Reuben Foster’s arrival sparked business-side changes in Washington

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A fairly small national story has nevertheless become huge news in Washington, with the Christmas week departure of several key business-side employees, including recently-arrived COO Brian Lafemina.

As explained by Thom Loverro of the Washington Times, the firing of Lafemina and three other executives came in the aftermath of complaints registered by Lafemina over last month’s controversial acquisition of linebacker Reuben Foster. The move, reportedly masterminded by team president Bruce Allen, triggered an avalanche of criticism, and Lafemina reportedly communicated to Allen and owner Daniel Snyder concerns that had been communicated by corporate ticketholders. It became, per Loverro, the “tipping point” in a relationship that was otherwise doomed from its inception.

It’s not a surprise, given the clear and obvious influence Allen possesses over Snyder. The hiring of Lafemina led to speculation that Allen could finally be in trouble, and it’s entirely possible that Allen immediately hatched and mobilized a plan to rid himself of this threat to his authority and position.

Allen’s skills as a football executive have consistently resided in a vat of ambiguity; his abilities as a politician are unquestioned. Allen plays to an audience of one, and he plays it well enough to continue to hold his position even as everything about the team crumbles. No playoffs since a one-and-out in 2015, dramatically reduced attendance (Lafemina’s biggest accomplishment may have been ending the chronic lie about a season-ticket waiting list), and a growing sense of apathy in D.C. and irrelevance beyond.

So Allen has now managed to fend off perceived or actual threats in the form of Scot McCloughan and Brian Lafemina. It’s currently believed that Allen will remain in place for at least another year and, as a practical matter, for as long as he can maintain whatever spell he has spun on the one man in D.C. with the power to send Allen packing.

34 responses to “Reuben Foster’s arrival sparked business-side changes in Washington

  1. Next to Snyder himself no one man has done more to DESTROY this team than Allen. He is all fluff and no substance. Yet Snyder, like another “commander in chief,” is so vain and susceptible to flattery Allen’s job is safe as long as he keeps kissing up to the boss. These egomaniac “executive” guys at the top care only about one thing… that their employees are “loyal” to the boss. As long as Allen keeps his nose where it is he’s not going anywhere, and certainly neither is Snyder. The glory days of the Redskins being a relevant team are sadly over. Good thing my wife still has those VHS tapes of all their old Super Bowls. It’s going to be a longggggg time before this organization will ever sniff another SB again. Sadly I think the term “dumpster fire” was originally created to describe this team’s front office and ownership….

  2. Redskins are not gaining any fans by signing and paying Foster. KC cut Hunt. Hunt is better than Foster, so Redskins should pick up Hunt. Their credibility can’t get any worse.

  3. Allen sucks. Dan Snyder sucks. Reuben Foster has some very serious personal issues that far outweigh football. But the idea that Reuben Foster is not a very ,very good football player is outright ridiculous.

  4. the redskins will have colt mccoy next year while this year Kirk Cousins will become the first QB in NFL history with:

    4,000+ yds
    29+ TDs
    < 10 INTs
    70+% Comp

    Let that sink in skins fans!

  5. thatmanstu23 says:
    the idea that Reuben Foster is not a very ,very good football player is outright ridiculous

    Very, very good football players don’t miss 16 games in their 1st two seasons.

  6. Every NFL owner is immensely profitable EVERY year, just with the revenues of TV. Where is the motivation for change. Now danny boy, who is 5 foot 5, needs people around to tell him he is 6 feet, that is his motivation.

  7. Ruben Foster SHOULD have been taken care of by the NFL. Blaming a GM for making a legal NFL move to better his football team is ignorant. He played by the rules (the GM). Foster is the cancer and ownes the multiple female beatings. The nfl made Foster eligible….the GM played by the rules

  8. Redskins are forty games under .500 during Dan Snyder’s ownership. Should the NFL take the franchise away from Snyder? Redskins fans don’t go to the game anymore. FedEx field is the worst field in the NFL. Season ticket holders are fleeing in droves. Perhaps this is the franchise that should be moved to London.

  9. As long as Dan Snyder owns the Washington Professional Football Club they’re doomed to failure … a valiant History is down the toilet!

  10. Allen destroyed a Super Bowl caliber team in Tampa through a series of bad draft picks and horrible free agent signings. As a result of his profound incompetence, Allen was fired by the Bucs. He was then out of the league, radioactive, unwanted by any team until little Danny came a calling because, in a childish fashion, little Danny wanted to relive the glory days of Allen’s father. Predictably, Allen’s tenure has been a disaster in Washington. In 9 years (excudling the McClouughan tenure) he has winning percentage around .378, has never won a playoff game, lost $40 million in cap space due to league infractions, bungled the Cousins situation (should have been signed to a long term contract at a cap friend price years ago OR traded for a bevy of picks) and was part of disaster trades for McNabb, RGIII, and Smith. This track record demonstrates that Snyder couldn’t care less about actually winning — he just wants a little toadie who will stroke his fragile ego (or lost to him to him in racquetball a la Cerrato.) The Redskins are well on their way to be the biggest joke in the NFL — if they aren’t there already.

  11. Bruce Allen and Ernie Grunfeld must get together for drinks often to share photos they have of Dan Snyder and Wizards owner Ted Leonsis performing unimaginable acts with a variety of farm animals. That can be the only explanation for their continued employment.

  12. Good people don’t stay with the Redskins any longer than they have to. If winning football games is the goal of ownership, Snyder is a failure. If having a respected organization is a goal of ownership, Snyder is a failure. If milking every penny out of a historic franchise and loyal fan base is the goal of ownership, Snyder has succeeded thus far.

  13. This article almost put all of the pieces together…
    Allen is good at politics (that was mentioned) and therefore Snyder will keep Allen around until he gets his new stadium deal. Thats what this is all about.

  14. According to the morning show team over at 106.7 The ouster of the business side has given Allen a firm grasp on power. This in turn is bad news for the team and its fan base which will continue to disappear as the team spirals downward. One can only hope the minority owners will step up and do/say something or that outside forces squash any plans the team has for building a new stadium which it obviously has. Maybe these combined factors will save the team but as it stands now anyone owns any type of Redskins merch. should start cataloging and get an eBay account.

  15. Those guys are probably glad to be out of Washington. Talk about a mess. It doesn’t say much about Allen and Snyder though. There’s no wonder that team has gone done the toilet since Snyder bought the team. How in the world did this guy ever make his money because he is clueless about running a team. Jerruh may be an idiot but he cares passionately about winning. Snyder cares passionately about…..who knows.

  16. This is Washington. Sucking up is what it’s all about.
    No matter who. No matter what. No matter how much of your character must be sacrificed.
    Therefore people with no character, no honesty or honorability are not held back by a lack of qualification or ability.
    In fact, they have an advantage.

  17. When people talk about how crazy Jerry Jones is, Washington fans just shake their head becuase they’d take THAT kind of crazy over Snyder’s idiocy any day, all day. Most ruined team in NFL history.

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