Todd Gurley had a knee issue after Week One, too

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With Rams running back Todd Gurley recovering from inflammation in his left knee, inflammation that could cause him to miss a second straight game, he admitted to reporters on Thursday that he previously dealt with similar knee issues after the first game of the regular season.

“Felt like sh-t,” Gurley told reporters about the condition of the knee, which sustained a torn ACL more than four years ago, after the Raiders game.

“It was bad. I was contemplating on giving the Rams back their money and everything,” he added with a laugh. “It was bad. It was real bad.”

But he said that it recovered quickly then. This time, it hasn’t.

“I came back in on Wednesday [after the] Oakland game and was like, ‘Oh, I’m back, right?'” Gurley said. “But, unlike this one, it was more like I got better on Wednesday, but then it was just like slowly like progressing. It was different, but the pain was like kind of the same type.”

Gurley said that the most recent injury didn’t happen in a precise moment.

“It wasn’t like a specific play, like play three or something like that where I felt like a pop,” Gurley said. “It was just, [I] came back on the sidelines and just you can tell when something doesn’t feel right, you know your body. . . . Obviously, kind of went back in the game and played. Did what I could do and then just kind of dealt with the consequences the next day.”

Those consequences have lingered, to the point where he missed the Week 16 game against the Cardinals and could miss the Week 17 game against the 49ers. And it’s a condition that will hover over the team’s postseason games, however many they have.

They likely won’t have many if Gurley isn’t able to play at his normal level and capacity.

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