Ryan Tannehill’s time may finally be up in Miami

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A top-10 draft pick nearly seven years ago, quarterback Ryan Tannehill apparently will be continuing his career elsewhere in 2019. Even if he doesn’t want to.

The Miami Herald has reported that the Dolphins likely will move on from Tannehill after the season, avoiding his $19 million base salary for 2019 and $26.6 million cap number.

Cutting Tannehill would entail $13.4 million in dead money, which could be spread over 2019 and 2020 if he’s designation as a post-June 1 cut.

Tannehill is trying not to obsess over what comes next.

“You can’t think about it,” Tannehill told reporters on Wednesday, via a transcript generated by the team. “Like I said, you focus on what you can control. What’s the good in wondering and pondering and wasting time thinking about it? It’s out of my control right now. I’m focused on winning this one game in Buffalo and doing everything I can to prepare myself and prepare the guys around me to go out and play well and win this game. Once it’s done, then the powers that be will make those decisions and we’ll go from there. Right now, we’re just focused on doing everything we can to get ready for Buffalo.”

He made it clear that he definitely wants to come back for an eighth year.

“I love this organization,” Tannehill said. “I love the guys on this team. I love competing with the guys on this team. I’ve been here my whole career and love South Florida. I love what South Florida brings to the table. I’d love to be here.”

If he’s not, he may not be prepared for the outcome.

“I haven’t put a whole lot of thought into it,” Tannehill said. “I have a lot of belief in myself. I know what I can bring to the table, wherever it is. But, yeah, I want to be here. I want to finish my career as a Dolphin and win a championship here. That’s what they brought me here for, and that’s what I want to do.”

Plenty of factors will determine whether he gets that chance, including most importantly whether coach Adam Gase returns for 2019. Even then, Gase may decide that the time for waiting for Tannehill to emerge as a franchise quarterback has expired.

39 responses to “Ryan Tannehill’s time may finally be up in Miami

  1. “I love this organization, I love the guys on this team. I love competing with the guys on this team. I’ve been here my whole career and love South Florida. I love what South Florida brings to the table. I’d love to be here.”

    He sure does have a lot of love.

  2. Better get used to holding a clipboard. He has enough skills and experience to hang around the league a few more years as a backup, but his days as a starter are over. He’s had years worth of chances to prove he can be “the guy” for a team, and simply hasn’t.

  3. Nice guy. Average QB. He’ll start for someone next year that has a bad QB situation while Miami starts over. Only took the Dolphins 7 seasons to figure out he needs a string team around him for any chance at success.

  4. He’s been a guy that tends to get injured, which has certainly held him back from being as successful as he might have been.

  5. He will start in the league because there’s a real dearth of quality experienced QB’s. But he’s not a guy who can elevate the players on his team. He will get you 8 wins a year and not much more. Tannehill is a good athlete with a good arm, but has poor pocket awareness and can’t read complex defenses fast enough or set up the correct protections pre-snap, hence why he takes too many sacks. The good QB’s in the NFL can do those things effectively.

  6. He should have never been drafted that high and since he was he should have been released 4 years ago and now it will be a crappy draft for QB’s unless you find the hidden gem.

  7. “Tannehill is trying not to obsess over what comes next”

    He has no need to. If he never plays another down or works again he and his family are set for life unless he’s been god awful stupid with his money

  8. About time! I’m no Dolphins fan but how can you trot out an absolutely average QB when healthy, whom is rarely healthy and has a losing record as a starter?

    The Dolphins seem to be confused on what a franchise Quarterback is supposed to do: (win games, and hopefully championships). You’re not winning anything with Ryan Tannehill. So why keep him as your Quarterback?

  9. Funny for things work out. If he played for Baltimore he would have gotten a huge contract that paid him like a top-5 QB.

  10. The sooner a team and their fan base
    realize that the receiving corps is garbage… the better.

    Miami fans just blame it randomly year after year.

    “It’s all Joe Philbin’s fault”
    “It’s all Ryan Tannehill’s fault”

    The team has weak receivers.


  11. Tannehill has at times played like an elite QB. Unfortunately, those times are few and far between. He’s a good enough QB to win with if the rest of the team is performing well and he can stay healthy. But those conditions are never going to happen.

    The problem for Miami is who do you get to replace him?

  12. doctorrustbelt says:
    December 27, 2018 at 11:38 am
    The team has weak receivers.

    So Ryan Tannehill’s frequent injuries and average play aren’t the problem? The guy owns an island where he stores stem cells for when he gets injured for heaven’s sake!

  13. billzbubb says:
    December 27, 2018 at 11:47 am

    The problem for Miami is who do you get to replace him?

    Nick Foles, if they’re smart.

  14. Tannehill is one of the all time good guys in the game. Unfortunately, playing quarterback in the NFL is a very hard thing to do successfully. He gave it everything he had for a lot of years and took a frightful beating in the process. Yeah, he’s made a lot of money, but he probably earned every penny of it.

  15. He’ll end up in Dallas playing for Jerry. Don’t be surprised if he gives Dak some much needed competition for that starting qb spot.

  16. At the game that I went to in Indy. He didn’t give up a 10 point fourth quarter lead and he wasn’t responsible for terrible field position during the second half.

  17. Come on people you know what RT is going to do this week. Just what the Dolphins are good at. RT will throw 3 or 4 TD’s, the defence will come away with a pick 6 and another couple of INTs but give up 500 yards and 30 pts but somehow the team will pull a rabbit out of the hat and win the game. And we will think ” mmmm maybe ?

  18. I’m no Tannehill apologist, it’s time to move on. Tannehill is a tough SOB who’s heart can never be questioned.. With that being said… I am not sure the guy ever stood a chance.. First he had Philbin/Sherman with no offensive line, followed by Philbin/Lazor with no offensive line, then comes Gase with no offensive line and his “genius” play calling. The way he started this season I thought he had finally found himself, the injury to his shoulder pretty much ended that. I am not sure many QB’s could’ve made it through the instability this franchise has had the last 10-15 years, it’s time once again to blow it up and start over. Nick Foles is not the answer, Nick Foles has a talented play calling coach that can make up for his shortcomings. If Gase is sticking around, which it appears he is they should go with a Teddy Bridgewater and draft a young guy, they won’t.. They’ll overpay for Foles. This weekend they should be playing Fales or Falk to see if there is anything there, but they won’t.. Gase the know it all and would play Oswieler before he did that. As a lifetime, long suffering Dolphin fan I truly believe the head coach they need to hire is on the staff currently, Darren Rizzi, but this team is too dumb to see that.. Rizzi would bring in coordinators on offense and defense that had a clue, and bring an old school toughness to the Dolphins.

  19. He was a top 10 pick? Is that a joke? When he’s out of a job he can still be best friends with his coach. That’s the only reason he still has a job.

  20. He may have bad pocket presence, may be unable to do pre-snap reads or set protections, may not be able to see the field, and may have no basic quarterback instincts. But the poor guy was thrown to the wolves and never given the opportunity to overcome thsse weaknesses because the offensive line was so bad throughout his tenure that he never had the time to wait for anyone to get open downfield. The morons who don’t think the interior offensive line is important enough to put serious resources into wasted this guy’s career.

  21. Dan Marino right now, in nearly his 60’s could have avoided three of those sacks Tannehill took in the Minnesota game.

    Even when Miami was winning games in 2016, and folks on here were saying “he’s turned the corner!” I was wondering what the hell they were watching, because he was doing things like taking sacks on a bootleg, that terrible throw against Arizona, giving up safeties in three games in a row from not looking when the ball was snapped, or being unable to handle a snap, or just not registering that a free safety on the line is not going to not blitz.

    He’s been making mistakes like that his entire career and people still defend him. Why!?

  22. Monday can’t get here fast enough. That will tell us if the owner will do the right thing for Miami. If not, 2019 will be ground hog day. Bill

  23. Miami fans have factions. Some are loyal no matter what to people like Tannehill and Gase despite results.

    And then there are those whose only loyalty is to the franchise that used to win, and no particular coach or player.

    Tannehill was a 19 game collegiate starter, whose team fell flat his Senior year under his leadership. He then was drafted with absolutely NO competition in place with a HC and OC who knew him best, leading to Philbin wanting Carr. Well Philbin lost that battle.

    Here we are 3 years later, nothing has changed, same excuses from the Tannehill loyalists while alot of us old timers just turn off the tube after watching another national TV blowout and have continued to be disgusted with the fraud Davie puts on the field.

    Miami has not fielded a product worth supporting in decades. Tannehill is just another cog in that god forsaken wheel of mediocrity.

  24. Awards were given to 4 players last night voted by the teams players. Winners were Howard, Stills, Gore, and you guessed it… Ryan Tannehill.

  25. He’s done…. End of story. They will try to trade him, and when they fail, they will cut him. However, nothing will change with this team until Ross sells and they get some people in place that actually know how to run a a football team and how to draft talent. Being a life long Miami fan it is sickening to see what a punchline this team has become..

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