Matt Patricia says Lions are committed to Matthew Stafford

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Lions head coach Matt Patricia says he sees no changes coming at the quarterback position.

Matthew Stafford is the Lions’ franchise quarterback and will remain the Lions’ franchise quarterback, Patricia said today.

“We’re in a situation where Matt Stafford‘s our quarterback. That’s what it is. I think the world of the guy,” Patricia said.

Stafford has struggled through a bad season, and is poised to finish with his first season with less than 4,000 passing yards of any full season of his career. That has raised many questions about whether Stafford really ought to be the quarterback going forward.

But realistically, there’s no way out of the enormous contract the Lions gave Stafford a year and a half ago. The Lions are stuck with Stafford in 2019. Patricia says he embraces that.

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  1. Matthew Stafford is not the Lions problem. The unbalanced offense and terrible defense is the Lions problem. Stafford puts up great numbers but he’d be better and more efficient with a good running game to help him out.

    I feel the same way about my Eagles. Carson Wentz isn’t the problem. A lack of running game and a leaky secondary is.

  2. This just in: a QB guaranteed +$19 million next year if he is cut will remain with the team that guaranteed him the money.

    Jim Bob can start packing though.

  3. Patricia kinda stating the obvious.
    Course, maybe the purpose was to show the world he’s on board with ownership, given his recent sit-down, and the perception his future is precarious.

    Or maybe he just really loves Stafford.
    Yeah, that must be it.

  4. We’ll find out in the next week if the Lions are committed to Matt Patricia.

  5. A guy I know in Detroit who watches a lot of Lions practices
    said he always makes an awkward reflex toward money in his wallet
    whenever homeless-looking Matt Patricia walks towards him in the autograph line.

  6. Stafford is exactly why the Lions are pathetic. He melts in big situations and gathers his stats like a motorist driving behind an armored truck with an open door with bags falling out.

  7. The Lions are in much the same situation the Bears were after they signed Jay Cutler to his ill-advised extension. As with Cutler, Stafford’s contract, age, and W-L record guarantee the Lions will not find a trade partner for him, nor can they afford to cut him outright. As other commenters said, the Lions are stuck with him so the coaching staff had best figure out a way to make it work.

  8. Matt Stafford will be joining Aaron Rodgers for playoff viewing from the couch.

    The Packers still suck.

  9. no qb has done less & avoided more criticism than stafford. i cringe when “experts” call him elite. really?

  10. With both the Lions and the Dolphins quarterbacks underachieving they should trade Stafford for Tannehill.

  11. Other than Calvin Johnson name a Lions receiver
    who played with Matt Stafford that you would want as your #1 wr.

    LOL… it’s all Matt Stafford’s fault!!!

  12. The problem is not Stafford, it’s mediocrity with personnel management.

    They need a better better running backs and receivers. 2 poor drafts in 5 years without a few great free agent signings will doom the team to mediocrity. Every draft has got to be spot on. The 2018 draft was okay.

  13. The question for those trashing this affirmation of Stafford by Patricia is exactly what QB that will be available will be better? The college QBs this year don’t exactly have scouts drooling, and the potential free agent NFL QBs (Flacco, Tannehill, Bridgewater, etc.) aren’t all that exciting. Get Stafford a new O-line coach and another WR, and he will be back over 4,000 yds in no time.

  14. You could give Stafford Terrell Owens, Jerry Rice, Antonio Brown, and Julio Jones all in their prime and he would still go 8-8. Winners know how to win, losers find a way to choke…..time and time again, over and over.

  15. Patricia: “We’re in a situation where Matt Stafford‘s our quarterback. That’s what it is.”
    Very telling when you break it down: “we’re in a situation”, “that’s what it is”. As he spoke he realized, by admitting they’re stuck with Staffy, he was sounding like he was unhappy about it. But adding “I think the world of the guy,” is not the same as saying “I think he’s a great QB”. Clearly he doesn’t rate Stafford else he would never even have said the first part he would have instead scoffed at the notion of changing the QB.

  16. doctorrustbelt says:
    December 28, 2018 at 12:20 pm
    Other than Calvin Johnson name a Lions receiver
    who played with Matt Stafford that you would want as your #1 wr.
    I can’t name any WR’s for the Patriots over the past number of years either.

  17. doctorrustbelt says:
    December 28, 2018 at 12:20 pm
    Other than Calvin Johnson name a Lions receiver
    who played with Matt Stafford that you would want as your #1 wr.

    LOL… it’s all Matt Stafford’s fault!!!


    Are you saying that having one of the best WRs of his generation for six seasons is an excuse for the lack of success? Also, no one said it’s all his fault, but he’s paid elite money and his QB rating ranks 14th among active QBs. That’s a terrible return on investment and you know it.

  18. Stafford is garbage, always has been. Every year it’s the same lame Stafford. He makes Jay cutler , tannehill, eli manning and every mediocre qb look like hall of famers. Lions should’ve drafted a franchise qb in the first round five years ago. As long as Stafford is on the lions, they’ll never make the playoffs and will never win a superbowl that’s for sure. Every year he’s getting worse. What an embarrassment for the lions. The gm should be fired along with Stafford. Eat up the money he’s owed and move on if you want to change losing culture.

  19. You’re a franchise QB when you’re 21 or 23 not 31. At 31 you’re just a QB. And the HC doesn’t decide if he stays or goes that’s the other guy who does that.

  20. Stafford’s a decent QB, he’s a slightly better QB than Cousin with my Vikings. If Stafford had even remotely a decent team around him they’d be a playoff team.

  21. They traded away Tate and everybody else got hurt. Stafford was bound to have an off year, and if you’re gonna have an off year, may as well harvest a TOP 5 pick in the process. Just lose this week to the Packers and we are good to go! Will be a different team next year baby with Kerryon back and hopefully and impact pass rusher via draft or free agency, heck maybe even bring Tate back if the price is right in FA! Lang, Glover Quinn, ziggy ansah coming off the books we will have some serious cap space.

  22. If your guaranteed to receive loads of bogus pass interference calls
    from corrupt, lopsided nfl officiating.

    Then… you don’t need a solid #1 wr (ESPECIALLY when you HAD an All-Pro TE).

    FACT: Having only one respectable wide receiver and no tight ends
    makes it easier for defenses to defend against

    6 seasons out of 10… Stafford has had crappy protection, too!!!

  23. Delusional fanboys make excuses. Every year is an off year for Stafford. All he does is rack up garbage time stats but never has been a winner, never. Worst qb for the money. I’ll take cutler or any other 31 qbs. I’ll take my chances with a rookie. Can’t do any worse. Look at all the teams that are doing good with new rookie qbs. Only an idiot gm would keep a garbage qb year in and year out and expect different results. Stafford is who he’s always been. A bad mediocre qb that chokes in big games and chokes against bad teams too. He’s just plain awful and that won’t ever change.

  24. Patricia has no problems with sitting upright at the dinner table. He took a mediocre team and made them worse.

  25. Stafford almost never has a clean pocket. No pocket quarterback is going to thrive under constant duress. If he was a running QB then that might help disguise the bad OL play a bit. The fact that they can hardly run the ball, either, is further evidence that the problem is not at the skill positions, but on the line.

    On the other side of the ball, the defense is just meh. Nobody’s afraid of them. They’re not the worst but they’re not good, either.

  26. Ownership is the one constant throughout decades of mediocrity. They kept Matt Millennial for ten years!

    That being said we see repeated bad decisions and errant throws even with good protection.

    Even Peyton had to say he stares at his primary Target and doesn’t go through progressions well.

  27. Stafford is a good, though not great, QB. But in the NFL, you can win a lot of games with a good QB. Even in a down year, Stafford is better than half the starters in the league.

    He needs a better supporting cast to become a consistent winner. Get a working running game and better pass protection and the Lions offense can be very good.

  28. Imagine if Tom Brady and Peyton Manning had Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate. Stafford is average, but not elite. Every great WR/TE Brady gets, such as Josh Gordon, Gronk, or Randy Moss, either gets injured, gets suspended, or leaves the team after a few seasons. At least Peyton had Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne for a long time.

  29. “Matthew Stafford has proven he isn’t an elite quarterback in the NFL. He’s been in the league 10 years and only played in 3 playoff games.”

    Isn’t football a TEAM sport?

  30. the lions are one good lineman and one good pass-rushing linebacker away from the playoffs;

    that is all the Bears (Mack and that OG) and the Vikings (Barr and their OC) have on them;

    sure, Rhodes is elite, but the Bears will be exposed in the playoffs for having no defensive backfield, an average QB and no wide receivers, just like the Lions, yet they won the division;

    Patricia and Quinn know this, so will go after that LB from Kentucky or someone very like him in the first two rounds and a premier offensive lineman in the other;

    WR gems can be found in almost any round, just like they did Golladay—as good defensive backs can be;

    the Legion of Boom was built from choices in the back end of the draft;

    the Lions can also pick up another top-tier cornerback in FA just as Jacksonville, NE, Baltimore and Houston did;

    these three moves are all that separate this same exact Lions roster from being a playoff team in this age of basketball-high scoring, moving pick, touch football parody in the NFL;

  31. What a way for Stafford to end the season. Playing pitch and catch against the Packers backfield with discernible pass rush coming at him. The guy will look like a Hall of Famer on Sunday … and it ticks me off to NO end to be typing this.

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