Josh Norman: Taylor Lewan’s move “ultimate disrespect”

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Titans left tackle Taylor Lewan said he was sticking up for a teammate. Washington cornerback Josh Norman saw it differently.

On the topic of Saturday’s post-game dust-up — when Lewan came to the sideline and mocked Norman’s bow-and-arrow routine before Norman bowed up to a much larger man — Norman shared his thoughts Wednesday.

“Why would you come to another man’s sideline?” Norman said, via Peter Hailey of NBC Sports Washington. “You go out your way to come to his bench, his sideline, to go at him in that kind of way. Maximum disrespect. Ultimate disrespect. We’re not having that, I don’t care who we play for or what we do. We will not tolerate disrespect.”

Lewan said he got in Norman’s airspace because he thought he was trying to hurt running back Derrick Henrry. Norman said he and Henry spoke after the game and things were cool.

Lewan, however, he is not cool with. Despite giving up 7 inches and 125 pounds, Norman threw his helmet and got in the face of the tackle.

“What he should’ve been worried about and what he should’ve been relevant about is his quarterback,” Norman said. “Because our line ran through him like water through rocks. I mean, gosh, you would think he would’ve been doing a better job protecting him. . . .

“You come up to someone else’s sideline like he did, I don’t care how big you are. You can be a giant. You step into that domain, it’s kill or be killed. That’s how I look at it. I don’t take disrespect lightly.”

Then again, he could just be frustrated playing for a team that’s circling the drain again.

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  1. And…this is part of what is wrong with society. Norman was willing to fight over a perceived lack of “respect.” Respect is not something that can be demanded from other people, and it should never be okay to get violent over what is essentially an affront to your ego. If someone is being a jerk, as Lewan purportedly was (I don’t know, I didn’t see the game or altercation), let that speak to their character, not yours.

  2. “Disrespect”

    I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

    Talk about dishing it but can’t take it.

  3. Norman is desperately trying to remain relevant and news worthy while his skills are diminishing. Norman is no longer the CB Washington spent all that money on. Whats better is in Normans head he can run his mouth whenever he wants, yet when somone raljs smack to him it is disrespect!?!?

  4. But twisting derrick henrys leg in an attempt to injure him because you lost the game, yeah thats ultimate respect right there.

  5. “I don’t take disrespect lightly.” That’s funny coming from a trash-talking, self-important guy like Josh Norman. Good for Lewan for sticking up for his teammate. Hey, Josh, if you’re going to dish out disrespect, you better be able to take it, too. Josh, how can teammates and opponents of feel anything but “disrespect” toward a guy who dishes it out but can’t take it?

  6. If he were in a room alone with Lewans he would have done nothing because he knows he could be snapped like a twig.

  7. Then again, he could just be frustrated playing for a team that’s circling the drain again


    Wait, you mean Washington isnt a good team? Here I thought they were stacked and the only reason they never made the playoffs was because of Kirk Cousins.

  8. Michael E says:
    December 27, 2018 at 9:00 am

    If he were in a room alone with Lewans he would have done nothing because he knows he could be snapped like a twig.


    Size matters but so does skill. Maybe Norman has fighting skills and experience and Lewan doesn’t? All things being equal a good big man generally beats a good little man. But look no further than UFC 3 Keith Hackney (5’11 190lbs) vs Emmanuel Yarborough (6’7 616lbs) to see the effects of a very skilled little man vs a limited skills big man.

  9. How ironic. Norman is the biggest jerk in the league and the minute anyone does anything he doesn’t like he cries like a baby. He’s only talking tough to the media because he wants to try to be relevant again. I can’t imagine what he’s going to do when nobody wants him anymore. What’s he going to do then? Will he start threatening kindergartners because they disrespected him?

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