Jim Harbaugh on contact from NFL teams: I don’t really have representatives

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The two coaches who will be leading their teams into the Peach Bowl in Atlanta on Saturday held a press conference on Friday morning.

The questions for University of Florida coach Dan Mullen and University of Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh covered who would be available to play in the game, strategic matters and other things common to such gatherings. As you’d probably expect if you’re a follower of this site, Harbaugh also fielded a question about whether he or his representatives have been contacted by NFL teams.

“I don’t really have any representatives,” Harbaugh said, via multiple reporters.

Harbaugh didn’t have anything else to add to that answer.

PFT has reported that the Jets plan to make a run at Harbaugh, who was the 49ers head coach for four seasons before heading to his alma mater. The Jets, who haven’t dismissed Todd Bowles, denied having interest, and Harbaugh said before the PFT report that he plans to remain at Michigan.

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  1. ” The Jets, who haven’t dismissed Todd Bowles, denied having interest…”

    Given that the duplicitous Jets have a history of tampering with players and coaches it’s amusing to think they are concerned with the appearance of courting Bowles replacement before they go through the formality of firing him. It’s hard to believe Lombardi, Walsh or Belichick could have done much better with that roster than Bowles did. The coach isn’t the Jets issue, the fish rots from the head.

  2. good thing is most NFL coaches won’t steam roll your antiquated and un prepared teams like ohio st did

  3. If you notice he didn’t deny any contact. I still believe he already has a deal done with someone.

  4. That was a pretty good answer Jim gave.
    Put the onus back on the questioner by destroying their premise.

    BTW, this is typical Jim. People think he’s eccentric an weird, but he’s actually pretty good at telling the press to stuff it.

  5. I’m baffled at the NFL salivating over Harbaugh. He went to one Super Bowl and lost. His teams were regressing not getting better. He can’t beat Ohio State despite all of the hype.

    Yet, he would be the prize over a Super Bowl winning coach like McCarthy? I don’t get that at all.

  6. “… he’s actually pretty good at telling the press to stuff it”
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Actually… harbaugh is pretty good with all media.

    A mediocre college coach in relation to his consistently good recruiting.

    Failed out of S.F. and re-branded with new Woody Hayes glasses
    as the hardnose throwback BIG 10 coach.

    Not a dumb guy… but… not as smart as he thinks he is.

    Good talker… but… not a good poker player when confronted.
    His fear radiates from his beady eyes and well-practiced faux-detachment.

  7. I don’t think it’s the NFL per se who is salivating over Harbaugh, maybe a team or two.
    No, it’s the media who is salivating over Jim in the NFL.
    And it’s easy to see why: he’ll be a lot more fun in the NFL than he is at Michigan.

  8. doctorrustbelt , THE Ohio State University that gave us Zach Smith and Urban the Enabler resigning in disgrace .


  9. Jim Harbaugh is an awesome coach and an even better person. Watch his Michigan team play. Every one of his players goes 100% on every down. He took over a 49ers team that was expected to be the worst team in the NFL and he coached them to the championship game. The following year he went to the super bowl with Colin Kaepernick, and Kap hadn’t even started 10 games. Now Michigan has returned to the top of the college football ranks. NFL teams should be offering him at least $15 million per year, and Michigan should pay more to keep him.

  10. Really before Jimbo the Niners were awful. With him they go to the SB, a non call PI, and make multiple NFCCG. He leaves and they go right back to being awful. He’s obviously good at coaching.

  11. Just a terrible human being and I felt this way long before he started coaching Michigan. Hell I felt this way even before he tried to fight my NFL team’s coach at midfield after a game. The there’s the fact that he consistently has top five recruiting classes and underachieves every year. He’s making something like 9 million a year and hasn’t even won a Big Ten east divisional title

  12. jim harbaugh S.F. draft picks:

    – aldon smith
    – colin kaepernick
    – chris culliver
    – bruce miller
    – eric reid

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