Broncos Ring of Fame member Karl Mecklenburg says he’s “on the fire Vance Joseph bandwagon”


Denver Broncos Ring of Fame member Karl Mecklenburg didn’t like what he saw in his former team’s loss to the Oakland Raiders on Monday night.

In fact, it’s led him to the point of believing the Broncos need to make a head coaching change.

In a post on his Facebook page, the former Broncos all-pro linebacker said he believes it’s time to move on from Vance Joseph as the team’s head coach.

“Wow, that was not what I expected from the Broncos against the Raiders,” Mecklenburg wrote. “If they have done anything this year for Vance Joseph they have competed. To not show up for a Monday night game against a division opponent and historical rival is inexcusable.

“This was the Broncos 15th game of the year and they still are making football 101 mistakes. Covering receivers on a run play and losing contain for a long touchdown. Celebrating on the great punt that got tapped back on the goal line instead of picking up the ball so the Raiders don’t pick it up and run for a record setting touchdown. Dropped passes, penalties, poor effort, and poor play all around. The play where Denver had too many men on the field on a fourth down run where Lindsay had broke through for a big play is a good example of the Broncos lack of urgency in the game. Denver had too many men because the player leaving the field decided to walk the last five yards.

“The attitude was worse than in the Jets loss in my mind because they should have learned their lesson from that beating by a less talented team. As much as I value consistency in coaching, their is no value in consistency of poor coaching. I am now officially on the fire Vance Joseph bandwagon.”

Ultimately, it will be Mecklenburg’s former teammate, Broncos G.M. and V.P. of Football Operations John Elway, that will make that decision. With the loss to the Raiders on Monday night, the Broncos secured a second straight losing season for the first time in 46 years (1971-72). With a loss against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, the Broncos will have posted an 11-21 record in Joseph’s two seasons as head coach.

Mecklenburg played 12 season for the Broncos from 1983-1994. He was named to six Pro Bowl teams and was a first-team All-Pro four times.