Week 17 stakes are very high for the Rams

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A month ago, the Rams seemed to be coasting toward the top seed in the NFC, after securing a 54-51 win over the Chiefs in one of the best regular-season games of all time. Since then, the Rams have won two and lost two, and they now are only one loss away from putting themselves in a very difficult position for the playoffs.

While the Rams have won the NFC West and will play at least one postseason game at home, their Week 17 finale against the 49ers carries with it very high stakes. If the Rams beat the 49ers, the Rams will secure the No. 2 seed and the first-round bye that goes along with it. If the Rams lose to the 49ers, and if the Bears beat the Vikings, the Rans will fall to the No. 3 seed.

And here’s what that will mean, assuming the Eagles beat Washington: The Rams will face the Eagles in the wild-card round. If the Rams win, they’ll return to Soldier Field for the divisional round.

The Rams lost both to the Eagles at home and the Bears on the road in consecutive weeks earlier this month. Obviously, then, the Rams won’t want that path to a possible rematch with a team that beat the Rams in New Orleans.

Ruminate on that one for a second. The Rams have lost only three games all year, to the Saints, Bears, and Eagles. Lose to the 49ers on Sunday, and the Rams could be facing all three teams again, on the very fields where the three prior L.A. losses occurred.

So, yes, the Rams have every reason to empty the tank in order to beat the 49ers. The 49ers, in turn, will have every reason to try to take out their division rivals.

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  1. The Saints laid a blueprint on how they can be beaten. Double team Donald on offense. Keep Girley to 68 rushing yards (the Saints do have a good rush defense). Match their passing yards with a mix of rushing/passing yards. They had nearly the same total yards and one turnover each. Saints controlled the field of position better and only had 2 penalties to the Ram’s 4. Home field advantage can’t be qualitatively measured but I’m sure it helped the Saints.

  2. “If the Rams beat the 49ers”?
    I’d say thats highly likely.
    But it would be cool to see Nick Mullins have a great game and win.
    That would be an interesting situation for the 49ers, Garoppolo and Mullins.

  3. Fortunately Vegas already tipped their hand on this one…follow me here…The Vikings/Bears line gives it away…There’s no way a Bears team playing to win would be underdogs to a fringe playoff team at best…yet the Vikes are favored by 4.5 in Vegas…this anomaly coupled with reports that Nagy would rest starters if the Rams took a big lead vs the 49ers…shows Vegas knows the Rams are about to destroy the 40whiners…Predictably the public has bet heavy on the Bears plus the points…and the Bears may still cover the spread…don’t get me wrong…Captain Kirk shrinks in these moments…but that bogus Vikings line is Vegas hoping they can capitalize and the Vikings steal a spread they shouldn’t and bettors take a sucker bet…Rams win big folks!!! Expect an MVP caliber performance from Aaron Donald who will probably be resting in the final Qtr…

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