Dirk Koetter begins to say his Tampa farewells

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On Sunday, Buccaneers coach Dirk Koetter will finish his third — and likely his last — season as an NFL head coach, with the Buccaneers. Via JoeBucsFan.com, Koetter spent time at the end of his weekly Friday night radio show bidding farewell to Tampa fans.

Whether I’m here or not, I’m always going to be a Buc fan,” Koetter said. He acted as if he doesn’t know what will come next, even though most can sense it.

“I’m sure next week we’re going to find out what’s going to happen moving forward,” Koetter said. “I’d love to get another year. . .  I also understand the business side of it. We hope we’ll have that opportunity. . . . That’s something that will be decided by ownership.”

Ownership likely has made the decision already, with those thousands of empty seats surely a major factor in the process. The Bucs made a late season playoff push under Koetter in 2016, winning five games in a row. As noted by JoeBucsFan.com, Tampa has won only 11 of 34 games since then.

It’s unclear what they’ll precisely do going forward. It’s becoming abundantly clear that they’ll be doing it without Koetter as the coach.

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  1. Koetter had some creative offensive concepts. And he could design and implement a sophisticated passing attack. But he never put a competent defense on the field. In the end, Dirk is better suited, like the Norv Turners of the world, to serve as offensive coordinators, not head coaches. Probably best for Tampa to move on.

  2. Crazy as it sounds, unless they have a candidate in mind I’d keep him on another year. The list of head coach candidates is not inspiring this season. When Mike McCarthy and Jim Caldwell are the big fish in the pond… keep out of the water.

  3. Don’t worry, Dirk. The next guy will be making the same ‘goodbye’ speech 2 years from this week. What is it with the entire state of Florida that can’t produce an even average college or pro football team? Although, aside from like 2 beaches the entire state is a complete dumpster fire so that doesn’t help. I mean, even Disney ‘World’ completely sucks in comparison to Disneyland!

  4. Sounds more like overzealous reporters that are always wishing to write about turmoil and advocating that coaches get fired when it is none of their business.

    Not much news stories lately, it is the opinions of reporter’s that is all that matters now.

  5. Honestly Dirk is getting released on humanitarian grounds. The attendance has been horrible for over 10 years straight, kinda coincides with the owner(s) being the 2nd worst in the NFL, doesn’t it?

  6. As with any lead position, a person can either do it or not. They may believe it themselves until it’s time to apply, then it doesn’t work out. It does not mean that person is terrible, they’re just not ready for that position. At some point they may be or the may not. He gave the GM and owners a convincing story and portfolio. It didn’t work, move on.

  7. Dirk will go back to college ball. Wait, he sucked there too. Herm Edwards has already done a better job at Arizona State than Dirk did.

  8. The most interesting scenario Would be, If they kept Koetter and gave him an actual QB that can read defenses, go through his progressions and get the ball out quickly…
    So much overthrowing and underthrowing receivers, they must have amazing receivers…
    They did not have a top offense because of JW but rather in spite of him!

  9. Edward Halverson says:
    December 28, 2018 at 8:19 pm
    Winston is the problem with the Bucs.

    Get rid of him, and things will get better


    bucs havent made playoffs since 07. winstons been a buc since 2015. the problems deeper than just jameis winston.

  10. We never had a top 5 offense and now we do. I can see them changing coaches and going back to middle of the pack offense and low rated defense once again. The new staff will dump players and do it his way. 2 years from now we will be doing it all over. This won’t ever stop until the Glazer boys realize they need a real football guy running the show. I’m not looking forward to the offseason

  11. This guy stinks. He’s had more than an opportunity to prove himself and he’s proved that he’s not a head coach.

    I’m not saying Ryan Fitzpatrick is anything other than Ryan Fitzpatrick but,


    Your job as a head coach is to foster and milk that and keep it going for as long as humanly possible.

    NOT make him feel like the minute he had two bad games in a row = he’s done, which he did probably due to feeling like, “Winston is terrible, I’m on fire, What else do I have to do to get some leeway here?!?”

    Frankly, I’m not sure that I’ve seen a bigger screw-up coaching wise. Greater Incompetence = yes (HI HUE JACKSON!). Bigger screw-up of quality team and talent and opportune situation = no.

  12. I like Dirk Koetter. I agree Dirk is probably more suited to be an OC, than a HC. The problem with Dirk’s play calling was he was always too conservative. The Bucs weren’t a great team, so in my mind you have to be more creative in your approach, and take a few chances. Dirk wouldn’t, and everybody saw the W-L results. As the season progressed, fans stop coming to games. So it became time to move on and find another HC.

  13. Tampa will find a minority coach to head this dumpster fire….once the team starts to become a wee bit stable they’ll fire the minority coach for the great white hope guy. Dungy – Gruden , Lovie – Koetter. What did Lovie do to get fired? They said they didn’t want Koetter to leave for another job….they wanted him to develop Winston. Lol. Karma.

  14. dfwhawkguy says:
    December 28, 2018 at 8:09 pm
    What is it with the entire state of Florida that can’t produce an even average college or pro football team?

    I don’t know, since 2000, Florida has 4 national championships (Miami 2001, Florida 2006, 2008, and FSU in 2013) 5 if you include UCF lol.

    The Bucs won in 2002 but yeah, most pro teams in the state have been pretty bad.

    You could theoretically say the same thing for Texas (only national champions was Texas in 2005) both NFL teams only with a handful of playoffs.

    You could say the same about California too. The only national champions were USC (2003, 2004) no Super Bowl wins and only the 49ers were any good.

  15. I’m not sure why the folks in Tampa were so quick to get rid of Lovie Smith. Sure he had his share of bad decisions (all coaches do, even the great ones), but he was instrumental in turning around the franchise, mainly due to his ability to lead men. Dirk Koetter may have been a good offensive Xs & Os guy but doesn’t know his elbow from his bum when it comes to leading a professional football team, which was clearly evident with his indesicive usage (and quite frankly mismanagement) of the most critical position for the team.

  16. toZ SPORTS NETWORK: What do records in yards and TD matter if Fitzpatrick throws INT”S all over the place and doesn’t have the pedigree to win games. That’s been his career in a nutshell. He doesn’t know how to win games!!!

  17. sportoficionado says:
    December 29, 2018 at 8:54 am
    I’m not sure why the folks in Tampa were so quick to get rid of Lovie Smith. Sure he had his share of bad decisions (all coaches do, even the great ones), but he was instrumental in turning around the franchise…
    Yes, because getting rid of the best defender from the year prior (Revis), bringing in a bunch of back ups and paying them to be starters, somehow taking a 4-12 team and doing WORSE with them to where they had the worst record in football (2-14), then only getting a 4 game improvement the next season where they lose 4 straight down the stretch when they were in prime position to get a playoff spot is a sign of “turning the franchise around”. Lovie is an old school coach who never adjusted to the times, and was either ignorant or moronic enough to believe that a pure Tampa 2 defense could work when he didn’t have a consistent pass rush or good DBs. He got a reputation as a “good” coach when it was really him getting bailed out by the immense talent he had on defense like Urlacher and Briggs, not because of his scheme. Dude is a bad coach, stop giving him undue praise.

  18. I believe Lovie won 10 games the year he was fired in Tampa. It takes time to turn a team around and the HC is not the sole decision maker on player personnel and most likely did not have a final say on who stayed. You can disagree with my assertion that Lovie was a good coach in Tampa (he took rex grossman to the sb, he is a saint in Chicago), but you cannot deny that Koetter has been an unmitigated disaster as his replacement.

  19. I believe Lovie won 10 games the year he was fired in Tampa.

    Wrong, all you people pining for Lovie Smith, did any of you watch any Bucs games when he was here? He was horrible and his press conferences were even worse. Every week “We are VERY disappointed …”. The only thing that changed was the number over “verys”. Some weeks he would say “We are very, very disappointed ..”.

    The man LOST 10 games or more each of his seasons here. He NEVER won 10 games. You’re thinking of Raheem Morris who won 10 games in 2010. The other “very disappointing” thing about Lovie was how horrible his defenses were here. All teams had to do was throw 10 yard slants on every play and Lovie couldn’t stop that. That’s all Cousins did when he led the Redskins to that big come back in that “you like that?” game. Look at Mariota stats in his very first game. That was against Lovie Smith’s Bucs and he was throwing those slants all game long.

  20. Lovie signed a 5yr deal with the Bucs. As he started to retool the team after the Sciano debacle…you fire the guy with 3 yrs left on his deal as the team was improving….AFTER finally getting a semblance of a franchise QB. Lovie never had a legitimate chance.

  21. Another reason Lovie had to go is that he couldn’t make a half time or in game adjustment to save his life! New HC, new GM, new QB, some new OL, new defensive secondary are my New Year’s wish.

  22. Lovie is considered a saint in Chicago?

    He has a system. No matter who is on the team he MAKES them fit the system.

    He got to a Super Bowl in Chicago based on Riveras defense..then he let him walk away
    Actually fired him ( refused to offer him a new contract)

    He hangs on with average players and lets great ones walk away.

    Those who still think he was a good coach never actually watched a game he coached. Or are clueless in evaluation.

    The problem in Tampa is the GM. He has been horrible. And The guy before him was even worse.
    Someone in the comments said they need a real football guy running the team.
    They are exactly right.

  23. I was wrong on the ten wins, bucs went 6-10 his last year, I may have been thinking about his last year with the bears. Lovie did not have the same roster his first year with the bucs, however, that schiano had in his final season. It is a fools errand to try and correlate the two. Lovie and the bucs had a good draft, and were turning in the right direction with more pro bowlers in his second and final season than they’ve had since that time. Koetter on the other hand, started with an improved roster plus an all pro wr in mike evans that helped him win 9 games in his first season, but has only won 5 games in the last two seasons. You see the difference in the two situations?

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