Jets fire Todd Bowles

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On Monday, Jets CEO Christopher Johnson said, “Todd Bowles is our head coach.”

On Sunday, Jets CEO Christopher Johnson said, “Todd Bowles was our head coach.”

The Jets have announced that Bowles won’t return in 2019. It’s not a surprise.

PFT reported last weekend that the Jets planned to fire Bowles and pursue Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh. The Jets issued a statement attempting to refute that report.

Half of it has come to fruition. Next up is whether the Jets will pursue Harbaugh.

The early buzz is that Bowles, who finishes with a record of 24-40, could resurface in Washington, as the defensive coordinator. He had been a successful defensive coach before joining the Jets.

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  1. Nice man i likes Bowles but I’m sorry the offensive we figured would have their ups and downs but for the defense too constantly suck and underperform it’s not supposed too happen with him being a def guy. Jets need work but we have some pieces. This is a huge offseason for my jets please get it right my sanity is in ur hands

  2. C’mon !!! Why ? Where they gonna find another guy with his pedigree to coach minor league football ? Same goes in Buffalo and Miami

  3. Last year he got a lot more out of the team that most experts were calling the worst in football. This year it always looked rough for him especially starting a rookie at QB, can’t be easy being a losing HC in NY.

  4. Bowles had no QB for the entire time he was a HC. Happens a lot to black coaches. Give them a team and nothing else. Another Rooney rule intentional failure!

  5. He had too go and if macc is in the way get rid of him too. I would keep macc but if he is the reason a top coach won’t want too come in fire his a$$ too

  6. Here’s a news flash… NY football teams are horrible! Hahaha… couldn’t happen to a better fan base. Enjoy the next decade old 5 wins a year for the entire city!

  7. Some places you should turn down when they ask to interview you. Some of these jobs are career killers. The guy is probably as anonymous as a million other coaches in the right situation as evidenced by going 10-6 his first year with a veteran team, but if you work in one of these terrible organizations like the Jets, Bucs, etc., it’s going to be an uphill climb to win consistently since it starts with ownership.

  8. I’d say bring Rex Ryan back but Miami is supposedly talking to him.

    Considering what followed Sexy Rexy in NY and Buffalo, maybe he’s a better coach than given credit for.

    It’s not the coach, it’s higher up in the food chain.

  9. In the end, Mr. Bowles was just a mediocre football coach. It’s not like he knowingly and willingly sold asbestos-filled baby powder for decades. Decades.

  10. I think the GM should be next. They spent a lot of money on guys who have vastly under-performed their contracts. Maybe if the GM has done a better job of getting guys who would help the team they wouldn’t be such a mess. Do you really think Harbaugh is going to agree to coach there with that mess? A coach can only do so much when you have an idiot making personnel decisions.

  11. Bowls was terrible, But why does Mike Maccagnan get a pass? He is the real problem with his horrific drafting. Hackenburg, Devin Smith, ardarius Stewart, laurenzo mauldin, Chad Henson, Dylan Donahue, etc etc. These are all 2nd-4th round picks by Macc that are no longer in the NFL!

    Also giving out huge contracts to Wilkerson and Trumaine johnson, were big mistakes.

    Maccagnan must go.

  12. I am shocked… said nobody! A nice man but not head coach material especially in new york.. he belongs as a defensive coordinator, go back to the desert

  13. stupid jets. why couldn’t you have offered cousins even more money than you did so my stupid team wouldn’t be stuck with him for 2 more years?

  14. Todd didn’t stand a chance with this failed Jets organization! Mike Maccagnan is a joke as GM, he gave Todd no talent to work with at all… Todd never had a serviceable QB! Geno Smith, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Josh McCown, and Darnold nobody is winning with these QBs…

  15. That’s what I’m talkin’ about, LET THE PINK SLIPS FLY!

    No sense in delaying the inevitable and waiting until tomorrow or later, give these guys more time to find a new job………they’re going to need it!

  16. Always seemed to be a gentleman, which was a departure from the last guy they had coaching there. Not sure he had the horses to win with either – when Rex was there, they tried to build a bunch of veterans to try to win now around the QB on a rookie contract, which gives you a finite window until the cap comes back to bite you, and I think Bowles bore a lot of the brunt of that. Now, of course, Bowles is gone and they’ve got about $100m to play with in free agency. They could turn it around decently quickly, if they get an offensive scheme which will help Darnold out, but then, they are the Jets. So we’ll see.

  17. dejal says:
    December 30, 2018 at 9:09 pm
    I’d say bring Rex Ryan back but Miami is supposedly talking to him.

    Considering what followed Sexy Rexy in NY and Buffalo, maybe he’s a better coach than given credit for.

    It’s not the coach, it’s higher up in the food chain.
    A better coach than given credit for?
    Ryan was basically given two very good defenses, and by the time he was fired had turned those defenses to mush.

  18. Take a look at how many are already gone…
    These are openings that were filled after the given season
    Some I’ll mention the grade ranking the quality of the hire at the time)

    2015 New Hires
    Denver – Kubiak, Chicago – Fox, SF – Tomsula, Oak – Del Rio (Grade B-), Jets – Bowles (A), Bills – Ryan (B), Atlanta – Quinn.

    2016 New Hires
    Miami – Gase, Cleveland – Jackson, SF – Kelly, Giants – McAdoo, TB – Koetter, Philly – Pederson (C every hire above was graded better), Tenn – Mularkey.

    2017 New Hires
    Jax – Marrone, DEN – Joseph, Bills – McDermont, Rams – McVay (C), SD – Lynn, SF – Shanahan

    After the rest of the firings from this year, 12/13 of the 20 listed will be gone. Of 7 hires in 2015 only Dan Quinn remains.
    Of 7 hires in 2016 only Pederson and Gase remain and Gase may not make it.

  19. skawh says:
    December 30, 2018 at 9:00 pm

    Bowles had no QB for the entire time he was a HC. Happens a lot to black coaches. Give them a team and nothing else. Another Rooney rule intentional failure!

    >>> So you really believe a team would hire a black HC and then purposely set him up to fail? SERIOUSLY?

    That first statement about Bowles not having a QB, well in case you haven’t noticed there are a whole lot of HCs that don’t have a quality QB, so Bowles wasn’t alone in that room and there’s quite a few white folks too!

    I see a whole lot of manual labor in your future!

  20. Overpromise, underdeliver. Sounds like Joseph, Wilks, Jackson, etc … ya, guys getting head coaching jobs who are grossly underqualified save for that ONE thing that makes them more special than others.

  21. Seems to me he had little to work with, with is more an indictment of the GM, who, perhaps, has to go, too. Probably not the demonstrative type so many think necessary to be a HC.

    He IS a good coach, however. He will be employed in the NFL and I wouldnt pass on him getting another HC gig again though perhaps DC is more immediately likely.

  22. cornhusker44 says:
    December 30, 2018 at 9:50 pm
    Hue Jackson would be a perfect fit.


    that would be the best. i really hope that would happen.

  23. I don’t see Harbaugh going to that sad sack team. The Browns might be the hot job in the NFL, depending on what they do with Williams.

  24. I think Bowles is a very good DC
    But despite that, his Jets defense was very inconsistent
    I do not think as a head coach he was able to manage his assistant coaches well, aside from his first year
    He went through several OCs since his first, and never seemed on the same page
    Same with special team coaches
    The only assistant coach he kept was his DC Kacey Rogers, who …I don’t think is very good It was telling how much better the team played when Rogers was out sick for a few games.

    I will also say-Bowles had very little to work with because the GM is not that good either–it seems his best moves were to get Darnold and free up a lot of cap room. But his drafts have been pretty bad. And this was a poorly constructed team for 2018.

    The tipping point was the blow out loss to the Bills at home. The Head coach is supposed to be good at defense, and…the Bills blew them out with a guy off the street playing QB.

    He often did not have good talent, but he didn’t make the most of what he did have. Far too often team was not well prepared. Also not good at making game day adjustments, clock management…mental mistakes, blown coverages..trying to play Sheldon Richardson at inside linebacker…the team not prepared to face Baker Mayfield when he came in at QB (and been really good..but still-no adjustments in that game…having a OC this year that would have the rookie QB throw back across the middle of the field by design…etc etc.

    He is and will be a great DC again. Head coach? I just don’t know. Hard to say since he was given so little to work with, but…lots of things that are cause for concern for his next job.

    The only good thing is the Jets were turned down by Cousins and got Darnold instead. Who do you think the Vikings would rather have?

  25. To underline my point of the bad ownership groups in the league, look up and down this page. Who are the only two who had to fire their coaches right after the games today and couldn’t wait a day to show a little class, even if both deserved it? Same thing last year with the Raiders when Mark Davis fired Jack Del Rio before he went to his last press conference. It’s subtle stuff, but it reveals why these franchises are in the places they are.

  26. This isn’t surprising. As a life-long Jets fan I had mild expectations at best for Bowles and they weren’t met. He seems like a good guy and I hope he finds his way as DC with another team next season. He wasn’t ever really set up for any real success give the rosters he’s been served, but very few Jets head coaches ever have been.

    I’ve got no idea who I’d want as the next head coach. Jim Harbaugh? Nope, crybaby who bails when things seem to get tough or if he sniffs a better job. John Harbaugh? Sure, but I don’t want to see two high #1 picks blown for him. Mike McCarthy? Too many bonehead decisions were masked by having two of the GOATS behind center his entire tenure. Hue Jackson? I’d rather have Bruce Coslet back. Josh McDaniels? Not after the last former Belichick golden boy burned out as a Jets head coach.

    Either way, I’d like to see them hire someone with long-term potential and not another re-tread. I’d love to see an offensive-minded young head coach who can grow with Sam Darnold; one who would surround himself with a former head coach as a defensive coordinator and another up-and-coming mind at offensive coordinator.

    I’ve got very little hope for the future, like many life-long Jets fans. It’s nice to see that at least Darnold looks legit.

  27. Todd Bowles is a good man and it’s a shame that he had to be a head coach for an organization owned by Woody Johnson.
    I hope he lands on his feet by getting another job soon.

  28. “Happens to black coaches a lot”

    What, you mean they get to keep a job for which they are marginally qualified? So when white coaches fail it’s on them but black coaches are set up to fail.

    Tomlinson & Dungy disagree.

  29. The Steelers need to seriously consider hiring Bowles to replace Butler. Bowles could be the missing piece to fixing that defense and giving the Steelers a few more chances at a Super Bowl before Ben retires.

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