Matthew Stafford not as firm with Jim Bob Cooter endorsement this year

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If Matt Patricia keeps his job in Detroit after a disappointing rookie season (and they should make him wait 45 minutes to tell him), there figures to be a significant degree of change around him.

And while Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford has been willing to lobby for offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter in the past, he was more circumspect this time through.

I’ve always enjoyed working with Jim Bob,” Stafford said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “I think he’s a smart coach. I’ve had a lot of success under him. We’ve scored a bunch of points and done a lot of really good things under him.”

He would not say what he’d tell Patricia if his boss asked his opinion, saying: “He hasn’t asked me.”

Stafford probably loves Cooter just as much as he always has, but he may just see the writing on the wall.

Unless he throws for 490 yards against the Packers, he’ll finish under 4,000 yards for the first time since 2010. He has 19 touchdowns, 10 off last year’s total, and is averaging 6.7 yards per pass attempt, his worst number in that category since 2012.

“We just haven’t made as many big plays,” Stafford said. “I think that’s a big part of it. Just haven’t done a good enough job executing in the passing game for me. I can always play better and can find ways to be better for sure.”

They didn’t do Stafford or Cooter any favors by trading wide receiver Golden Tate, and then most of the rest of the Lions playmakers got hurt. But faced with another offseason, Stafford isn’t pushing as hard for Cooter as he was a year ago.

9 responses to “Matthew Stafford not as firm with Jim Bob Cooter endorsement this year

  1. There is precedence for firing a coach after one year, Tennessee did it to Ken Wisenhunt, and the Lions should as well.

    Nothing this coach has shown, and I mean absolutely nothing, leads anyone here other than Lions’ slappys to believe he is a professional football head coach.

    This year was a leap back in time to the Millen era, where the coaches were a sideshow and wins were scarce.

    This man was supposed to take us to the next level, where 9 – 7 “just wasn’t good enough”. But instead, we’ve become the laughing stock again, unable to win under almost any scenario (Cam Newton missed a wide open receiver on a 2 point try or we’d be 4 – 11 right now) and spotted at last week’s game were fans wearing bags over their heads. What??

    For the love of God, get rid of this guy and move on. We saw the signs in the pre-season and our worst fears were realized during the season; his game management is awful, his offense puts you to sleep, and his defense is atrocious. What more do you need to see?

  2. As the norm in Detroit No Running game development..Thats on the GM,HC and OC. Signing Blount who cant outrun my g ma to build a run game around was stupid…but he knew the Patriot way…which does not mean squat when you can’t play anymore….The OC has never coordinated a run game so he is going to revert to what he knows…Another ex Patriot front office that wont live up to the hype….

  3. It’s not Jim Bob Cooter’s fault Stafford stinks. Cooter isn’t throwing all those terrible INTs. This is just Stafford trying to deflect his terrible play and lack of effort on someone else….while he cashes all those paychecks from that big salary the Lions gave him. In exchange, the Lions get a QB who doesn’t care about winning. He only cares about cashing his ridiculously large paychecks even as he performs like Blake Bortles.

  4. I don’t get NFL GM’s. You fire Jim Caldwell after back to back 9-7 seasons but you’re happy with the slovenly bearded professor and his likely 5-11 season?

  5. A lot of success with Jim Bob? Stafford hasn’t won anything in his career. I guess with 5-6 wins a season the bar for success is pretty low.

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