Brandon Beane: I don’t believe LeSean McCoy is done

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The 2019 season was a rough one for Bills running back LeSean McCoy, but that didn’t stop General Manager Brandon Beane from saying in early November that McCoy remained in the team’s plans for 2019.

McCoy’s play didn’t pick up between that point and the end of the regular season, but Beane’s thoughts on McCoy’s return for next season haven’t changed. McCoy, who finished with a career low 514 rushing yards, is due to make $6.2 million in 2019 and Beane said on Monday that he believes the veteran can be worth that price tag.

“He is part of our plan,” Beane said at a Monday press conference. “You saw some plays he still made yesterday. I think if we can improve in other areas, that will help LeSean. I’m not a believer that LeSean is done. I know you’re talking about his number is around $6 million. If he gets back to form and we get our offense going, I think he can still be a weapon.”

The Bills have work to do on their offensive line and at receiver as they head into quarterback Josh Allen‘s second season and it appears their hope is that improvements in those areas will help McCoy bounce back when they’re back on the field.

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  1. I’m not so sure that 31 is worth that amount of money. He may be a part of their plans, but at a reduced cost. No way is he worth over $6 million when there are rookies getting under a million and more durable.

  2. Shady still can be productive but he hops and dances around too much in the backfield. Ivory and lesser known backs hit the holes quicker and run downhill. He likes to reverse field but is less and less successful doing it. Improvements on the O-line will help but Father Time is right on his heels.

  3. Never been a Shady fan and cannot believe they would seriously bring him back. Productivity has never been great and his off field indiscretions do not seem to match what they are trying to build in Buffalo. Go Bills.

  4. He isn’t beating anyone anymore on his fake out side to side shuffle. He’s lost tons of yardage for us this yr. I’m not sure how he’s gonna do another yr later.

  5. Joe can anyone take you seriously? Your repeated predictions and prognostications are totally wrong…How many yers are the Bills gonna finish ahead of your Raiders? You’ve had one winning season in 16 year! One. The Bills even had 3, so you are really embarassing yourself with your tired comments year in and year out. Mr Beane has assembled a pretty good draft class the past few years….the Defense is stacked and the offense is addressed this year….meanwhile you have a fantasy football analyst as your GM and a coach who’s has had the game pass him by…. good luck with all those draft picks, can’t wait to see these epics busts….btw you have 2 ex Bills QB’s on your roster….look in the mirror pal, it’s not pretty. Must be tough living in Buffalo and hating it so much

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