats.

    Yet Bruce Allen will remain employed. Remarkable.

  2. How many photos does Bruce Allen have on Snyder? What a strange, strange franchise.

    Snyder blows, their fans still go and sell it out, and they just don’t get it. Force Snyder to sell by stopping going to games, otherwise it all always look like this.

  3. The football public does not buy tickets or merch for bad teams. This makes the sales guys expendable

    Wahinton is going the Bengals, Raiders, and Chargers way and living solely by TV revenue. Empty seats to continue.

  4. It’s possible that this may have nothing to do with the team. It could be an issue within that department. Some of you hate the skins or Dan so much that you are willing to falsely put a bad spin on everything regardless of the reason why.

  5. Bruce Allen shoulda been fired the day they couldn’t resign Captain Kirk…Kirk’s value only ballooned after Allen screwed it up…They could’ve had him for $20 mil a year the first year Kirk started and led them to the playoffs…but no…they had to lowball him forcing him to want out…

  6. Let me get this right: The football side of operations cough… Bruce Allen… cough, make horrible decisions with personnel that alienate and tick off what’s remaining of the fan base and a bunch of business people get fired as a result.

    This actually is par for the course with the Redskins.

  7. 250dollarnflowner says:
    December 26, 2018 at 3:26 pm

    Kirk Cousins is the only QB in NFL history with:

    4,000+ yds
    29+ TDs
    10 or fewer INTs
    70%+ Comp Percentage

    Let that sink in Skins fans


    Along with 7 lost fumbles, for a total of 17 turnovers, which ranks among one of the worst in the league. He was a turnover machine in Washington. He’s a turnover machine in Minny.

  8. Cleaning house on the wrong side of the front office. Start with Snyder, Allen and Doug Williams. Too bad Smith and Colt are stuck with that crap.

  9. Dany Snyder is in so far over his head. He’ll never have a winning product on the field as long as Bruce Allen is the GM.

    But sure – fire the Marketing people. Makes perfect sense. The Redskins are a LOCK for the playoffs next year now for sure!

  10. Let the heads roll. The dysfunction starts at the top, and as long as Snyder is the owner, this team will continue to be the predictable NFC East basement dwellers (and the chokers when they find a way to make the playoffs).

    Much like Trump’s presidency, the dysfunction for the Skins begins at the top with Snydwe.

  11. It is a shame. I know Jake Bye personally and you won’t find a better or more professional person than him. Let’s see having been at his job since May can’t imagine why he hasn’t turn a 20 year slide around. Timing wise wouldn’t it have better to fire them a week before Christmas to send a real message to front office staff.

  12. Make no mistake, Dan Snyder owns the Redskins, Bruce Allen runs the team, and Jay Gruden calls plays. I have no idea how much influence Gruden has on the draft, trades, and free agency signings. The ‘Skins aren’t a democracy. It seems strange to fire a lot of front office personnel without firing the guy who hired them, Bruce Allen! Synder is firing people who are not directly responsible for the bad play on the field, without holding the man who is most responsible for the talent of the field.

    Reminds me of the Cowboys. The offense was a disaster last year, and Jerry Jones fires about every offensive coach and keeps the coach most responsible for the offense, the OC, Scott Linehan. Hard to figure out both Synder and Jones thinking!

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