Adrian Peterson would love to be back in Washington

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Adrian Peterson was a last minute addition to the Washington roster this season and he let it be known on Thursday that he’d like to sign up for another tour.

Peterson was signed after second-round pick Derrius Guice tore his ACL in August and he’s expected back for the 2019 season. Chris Thompson is on hand in the backfield as well, but Peterson said he thinks “having two guys that can pound the ball and have a no-plays-off mentality” along with Thompson can work.

“I would love to come back here and finish off on a better note,” Peterson said, via “We have a great group of guys here — all the adversity we’ve faced this year and how guys have responded. To come to work and really stay focused shows a lot about this team, this locker room, coaches as well. … That’s something I would love to be a part of.”

If things don’t work out for a return engagement, Peterson believes he’s shown enough to generate interest elsewhere. He’s run 247 times for 1,042 yards and seven touchdowns and said “you’re blind” if you can’t see that he has a lot of football left in the tank.

31 responses to “Adrian Peterson would love to be back in Washington

  1. Resign him or not the Redskins aren’t going anywhere. Even if Smith and McCoy recover from broken legs they aren’t going anywhere.

  2. It’s always opposite day at Redskins park. So therefore, if resigning Adrian Peterson is the right move to make they will let him walk.

  3. As long as he doesn’t go to an offense where it’s crucial the back be a pass catcher he should be ok. Last year he put himself in a bad position by signing with a team, New Orleans, that didn’t fit his skillset. To be fair though that may have been his only offer. The trade to Arizona who had one of the worse lines in the league and no QB only further fueled the perception he had nothing left. This year with one of the best young running back in the league, David Johnson, struggling behind that same line people can see the issue was AP in Arizona.

  4. Come be a backup to Cook in Minnesota and take over Murray’s spot when he leaves in free agency.

  5. Long time Vikes fan here. I’d rather have Murray as the back who can “pound it”

    Too. Many heartbreaks from AP fumbling away games at crucial times.

  6. “Even if Smith and McCoy recover from broken legs they aren’t going anywhere”

    Nick Foles will be the Redskins starting QB in 2019.

  7. The Redskins might as well just try to do well and build up the other areas rather than spend another fortune on a QB, at this time. Unless there is a steal in the draft (depending on who the GM decides a steal is), this team should just build and coach up the rest of the team, to give the next franchise QB a chance at success. Hopefully, it will be a competent coaching staff that know what they are doing.

  8. I’m just wondering if those downvotes on my post about Nick Foles are coming from Redskins fans or Eagles fans.

    Hey, I don’t want to see that happen either, but if the Eagles let Foles walk, as is expected, the Redskins will be looking for a new QB. Alex Smith isn’t coming back and Colt McCoy carries a label of career backup. When the Eagles play the Redskins this Sunday, Foles will be auditioning for a starting job.

  9. The tape doesn’t lie — AP can still run. Even more impressive when you consider his offensive line was decimated for most of the year and there was absolutley no passing attack in DC. AP faced 8 men in the box all year long and still dealt. By any measure, a great year, The Skins should welcome him back with open arms.

  10. “Resign him or not the Redskins aren’t going anywhere. Even if Smith and McCoy recover from broken legs they aren’t going anywhere.”

    Absurd to compare the two injuries, they are not the same–not close. Best wishes to both players, I think Smith is not even considering playing again as his injury is big time serious.

  11. It’s refreshing to hear a player talk about the merits of a shared backfield, especially AD who wasn’t so keen on it just last year. A trio of AD, Guice, and Thompson wouldn’t be like having a Gurley or Elliot, but it would be one of the best RB situations in the league, especially if AD truly is willing to share and mentor. I think he’s earned his keep.

  12. AP is a beast to the core. He will know when he is done. He’s played well all year and it showed he can still be an asset to many teams

  13. It will come down to the Benjamins. If the price is right even the Redskins aren’t foolish enough to let him go. He was the team MVP.

    If he wants to play on a winning team, Peterson ought to be looking for other options.

  14. As much as I’d like Bell, I don’t think Eagles are gonna pony up that kinda dollars with all the holes they need to fill. I would take AP for next season, think that might actually work well.

  15. I disagree with regards to NOLA. Had Mark Ingram been injured in 2017 for instance I think AP would have torn it up in NOLA in 2017. AP missed the upswing of that team as they went 0-2 and then he was there for 3 straight wins before they shipped him off to Arizona.

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