Report: Multiple teams considering making a run at John Harbaugh

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John Harbaugh will coach the Ravens next year. Unless he won’t.

Jay Glazer of FOX reports that multiple teams currently are considering whether to contact the Ravens in an effort to trade, as a practical matter, for the man who has coached the team since 2008.

Glazer didn’t identify any specific teams, but PFT consistently has heard that the Dolphins and Broncos are willing to explore a possible deal.

So what would the Ravens want? No one has attached a specific price tag yet, but there’s chatter that the Ravens will want a pair of first-round picks. Nearly 16 years ago, Tampa Bay gave up two first-round picks, two second-round picks, and $8 million to get Jon Gruden.

Of course, Harbaugh has only one year left on his contract (then again, so did Gruden) — and Peter King has reported that there’s a “real chance” Harbaugh won’t sign a new deal. Which would make him available at no compensation to the Ravens in 2020.

Still, if multiple teams want Harbaugh now, the Ravens could leverage one against the other and maximize their haul. If the Ravens are willing to explore the possibility of flipping Harbaugh’s contract for draft picks.

Given the intense value that the Ravens have placed on draft picks (no one has mastered the compensatory pick formula and process like the Ravens have), don’t be surprised if they ultimately pounce on a chance to make the team better in the long run by moving on from a guy who currently is committed for only one more year.

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  1. Of course, he has to be willing to go to any team that wants him, so whether a team “bids” more doesn’t really determine the matter. Coaches aren’t tradeable like players.

  2. Two first round picks for a good but not great coach? I’m not surprised at some of the teams rumored to be showing interest, they’re run like trains smashing into dumpsters that are fully engulfed in flames.

  3. Harbaugh should reject any trade. Make them pay him for next year and he should not coach anywhere. It should be up to him, not the Ravens where he coaches.

  4. hmmm…. John Harbaugh’s gonna get an up close look at the Browns this afternoon.
    If he isn’t retained by Baltimore, he may give considerable thought to taking over as Cleveland’s head coach. Especially after he witnesses first hand, the Baker Mayfield dismantling of his vaunted Ravens defense…. just sayin’

  5. The fact that this is even a discussion must mean that Harbaugh and the Ravens are not happy with each other so my money is on him leaving sooner than later….

  6. Super unethical but genius move. Get traded for 2 first rounders and walk after a year and take back the ravens job. Use one of those 2 firsts on a QB because Jackson isn’t going to last a year unless they get him throwing more often.

  7. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit for Ross to offer two 1st rd picks –
    He’s clueless when it comes to Football decisions as noted by this dumpster fire of a team!
    Ross doesn’t understand X’s & O’s – he just sees numbers & would not understand the deep
    implications of giving up those 1st rd picks desperately needed when your trying to rebuild a team!
    John Harbaugh is a very good coach & players DO like playing for him, but ask him & I’ll bet he’d rather have those draft picks over the option of free agency.
    I would tell Ross – Tell John NOT to sign the extension – make an offer to coach Miami in 2020 with whatever control he desires (if he can legally do that?) – keep lame duck Gase one more season & we don’t have to waste those 1st rounders!

  8. If a team were interested in him why give up draft picks when you can get him for free next year? It’s not like he’s going to turn around either of those teams next year. Use the draft picks on your team and hire some guy to be a lame duck coach then go after Harbaugh next year. Two first-round picks? Not everyone is as dumb as the Raiders.

  9. Harbaugh won’t go anywhere with just his current contract. The teams may work out a trade but Harbaugh will have to work out a new deal with the new team first. If that doesn’t happen, then he isn’t going anywhere. If the Ravens don’t want him, and he wants to leave, then he’ll have the option of picking his team and making the Ravens work a deal, or they’ll have to fire him and let him go where he wants. Personally, he’s been only a bit above average since their Super Bowl; 49-46. That’s hardly someone I’d give up 2 firsts for.

  10. The magic offensive duo of John and Gary Kubiak awaits in Denver. Gary wants to get back into coaching as an OC and he and John had thing rolling well in Baltimore. Then we just need a top notch DC.

  11. John Harbaugh has only been average since the SuperBowl win because Flacco has been average to slightly below average. My favorite argument is that Joe has no weapons. Neither does Brady but he still gets W’s.

    The true compliment of a coach is if the players play. Once they stop playing for a coach, time to cut bait. His message hasn’t gotten stale yet.

  12. joetoronto says:
    December 30, 2018 at 1:15 pm
    The Ravens would be nuts to let him go.

    24 6 Rate This

    if the browns pull the upset, 4 straight playoffs missed, says otherwise, not to mention horrendous drafts for years and years

    they now have to rebuild which is why he wants out

  13. How has this even gained all this traction? Harbaugh is a very good and well respected coach, but he is no world beater and certainly not worth potential on the field personnel in future draft picks. Are these unreported teams seriously this desperate?

  14. Dolphins’ fan here, HEY, How about taking those 2 first rounders and use them on getting a QB!!! OR, on the offensive line so they MIGHT BLOCK SOMEONE!!! There’s an idea for the club to mull over… You give up 2 1st rounders on a coach and I’M OUT!!!

  15. exinsidetrader says:
    December 30, 2018 at 4:05 pm
    “How many picks will they trade for me now?”
    — J. Gruden
    Probably reverse that to “how many picks do the Raiders need to give up to get shot of me “

  16. It’s funny how expectations of fans are so different. Patriots aren’t happy without at the very least a Super Bowl appearance but if they don’t win it’s still a complete disaster. Ravens are not to pleased if they don’t get into the playoffs and win a game or two and us Dolphins just want the season to be over as quick as possible lol.

  17. Unless Harbaugh’s new team give him an extension, I believe he should say I’m not going to another team. Have him coach next season then he could probably pick his destination.
    I would love to see him at Ohio State !

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