Eddie Jackson, Allen Robinson doubtful to face Vikings

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The Bears are set to be without key players on both sides of the ball when they close out the regular season on Sunday.

Head coach Matt Nagy said that safety Eddie Jackson and wide receiver Allen Robinson will both be listed as doubtful for their matchup with the Vikings. Jackson also missed last Sunday’s game with an ankle injury while Robinson has been out of practice with injured ribs.

Nagy said linebacker Aaron Lynch is also unlikely to play against the Vikings due to an elbow injury.

The absences will impact the Bears’ chances of getting a win they need in order to have a chance of moving into the No. 2 spot in the NFC playoffs. They’d also need the Rams to lose to the 49ers, so the result  may wind up being a moot point when all is said and done anyway.

Nagy said this week he’d be keeping an eye on that game and could adjust his plans for who plays based on the Rams’ result. Any further changes to the lineup would likely work against the Eagles, who need a win and a Vikings loss to extend their season.

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  1. If Nagy is talking about “keeping an eye on the Rams game”, which is being played at the same time as his game, then he has zero intention of winning this game.

    His focus should be 100% on the Vikings and he should make sure that is his players main focus. This tells me that this coach isn’t ready for primetime and I would question anyone who has the Bears going deep in the playoffs.

  2. So, if Nagy had played Trubisky against the Giants and they had won that game, and the Bears were 12-3 with the tiebreaker advantage over the Rams, would they even be staring down this scenario this week? I don’t know all the permutations but it’s interesting to at least consider.

  3. One thing us for certain, Nagy is doing a great job so why 2nd guess him. He’s C of the Y. He doesn’t have Rivers a pro bowler & won his division.

  4. Sounds like a head coach who has never coached a team who is going into the playoffs before.

    Can you imagine Belichick saying “I am going to keep an eye on that other game during our game, and that may change who I play or don’t play in the game.”

    Would not happen.

  5. Sheesh, who knows what Nagy really means — the only thing any fan can be certain of when a coach speaks to the media is that their lips are moving. Well, except Belichick, you can never even tell if his lips are moving. . . . .

  6. Once again, nobody is letting anybody into the playoffs. A team either wins enough games to be top 6, or they don’t. All games count evenly. If the Vikings win, they have earned their spot. If the Vikings lose and Philly loses, the Vikings will have earned their spot. If Philly gets in, they will have earned their spot.

  7. If a team sits its starters, the opposing team is fortunate, but they really aren’t earning a win. If you’re arm wrestling and your opponent just relaxes his arm from the start and lets you pin him, have you really earned it? When Brett Favre went down to give Strahan the sack record, did Strahan really earn that final sack like the others?

    All games do count evenly, and a win is a win, but there are certain things that affect the conditions of that win-such as cheating to get an unfair advantage. During the rest of the season, everyone puts their best out on the field to give themselves the best possibility to win. Week 17 is unique in that some teams rest starters when their is no benefit to playing them. Nobody seems to do that in the playoffs. I wonder why?

  8. Could it be possible that Nagy will take his foot off the pedal and still have the Vikings lose this game? With the Vikings, anything is possible especially when it comes to losing in the playoffs or losing the last game to eliminate your team from the playoffs (anybody remember a 4th and 29 vs the last place Cardinals a number of years ago when a journeyman QB throw a dart into the end zone and eliminated the Vikings? Good times)

  9. @whatjust

    Yes, it is very possible that the Vikings still lose the game.

    I just am stating that this is a look of amateur hour by Nagy in the way he is handling going for a possible #2 seed and bye week.

    The head coach should have his team and himself 100% focused about taking care of their own business. You NEVER focus at all on things you can’t control. Good lesson for football and life.

  10. Why are packers fans so concerned with this game? Don’t they have a big game with the lions and a coach to hire?

  11. @whatjusthappened:

    I remember that 4th and 25. Definitely an career making play for Nate Pool and McCown and of course the push out rule has subsequently changed. Exciting play for the NFL though!

    But it’s rather ironic that you, a Packers fan, brings that up since two weeks later your lads allowed Philly to convert a 4th and 26th in the playoff game that they would go on to win.

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