Could a shared MVP award be coming?

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On Sunday, the regular season will end. A full 34 days later, we’ll learn the identity of the MVP. When that happens (and if we still care . . . there’s a chance that the night before the Super Bowl we won’t), the MVP possibly will be not one but two players.

It’s happened twice before, with Packers quarterback Brett Favre and Lions running back Barry Sanders sharing the award in 1997, and with Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and Titans quarterback Steve McNair splitting it in 2003. With only 50 voters and each voter having only one vote each, there’s a chance it will happen in 2018, with Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and Saints quarterback Drew Brees registering a tie.

Some believe Mahomes should be the no-brainer winner, but what if the Chiefs lose on Sunday against the Raiders and ultimately fail to secure the AFC West crown? Since the merger, only one quarterback has won the MVP award outright without his team winning its division — that came in 2008, when Peyton Manning’s Colts finished second to the Titans.

Plenty of running backs have won the MVP without his team winning the division. Vikings running back Adrian Peterson became the MVP in 2012, Rams running back Marshall Faulk won the MVP in 2000, Oilers running back Earl Campbell won it in 1979, Bears running back Walter Payton won it in 1977, and Bills running back O.J. Simpson was named MVP in 1973, even though Buffalo didn’t even make the playoffs that year. But quarterbacks who win the award typically also have won their divisions.

If the Chiefs don’t win the AFC West, should Mahomes be the MVP? While that outcome would be in many respects out of his control, it could make it harder to overcome Brees’ candidacy, given that the Saints have secured the top seed in the NFC.

Mahomes has become the most dynamic and exciting player in the NFL, and it’s easy to make the argument that he should win the first of what could be many MVP awards. But if the Chiefs lose on Sunday to the Raiders and fail to win their division, Brees could end up securing enough votes to take the prize — or maybe to result in the third ever tie.

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  1. Honestly someone explain to me why it isn’t clearly mahomes? The guy might end with 50 tds and 5,000 yards but because brees has a better all around team he should be the mvp?

  2. I look at it this way. the chiefs were still a good team with Alex smith. where would the saints be if that offense didn’t have bree`s ? if it’s truly MVP, I don’t know how you couldn’t give it to bree`s.

  3. And sometimes the award just doesn’t make sense. Like 1987 when John Elway won it with 19 touchdowns against 12 picks and a quarterback rating of 83.4. I mean, fine, that’s okay for back then, but it was also the year that Jerry Rice caught 22 TDs in 12 games. And that’s without even going back to 1982 when a dang kicker won it.

  4. Mahomes is the MVP. There aren’t even that many folks down here debating that. New Orleans has won games several ways but KC has one guy (mostly) to thank for their spectacular year.

  5. Once again Brees gets looked over. Mahomes has the weapons and the intangibles. Brees is all of 5’10” and has played on an MVP level his whole career making average players into millionaire stars. Time for him to get his due.

  6. Mahomes has had a stunning year, individually. But I see two issues with him as MVP:

    1) The Chiefs won their division and made the playoffs last year, with Alex Smith at QB. If they win this weekend, they’ll have won just 2 more games than last season. Not exactly rags to riches or a team that wasn’t going to be successful without Mahomes.

    2) The Chiefs have pretty much lost all their big games this year. They’ve played very well, but when the competition and stakes were the highest, they’ve come up short. Pats, Rams, Chargers, Seahawks – apart from a week 1 win against the Chargers and squeaking by the Ravens in OT, they’ve lost to every playoff team they’ve played this year.

    Maybe not fair to lump that on the QB, but expectations are higher for QBs. The Saints have had a somewhat easier schedule this year but they’ve handled what’s been put to them.

  7. Brees has proven he can beat elite defenses. Mahomes is a phenom, but doesn’t always carry the team.. Brees should be outright winner…

  8. Game winning drives:

    Brees 7
    Other guy 4

    QBR. Brees easily
    Brees: Another season breaking his own passing completion percentage.
    Turnovers: Other guy by a mile
    Game wins that did not occur because of turnovers: Other guy by a mile
    Number one seed in a much tougher conference and beating better teams: Brees

    It shouldn’t be close. Brees should win it easily.

  9. I don’t get it. I understand that this is a QB fueled league but when I look at a Most Valuable Player, I look directly at Christian McCafferty. I am not a Carolina fan, but I feel he has been more VALUABLE to his team than any of the QB’s.

  10. Sure in the era of everyone gets a trophy that is exactly what I would expect. The problem is they will have to change the name of the award to Most Valuable Players with an “s”

  11. You people talking about Brees not being worthy of the MVP are flat out wrong. People are saying he had more weapons, etc. Well Mahomes had Hunt and Hill. Let Mahomes win something, anything, and he can be in the discussion. Quite frankly, I really like the dude and wish the Saints would have drafted him. I think he’ll have a great career but let’s not get too far in front of ourselves. Just my opinion.

  12. Brees was robbed of the award in 2009. The Saints wouln’t be close to 13 wins today without him. Big game player that takes it to another level. Mahomes has the stats, and if that is the only consideration then yeah, he’s your MVP. five turnovers against the Rams, struggled in other games against playoff teams. The intangibles Brees brings to the table gives him the edge.

  13. Part of the problem here is that the definition of “MVP” has been distorted.All the talk about stats should be consideration for Offensive Player of the Year, not MVP. Most Valuable Player should be the one player who made the most difference to his team, but anymore it has become the “player with the gaudiest stats on a winning team” award. If you use this definition, then Mahomes sure looks like the leader in he race. If, however, you use what should be the definition, then you have more legitimate candidates – McCafferty and Luck to name two.

  14. All time great vs one year wonder/flavor of the day. Get it right this time MVP voters and stop moving the goal posts for once.

  15. In purely looking at the statistics. Brees is having a year very close to what Aaron Rodgers had in his 2011 MVP season that many claim is the best season ever for a quarterback.

    While Mahomes is also having a great year. I remember Florio, Chris Simms and others anointing Tyreek Hill as the “best wide receiver in the NFL” earlier this year. Saying the same about Travis Kelco as the “best tight end in the NFL”. So when comparing Mahomes statistics, the fact that he arguably has the both the best WR and TE must be taken into consideration. Mahomes also had last years rushing leader (Hunt) for much of the season as well.

  16. I’m fine with new blood getting the props. I’m just floating the comment out that the Patriots would be picking in the top 10 of the draft if it was not for Brady.

    I’m not saying Brady should be MVP but I am saying, if we are being honest, Brady should at least be in the MVP conversation.

  17. 1. Drew Brees should have won the MVP in 2009 and 2011. He is one of my favorite players, and has been underestimated and dissed his entire career.

    2. Mahomes just earned the Chiefs their first #1 seed since the 1990s, while doing things no other QB in the league can do, AND in the face of the Kareem Hunt scandal, AND while having the league’s most pathetic defense.

    3. The MVP is NOT a lifetime achievement award. Brees had a fantastic completion percentage, and had a BARELY higher passer rating. (115.7 to 113.8.) That’s it. Big deal. Bress has had SEVERAL seasons that were WAY, WAY, WAY better. Brees was NOT better than Mahomes THIS SEASON. Mahomes became the SECOND PLAYER to pass for 5,000 yards and 50 TD in the same season. The only other? Peyton Manning, who did it in 2013 AND WON THE MVP (and OPOY) as a result.

    4. Patrick Mahomes IS — 100%, UNQUESTIONABLY — this year’s league MVP. Period.

    5. Patrick Mahomes IS — 100%, UNQUESTIONABLY — also this year’s league OPOY. Period. Go ahead — tell me another player who had a better offensive season. I’ll wait.

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