Which coaching jobs will be vacant after Week 17?

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Several years ago, the shopping nightmare known as Black Friday trickled into Thursday. The same thing has happened with the NFL’s Black Monday; for the most part, the coaching vacancies are known by Sunday night.

This year, two happened during the season (Browns and Packers). The consensus seems to be that four more coaching job will come open as soon as Sunday night: The Jets, Broncos, Buccaneers, and Cardinals.

So with Todd Bowles, Vance Joseph, Dirk Koetter, and Steve Wilks expected to get their walking papers, who will join them?

Maybe no more. Maybe several more. For other teams that may be considering making a coaching change, the biggest question continues to be whether a significant upgrade is available. If not, coaches otherwise in trouble will get another year.

Possible hot spots continue to be Baltimore (if John Harbaugh wants out and if another team makes the Ravens an offer they can’t refuse), Miami (Stephen Ross would possibly make a change only if he thinks he can get John Harbaugh), Cincinnati (if Marvin Lewis doesn’t walk away, Mike Brown likely wouldn’t fire him, since Lewis would be paid to not work in 2019), Jacksonville (Doug Marrone has presided over the disintegration of a Super Bowl contender), Washington (who knows what Daniel Snyder is ever going to do?), Detroit (G.M. Bob Quinn won’t fire Matt Patricia, but what if Martha Firestone Ford decides to fire both of them?), Atlanta (Dan Quinn is believed to be safe), and Carolina (Ron Rivera should be safe, but new owner David Tepper is an unknown quantity at this point).

Then there’s the firing/resignation/retirement that would count as a surprise, one of which seems to happen every year. This year, the surprise would come from, if anywhere, the teams that aren’t currently regarded as potential places for change: New England, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Tennessee, Indianapolis, Houston, Oakland, Kansas City, L.A. Chargers, Philadelphia, Dallas, N.Y. Giants, Minnesota, Chicago, New Orleans, San Francisco, Seattle, and the L.A. Rams.

And here’s the thing to remember, especially with the Browns and Baker Mayfield looking for a new coach. One or more coaches who are gainfully employed and not in danger of being fired may want to move to Cleveland or to Green Bay or to one of the other jobs that will be open. While the specific outcome would be a surprise, the general concept shouldn’t be; both of those jobs should be viewed as very attractive, with Cleveland perhaps being the most attractive vacancy in years.

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  1. Gregg Williams has earned the Browns job but it would be the very Brownsian thing to do to not hire him and completely overhaul the coaching staff. Hopefully Dorsey is smarter than that and keeps Williams and Kitchens.

  2. If Greg Williams somehow gets the permanent job in Cleveland…….teams should leave head coaching job vacant when they fire coaches in season. The guy has failed as a head coach, and there are way better candidates who would love to take over this up and coming team. It would be a total Browns move to go cheap and offer the job to Williams for half the going rate.

  3. I love when people say Cleveland is the most attractive job. They cite Baker Mayfield but clearly don’t remember that RG III had a great rookie year also. They cite the number of high draft picks they got in the past few years and most should improve but just look the Vikings and Eagles this year for an example of supposedly upgraded rosters returning from a playoff year and yet both were big disappointments to their fan bases.

    I think Cleveland is no longer the wasteland that it was when the team went 1-31 but you can’t set the bar any lower than that. Is it the most attractive job in the NFL, that is hardly the foregone conclusion that the press keeps making.

  4. How is Buffalo not firing their coach?

    They greatly over achieved last season, then this year went with essentially nothing but rookie QBs. If you don’t see improvment next year then your question/response is more accurate.

  5. jr4real says:
    December 28, 2018 at 12:59 pm
    How is Buffalo not firing their coach?

    Pretty simple..
    The Bills used the 18′ season to erase the 54 million in dead money that Doug Whaley and Rex buried them with. AALL of the dirty work is done, and 19′ brings new life.
    Zero dead money, 91 million to spend in 19′? A ton of draft choices?
    Yeah, that’s why..

  6. I keep reading these comparisons to RG3? They are not even close, Mayfield is a pocket passer and running is his last choice. When he runs he is looking to get out of bounds or sliding early. Nothing like RG3!

  7. Gregg Williams puts the Browns in an awkward position. By winning percentage, he’s the most successful coach the Browns have had since Marty Schottenheimer. But he’s still Gregg Williams. A guy who not only has failed as a head coach, but has a significant taint on his record as a coordinator.
    If they hire him and he flops, they lose years of a Mayfield’s development. If they don’t hire him and the team regresses next year, they look like fools.

  8. say what you want about McDaniels…..but if he wants a head coaching job he’ll get a head coaching job.

  9. Miami and Jacksonville will likely join them

    All 3 Florida teams are in great need of HC and qb…
    not very promising for anyone in Florida who want to attend NFL games…

  10. “Has presided over the disintegration of a Super Bowl contender” seems a little unfair considering Marrone presided over turning them into a Super Bowl contender in the first place. It’s almost like turning the team into a winner for a year is working against him.

  11. TB and AZ are no brainers. I’d keep the Jets head coach because it appears they have found their QB. Injuries hurt their receiving and running back corp.

    Don’t know if it’s Gase or VP Tannebaum.

  12. Dirk Koetter deserves at least one more year – and with a quarterback not named James CrabLegs Winston…

    If the Bucs then draft a legit quarterback and transition from Fitzmagic to the rookie and they win more games in the second half, they’ll be glad they kept him…

  13. Dallas Cowboys, please hire Tony Romo as head coach. Coach clapper is a dead end. Slightly better than average with a talented roster. Please. This is not so far out there

  14. There aren’t any rumblings of change in Pittsburgh? If they don’t make the playoffs, ownership has to give serious consideration to moving on from Tomlin. He’s good at so much, but fails on some of the most basic things.

  15. Ron Rivera shouldn’t be safe. The only reason to keep him is the unknown factor of hiring a new coach. There isn’t really a plethora of good coaches sitting around to be hired. But that’s not a great reason to keep him.

    Ron isn’t terrible, but he isn’t good either. But I’m ready for the Panthers to move on from him.

  16. Todd Bowles is a good coach. He isn’t the Jets’ problem. Sure, they may want to start anew with a more offensive minded guy to coach up their young QB. That’s understandable. But Bowles is a good coach and will probably get coordinator work right away, if not some HC interviews, also.

  17. Tomlin could be this year’s “surprise” firing.

    Also, would not be surprised if Pittsburgh native, Mike McCarthy, replaced him.

  18. Lewis’ contact in 2019 is a club option. If they want, they can let him walk with no money lost; but given the Bengal’s history, they’ll re-up him if Lewis wants it.

  19. The Bengals have had 3 straight losing seasons, Marvin’s 16 year record hovers at .500, and he’s 0-7 in the playoffs. Only 2 wins at home over the Steelers in 16 seasons. I count 9 times where a “normal” franchise would’ve fired him. We feel hopeless in Cincy though. Worst ownership in professional sports history.

  20. Bountygate isn’t a very big a stain anymore. It happened almost 10 years ago. With the issues that have emerged in the last 10 years like domestic abuse, sexual asssault/harassment, the anthem stuff, more embarrassing stuff able to get out than ever before — Bountygate frankly seems pretty benign.

    It’s like a relic of a time when something like that could rise to the level of scandal. Heck, last year a team quite literally pimped out its non-consenting cheerleaders to rich old guys at a private party, and hardly anyone blinked.

    So when I hear people mention bountygate as a possible obstacle to a head gig for Williams, I just kind of shrug. I think most people are just shrugging. It doesn’t feel like a big deal anymore.

  21. TheDPR says:
    December 28, 2018 at 2:24 pm
    Todd Bowles is a good coach. He isn’t the Jets’ problem. Sure, they may want to start anew with a more offensive minded guy to coach up their young QB. That’s understandable. But Bowles is a good coach and will probably get coordinator work right away, if not some HC interviews, also
    KC will be on line 1 when the Chiefs season is over.

  22. People say Gregg Williams has failed as a head coach and as a coordinator, and thus shouldn’t be hired as the permanent HC in Cleveland. Look – the guy took a broken 3-36-1 team that was, what, 2-5-1 under Hue Jackson for the first half of the season, braced ’em up, imposed some discipline, changed and adjusted things, told them they could win, and lo-and-behold the team responded! Look, I’ve been a Browns fan since Jim Brown was playing. This is about the best seven game run (5-2-0) they’ve had since the reanimation in ’99, and I for one am not willing to toss away the HC that got them here. Williams is far better than any of Jimmy Haslam’s “carefully considered” coaching picks (Rob Chudzinski, Mike Pettine, and Hue Jackson, whose combined record since 2013 is 17-70-1), so I say let’s stick with what’s working, at least for a while. Keep Williams, keep Fred Kitchens as OC, and have a little continuity going into 2019.

  23. Matt Patricia should be first out the door. Horrific job in Detroit, and he’s also showing he doesn’t have the temperament either.

    I don’t know why people are high on McDaniels again. He’s not good. How many times must a New England coordinator fail as a head coach before people realize it’s Belichick making the system work? McDaniels, Mangini, Haley, Patricia, Weiss, Crennel…they’ve all tanked as coaches. Bill O’Brien is the only one to show any promise, and it’s still early for him. McDaniels was terrible in his first head coaching stint. There is no reason to think the second time will be different.

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