Seahawks comfortable with Michael Dickson drop-kicking PATs or FGs

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Seahawks punter Michael Dickson had two drop-kick kickoffs against the Chiefs last week after having one against the Bears earlier in the season. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll revealed Wednesday that his rookie Pro Bowl punter would drop-kick field goals and PATs if Sebastian Janikowski ever is unable to kick during a game.

“Yep, he’d drop it,” Carroll said, via Liz Mathews of USA Today. “We’ve worked on the snaps and all that, so he’s ready to do that.”

Doug Flutie drop kicked an extra point for the Patriots during the 2005 regular-season finale. That was the first successful drop kick in the NFL since 1941.

NBC showed Dickson drop kicking a 55-yarder through the uprights during pregame warmups last week.

After Janikowski was roughed against the Chiefs, Dickson drop kicked a pair of kickoffs. Dickson’s first drop-kick kickoff went 62 yards to the Kansas City 3, where Tremon Smith returned it only 14 yards. But the Australian’s second drop-kick kickoff went out of bounds, giving the Chiefs the ball at the 40.

“I loved the first one,” Carroll said. “The second one he kind of chili-dipped it to the left, OB [out of bounds]. I have total confidence in him doing that. We’ve got a lot of things that he can do that if we need him he can jump in.”

15 responses to “Seahawks comfortable with Michael Dickson drop-kicking PATs or FGs

  1. Jim McMahon used to beg Mike Ditka to let him kick a field goal by drop kicking the ball. They said he hit from 50+ all the time in practice.

  2. I’ve actually been pretty surprised this hasn’t become a thing at least somewhere. Especially with medium length kicks and some of the more proficient punters. I’d be very interested to see the amount of time that takes off the play on average over a couple hundred snaps. My guess would be a few hundred milliseconds.

  3. The only problem I see with taking a kicker out of the game by only playing the punter, is if the punter gets hurt then the kicker won’t have the normal feeling of taking reps in a game and deeper into the season is when you really don’t want a green kicker. Also just the fact that you’re exposing a key skill player to twice as much attempts on his health. Otherwise with the way Seabass has been missing, this season, I’m wondering why he hasn’t already made this move.

  4. Remember the talking heads laughed when Seattle moved up to draft a punter. I think John Scheider has showed people to stick their day jobs a few times in his career.

    Michael Dickson is a favorite for many Hawk fans. Now if only he wasnt the only good thing about the special teams

  5. It’s actually refreshing to see something different, yet old school, being done competently.

  6. I’d love to see Seattle go with Dickson for all kicking duties in 2019. Just don’t settle for long fieldgoals, go for it more on 4th, and get better 2point conversion plays.

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