Richard Sherman wants to play with Earl Thomas again

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Richard Sherman would love to recreate the Legion of Boom in San Francisco.

Signing safety Earl Thomas as a free agent in the offseason would help Sherman’s hope of doing just that.

“Would I love to play with Earl Thomas III? I would love to,” Sherman said, via Cam Inman of the Mercury News. “I would love to have him back in the locker room. But I’m sure he’ll have a plethora of opportunities, and I’m sure we’re going to throw our hat in the ring.”

Sherman signed with the 49ers in the offseason after the Seahawks cut him after seven seasons. He has four pass breakups and a fumble recovery in 13 games with the 49ers.

Thomas is unlikely to re-sign with the Seahawks after not getting the extension or the trade he wanted before the season. He fractured his leg in a Sept. 30 game and is scheduled to become a free agent in the offseason.

The 49ers need a safety as their “Eraser” in a defensive scheme they borrowed from Seattle.

25 responses to “Richard Sherman wants to play with Earl Thomas again

  1. Nah. Sherman just wants someone to complain about the Seahawks with.

    Both will, probably,never have the same, or similar years, with other teams as they had with Seattle, success.

  2. Don’t we all think the Cowboys will end up signing him? I would love for the Seahawks to try to sign him or even tag him, but I can’t see that working out. The revenge factor may work to get him to SF, but I’m betting it will still be the Cowboys that win out.

  3. I wonder what it feels like to have your team beaten and dismantled by a group of players from your main division rival and then to be so bad afterwards that you try to sign those “enemy” players later on when they’re aging and older because they would be an upgrade from what you seem to be able to put together yourself.

    Only to have that same rival have a new set of youthful players playing at a higher level than the old ones from that team that you now have.

    Not only that but they pay ALOT more for the old guy than the other team is paying the young new guys who are actually playing better and have a future.

    It’s like the Jets trying to beat the Patriots with old New England players.

    Kinda sad actually.

  4. Yes that is exactly what up and coming teams do is sign players with one or maybe two years left in them. All you hear is how great Sherman still is but don’t they realize Sherman island has a population of 2. Sherman and the other teams worst WR. The guy never comes off the corner unless it is to throw a few punches. Watch him play on running plays. He just stands on his corner.God forbid there would be a fumble, because he will be no where near the play to do anything about it. Lattimore who is considered one of the best DB has had 3 FR this year. Sherman has had 3 FR in the past 5 years. But I get it he is old and has to conserve his energy so he can cover the others team 3 WR

  5. If Sherman wasn’t such a negative factor in seattle the last couple years and Thomas wasn’t so worried about being the highest paid player at his position they would still be on the same team now. Though releasing sherman was the best move seattle made this year, and most fans knew it at the time. The way Russell Wilson has played and conducted himself his entire NFL career was and is worthy of respect from all his teammates.
    Some of the old defense could never get over The SB loss, though they were at least equally responsible for it. That is on them. Right now their young team is all in and playing for each other.

  6. I’m fairly certain Thomas wants to be a cowboy. Seattle has more cap room than SF next year and doesn’t seem to want him, so if he wants to be on a division rival so be it…but I see him going to Dallas to reunite with Kris Richard.

  7. The guy is ticked off at Seattle for not gifting him free money. Earl broke his leg just making a break on a pass all by himself. It was going to break, just a matter of when. That’s why you gotta move on from players before their 3rd contract. They want lifetime achievement money from their team, not just their current value.

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