Bills send Kyle Williams out a winner

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Kyle Williams made his name in the NFL as a defensive tackle, but his last big play on the field came on offense.

Williams came into the game at fullback in the final minutes with the Bills up 42-17 and caught a nine-yard pass from Josh Allen to the delight of a home crowd. That crowd spent the rest of the game serenading the longtime Bills star after he announced on Friday that this would be his final game.

The win leaves the Bills with a 6-10 record and quarterback Josh Allen provided some reasons for hope about better marks in the future. Allen threw three touchdowns and ran for two others, which is something that only 13 other quarterbacks have done in a single game during the Super Bowl era. One of Allen’s touchdown runs was a 30-yarder and that’s the longest scoring run of the year by any quarterback.

There wasn’t much to be hopeful about on the Dolphins side. Ryan Tannehill turned the ball over three times as the offense produced 10 points — Allen also threw an interception that Reshad Jones returned for a touchdown — and the Dolphins’ fight was hard to find after Kiko Alonso touched off a brawl by hitting Allen late.

Word this week in Miami was that the Dolphins are prepared to look for a new starting quarterback and there’s been speculation that they could decide to part ways with executive vice president of football operations Mike Tannenbaum and/or head coach Adam Gase as well. The ugly nature of Sunday’s loss won’t help make anyone’s case for more time, although there was plenty of ugly football to hold against them before the first play in Week 17.

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  1. As a Dolphin fan, I have nothing but the utmost respect for Kyle Williams.

    Been a pleasure watching you go about your business in a professional way.

  2. Wow, what a game. I love Kyle Williams, all he did was bring his lunch bucket to practice every single day. Such a great, great interior lineman. One of my top 5 best defensive players to ever play for Buffalo and I go way, way back. For sure on Wall Of Fame in Bills stadium. Might even be worthy for HOF. He plays DT, not DE, still had a ton of sacks for a DT. Jet’s fans say Klecko should be in, Williams has twice as many sacks. I’m happy for Cleveland fans because Baker Mayfield looks like the real deal to me, they found their QB. But the Bills have found their QB too, I have no doubt about it. All he did today was run for two TD’s and throw for three. Not seen all that much. The future is very bright for Buffalo at the QB position. He needs to work on some of his short throws, but you can see it from this kid. He has all the talent. I would rather have the 17 from Buffalo than the 17 from Miami. And just one more thing on the great Kyle Williams. Believe it or not, was one of the best athletes to every play for Buffalo. Dude was a great swimmer, scratch golfer, and could dunk a basketball at 6-1 at the size he was. So happy the Bills sent him out a winner today. Just a great day for Buffalo and Kyle. Future is bright for Buffalo!!! Thank you Kyle Williams1!!

  3. joetoronto says:
    December 30, 2018 at 4:32 pm
    The team and town has never won a thing and neither has Kyle Williams.

    Just lose baby.


  4. As a Pats fan all I can say is that I am impressed with Josh Allen. This kid is good, and going to get better. Without a doubt he’s the best QB selected in last years draft. Looks like the Jets and Dolphins will be at the bottom of the AFC East for a long long time… Go Pats.

  5. joetoronto says:
    December 30, 2018 at 4:32 pm
    The team and town has never won a thing and neither has Kyle Williams.
    Just lose baby.
    The Maple Laughs won a cup in 1968 when there were 4 teams in the NHL. How tight was your diaper?

  6. A tip of the hat to Kyle Williams – a great way to end your career.
    Hopefully this drubbing by the Bills is end of Gase & his overmatched staff !
    They should ALL be fired before they leave Buffalo & forced to ride a bus back to Miami!
    From the lackadaisical play-calling on Offense to the undisciplined play of the Defense it
    was clear to EVERYONE watching today’s embarrassment that Gase had NO control of this team!

  7. Who’s more dedicated, Kyle Williams as a true professional or JoeT trolling every Bills article? At least Kyle is a class act and added something to the world…Joe how sad if your life…serious question?

  8. Congrats on a great career Kyle!

    So sad that was the last time I will ever get to see him suit up for the Bills. It’s the end of an era in Buffalo.

    You will be missed KW!

  9. Hey Joe, I’d like to extend a friendly invite to you to come tailgating at a Bills game next season. Come hang out and party with us. Lots of great free food and beer. Great, friendly people.

    I am serious. My treat. I’ll walk you around and introduce you to all my fellow season ticket holder friends and some of our more (in)famous tailgate regulars. Guys that have faithfully been at every Bills home game for decades. Come get to know us a bit. I think you’ll have a blast.

    Let me know.

  10. Phins fan and have grown up to dislike the Bills.
    I hated the Phins performance today, but to see a player like Kyle Williams enjoy his last game, at home… That’s what football is all about.
    Congrats on a good career to a fierce competitor.

  11. This was one of the best games I went to. With such happy fans and had the best group of people with me. I don’t remember laughing so much or having such a great game to experience. Perfect day with awesome people. All of the videos of so many players wishing Kyle well during the game was outstanding! So many new and old!! I won 4 tickets from the Bills with a great hat too. I was thankful to be there for his last game – outstanding man and player. Josh is my guy. Was since the draft. Then my daughter won his autographed football from the Bills this season too. Was a great way to end our season and loved all of the nonstop different things they did throughout the game in Kyles honor!!

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