Kiko Alonso, Jordan Mills and Robert Quinn ejected in Buffalo

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The Bills and Dolphins aren’t letting the lack of playoff possibilities keep them from going down swinging this season.

Dolphins linebacker Kiko Alonso touched off a fight in the third quarter of Sunday’s game when he came in late on a sliding Josh Allen. Alonso kicked him in the head in the process and both teams came together to scuffle in the aftermath of the hit.

That scuffle led to Bills right tackle Jordan Mills and Dolphins defensive end Robert Quinn being ejected from the contest as well.

It’s not the first time Alonso has made that kind of play and he notably nailed Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco in a 2017 game, but he was neither ejected nor suspended for that shot.

The actual game has swung back in the Bills’ favor as they scored on their first possession of the third quarter and then forced a Ryan Tannehill fumble on a Shaq Lawson sack that set up another touchdown. It’s now 28-14 in their favor with time running low in the third.

20 responses to “Kiko Alonso, Jordan Mills and Robert Quinn ejected in Buffalo

  1. Undisciplined play. He makes alot of tackles but also gets beat way too much because he is so small. OL swallow him up. He needs to go along with Quinn and the entire coaching staff

  2. Alonso is a dirty player. Anyone that watches dolphins games can easily recognize that. Leads with his head on every play he’s involved in. Trash football player

  3. Now that Suh is in decline Kiko Alonzo has most definitely replaced him as dirtiest player in the NFL…

  4. It was just last year in the final game of the year against BUF, where Jarvis Landry was ejected in his final game as a Phin.

    As for Kiko, the guy was dirty at Oregon, when he played in BUF and his play these past two years has been borderline….trash.

  5. Only the fins can allow a slaughter. Can’t even keep it 35-17. Always gets worse and humiliating. Get rid of this loser regime tomorrow morning first thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Bet you that Gase blames someone for this loss. He will act like he called a great game. The guy is so arrogant with his smart comments and that hat pulled down over his eyes. FIRE THEM ALL!!

  7. No dog in the fight but I would never be sad to see Ole KiKo rolling on the ground in pain some day and missing a year!!

  8. This was hopefully the last “nail” in the coffin for Gase & his staff!
    I hope their ALL fired before the flight back & have to book a bus ride to Miami !
    You would’ve thought he would have stressed the importance of today’s outcome – but in typical Gase fashion we looked like a bunch of undisciplined pee-wee league players!
    And for ALL you Tannehill apologists – HE STINKS !

  9. The NFL has the perfect opportunity to impress the public with its “commitment” to player safety by banning Alonso for at least half of next season. The replays of him imitating a missile aimed at the head of a QB who slid (and almost has his head ripped off – or his cervical spine severed – by another Dolphin during the slide) make it absolutely clear that the players are not listening to the NFL or the coaches like Gase and his staff are not supporting the message that dirty play MUST stop. Make it an investigation of the Dolphin culture (like they did with the “Bountygate” witch hunt in New Orleans). That will make Gase and his staff radioactive and force all staffs to listen to the message coming out of NY.

  10. Bills better enjoy Allen while they can because he is going to get his head taken off. I wanted someone to take him out because he was running amok and I wanted us to win. But for a defender whose livelihood and pride are at at stake the red mist takes over. Only so much you can take I am afraid, they won’t stand for it. A fine or an ejection won’t factor when the red mist falls. Offensive linemen can jump in all they want but it might be to late to protect him. Unless the NFL changes the rules were a QB can’t run beyond the LoS this QB will be seen as fair game to an embarrassed defender. They are football players like everybody else.

  11. The hit was garbage. The disgust with him as he left was loud and I mean loud and clear. The fight to me was justified bc every player knew he was deserving of a quick smack down. Every player was in there and then I looked over and shady was walking away with Josh talking to him. I thought that’s a veteran move to get the young QB out of the entire 30 yards of it!

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