Bears start strong in Minnesota

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The Vikings have more to play for than the Bears do, but it hasn’t looked that way early on.

The Bears got off to a strong start today in Minnesota, marching down the field and scoring a touchdown on their opening drive and then forcing the Vikings to punt on Minnesota’s first drive.

Unfortunately for Chicago, the Rams have jumped out to an early 14-0 lead over the Cardinals, and unless the Rams lose, this game is meaningless for the Bears. Also unfortunately for Chicago, wide receiver Anthony Miller re-injured his left shoulder on the first drive.

But in the early going, the Bears are taking it to the Vikings in a game the Vikings desperately want to win.

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  1. “unless the Rams lose, this game is meaningless for the Bears”

    Would the Bears rather play the Vikings, a division rival, a third time or a one-time wonder team led by Nick Foles? I would argue the Bears are motivated to win because it gives them a chance at the latter.

  2. Captain Kirk is 4/6 with 9 yards right now. That’s what an elite QB looks like you Cheeser’s!

    84 million vs. 134 million. That’s what I’d call a bargain. That’s why our GM is the best in the business.

    #youvikethat? #ivikethat!

  3. Vikings gm made the dumbest move in vikings history by getting rid of their best qb since favre, by getting rid of keenum after he helped you get to the nfc championship game and going 13-3 ! You don’t fix what isn’t broken and working good. Now your team is broken down and missing the playoffs thanks to cousins the mediocre turnover machine that shrinks in big games. This is the same team keenum was working with. Zimmer and the gm should be fired for ruining this team at the qb position. Weapons all over the place and cousins can’t do anything with them except when he’s racking up garbage stats in garbage time. I feel bad for the real vikings fans that wanted to keep keenum over that bum cousins. I’m angry too. I was rooting for the vikings with keenum. I was hoping keenum stayed in Minnesota. Zimmer never respected keenum and thought he could improve with cousins. Smh. If I was the owner I’d fire both gm and headcoach right after the game. And pick a franchise qb with the first pick in the draft. The sooner you fix this problem the sooner the vikings can get their rookie qb ready to lead this team to the playoffs and then the Super Bowl the following year after he gets more experience.

  4. once again, i am embarrassed to be a vikings fan. this team doesn’t deserve a playoff spot. they’ll get slaughtered in the playoffs if they somehow comeback to win this game, which is highly unlikely with the vikings offense having 1 3rd down conversion in the half. zimmer and spielman failed this franchise this year. it all comes back to those 2 guys trying to patch an offensive line and going after a QB who can’t come through in big games. simple as that. zimmer is being outcoached by a 1st year coach, again.

    i don’t even know why i bother with this team. serves us fans right for thinking they were good. the reality is, they are NOT a good football team. their defense is fading quickly, and their offense is NOT rallying around cousins like they did with keenum or bridgewater.

    shame on the vikings for this performance this year. shame on cousins for demanding a contract like that and not being able to handle the pressure. because in the end, he is going home with $84 million. i think this offense isn’t inspired to play with this guy. they seemed more inspired with keenum and bridgewater. and i’m also getting tired of Theilan turning into a big time diva receiver. this dude needs to get popped real good.

  5. I just saw Cousin’s yell at a receiver who ran a wrong route.

    Our QB has turned into a diva like Rodgers, SMH.

  6. Ouch! Considering how we give Rodgers grief for “throwing his teammates under the bus” – its hard to watch Cousins. He is out there yelling and blaming everyone, looks tightly wound, even goes after Thielen. I fear the pressure of a guaranteed contract and the expectations are too much for him – he’s not that good, and he knows it. Hopefully, the Bears will lay down in the second half knowing the 2 seed is out of reach and we are an easier first game than the Eagles.

  7. What’s the excuse now!!! $84M? Dam… What a boneheaded move! 8-7-1 = $84M… I don’t know if the glass slipper would fit Case this season but it dam sure wouldn’t have cost $84M.

  8. Obviously all the Vikings offensive struggles are on Flip. Also is there anything better than a QB that can’t win big games trying to teach his two pro bowl receivers how to run routes. Little bit of karma for the purple trolls. I like that.

  9. Even if the Vikings somehow get in they have no chance at Soldier Field. Cousins is an easy target but the O-Line isn’t good enough and the Defense has regressed since last year.

  10. Lol the refs sure are trying to bring the Vikings back. Those aren’t even “missed calls” but rather aggressions b.s on that “holding” on the Bears WR and the “roughing the passer” on Cousins. PLEASE come back and win and come to Chicago!

  11. So the Bears either get Minnesota or Philly with Nate Sudfeld next week. If they win, they go to LA. Watch out for this team.

  12. getadealdonealready says:
    December 30, 2018 at 6:32 pm
    If I’m the Bears I’m letting the Vikings win this as that is the team I want to see next week.


    I would agree 100% But Foles got hurt in Washington, so it's a toss-up but the Vikings have the better defense. BUT YOU KNOW THAT KIRK COUSINS WILL CHOKE!!!!!

  13. Bears are simply better up front than the Vikings. I don’t ever think you lay down. Bears were just a win away from the bye.

  14. Yikes go down hard… but not as hard as da Pack…Ziggy needs 2 fire Slik Rik, Zim must go 2… Kurt Cousin needs 10 seconds or he is inept $84 dollaar QB!

  15. Well Vikings, at least your season lasted 3 hours longer than my Packers. See you for the for sure Super Bowl proclamation when training camp starts.

  16. Well it’s late in the 4th quarter in the Bears-Vikes and Bengals-Steelers games and it looks like the Vikes and Steelers will both be staying at home for the post-season this year!

    The Steelers had to know it was going to be a bad year when the 0-16 Browns(2017) had them on the ropes the entire game and played them to a tie in week 1!

  17. As a 40+ year Vikes fan even I must admit that at this point it looks like this Team is in need of a new Offensive Line, a QB and a new Head Coach. The Team was not prepared to play, never addressed the Offensive Line and the QB cannot read a defense because he is terrified to be back there in passing situations. He refuses to move up in the pocket but even worse is that he cannot read into his 2nd and 3rd options. We unfortunately are in for at least 2 more years of 500 football which by that time will put the Receivers and Defense in need of upgrading. I’m embarrassed to see this team come out so flat and with a total lack of effort, they have been out coached in no less than 3 or 4 games and we have a QB who cannot get the job done when it counts. May seriously be time to see about trading Cousins even if you have to eat a portion of the salary, consider trading Cook for additional draft picks and just start over with a different Head Coach, they cannot win with the Coaches who are in place now. Congrats to the Bears on a wonderful season and even better Coaching job, future is very bright so good luck in the playoffs.

  18. “the Rams have jumped out to an early 14-0 lead over the Cardinals”

    So the Cardinals are the first NFL team to play both the Rams and the Seahawks on the same day at the same time? Very interesting…

  19. Vaunted defense again falls flat in a must win game. Predicted Minnesota dynasty is over after 1 year.
    Are the Vikings the team to beat in the NFC north? Asking for a friend

  20. Honestly there should be no Packers or Lions fans on here with comments, you Teams are a complete mess and in full rebuild mode, did I miss something???? These 2 Teams are absolutely in disarray when considering the existing players and Coaches so yes Vikes Chile again and have problems to address but for these 2 Teams they are 5 years away from being even in the conversation SMH I just do get how they can have any comment other than we suck too, help me understand.

  21. @ beatdownclown,

    Problem with trading Cousins is it’s a terrible era to be “in-need” of a QB, this years draft class is razor thin and the FA market isn’t looking to be much better(other teams trash), so if it were me I wouldn’t trade my QB unless I knew I had his replacement “in-house” already, it’s just to hard to find even an average QB now days! Half the teams in the NFL would get rid of their QB if they thought they could get a better one, that’s SAD and speaks volumes about the quality of QB play in the league right now, the NFL should be worried, very, very worried!

  22. Ok beatdown you are saying Vikings fans have never bumped their gums when they shouldnt have? Seems to me like they have been doing that for 58 years. Worst fans in football whine went they get a dose of their own medicine.

  23. No GM in the WORLD is trading for that contract after watching Kirk Cousins play this season! The Vikings would have to pull a Texans move, but there are no Browns teams that would take Kirk for free unless the Vikings throw in a 1st and a 2nd…

  24. Honestly there should be no Packers or Lions fans on here with comments….

    Why not? From the pre-season signing of Cousins through the entire season the only thing all of football heard from Viking fan’s was how great your defense was, how Cousins was the missing piece of the puzzle and that the multiple Superbowl winning seasons dynasty was about to begin in the land of 10000 flakes. I have news for you; it didn’t happen. Your team failed to win a game with any team that ended up with a winning season. Your team defense choked again in a must win game.
    Granted the Packers are in trouble. Multiple seasons of poor drafts along with injuries (which happen to every team!) proved they have no depth. But the players became complacent with McCarthy and that is why he was left go. The new coach who ever it may be will bring back a competitive spirit in the team. It may not be evident in the first year, but who knows.

  25. filthymcnasty3 says:
    December 30, 2018 at 7:27 pm
    Another successful season in MN, with a lovely partisant ribbon added to the heaping pile.

    So much for winning one for Tony.


    What’s a “partisant?”

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