Vegas sports books making more money than ever on football bets

Getty Images

Gamblers are losing more money betting on football in Las Vegas this season than they did last season.

Nevada sports books came out ahead by $18.4 million on football bets, and $8.7 million ahead on bets on all other sports, in November of this year, according to David Payne Purdum of ESPN. The sports books are expected to set all-time records for amount wagered and amount won this year.

There was some talk, when sports gambling was legalized in other states this year, that Nevada casinos could suffer as a result. But that hasn’t happened. People are still betting and losing big money in Vegas casinos. If anyone has suffered as a result of legalized sports gambling elsewhere, it’s likely the illegal bookies in other states who now have legal competition.

And, of course, casinos making more money means bettors losing more money.