Eli Manning not ready to discuss his future

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Eli Manning went onto the field to take photos with his daughters before the game. He said there was no significance to the moment.

“Ever hear the phrase ‘a happy wife, a happy life’? I think that fits that category,” Manning told reporters after Sunday’s loss to the Cowboys.

It appears Manning will get a chance to make more memories in a Giants uniform. The Giants will keep Manning for next season, PFT reported.

Manning, though, isn’t ready to talk about the future. He said it never crossed his mind that Sunday’s game could be his final game in a Giants jersey, even as fans chanted his name.

“No. You try not to worry about those things,” Manning said. “Just enjoy the moment and enjoy playing football. Enjoy every aspect. That is always your mindset. Playing in games, enjoy the circumstances and the situations. Enjoy the opportunity to go try and win a game. I think you have to always look at the positives and embrace it because you just don’t know.”

Manning had a chance for a memorable finish to this season, with the Giants at their own 48 with 1:05 remaining and in need of a field goal to beat the Cowboys. But Manning threw four incompletions.

He finished 24-of-41 for 301 yards with two touchdowns and an interception.

“This is all I know,” Manning said of his passion to continue playing. “I love coming to practice. I love game planning, getting plays that will work and competing. Winning games, celebrating touchdowns, all of that. All of that is fun. The losses hurt, and they are tough to deal with. They are tougher now than in the past because you know your opportunities are running low to make playoffs and championship runs. When you are not doing as well as you want to, it is tough to handle.”