Bruce Arians interested in Buccaneers job

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Former Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians has his eye on more than one coaching vacancy.

Despite previously saying the Browns job is the only one he’d consider, Arians told Ian Rapoport of NFL Network that he would consider the Buccaneers job. Arians said he thinks highly of Buccaneers General Manager Jason Licht and would like to work with him.

“I know Jason Licht. So, I would listen,” Arians said.

The Buccaneers would need permission from the Cardinals before interviewing Arians, as he resigned as Cardinals head coach while he still had time left on his contract. There’s been no indication that the Cardinals would stand in the way, but they could. Also complicating the Arians situation is that he is a member of the NFL Career Development Advisory Panel, meaning he is supposedly helping young coaches get ahead in the profession while simultaneously stumping for some jobs those coaches might want.

In Tampa Bay, Arians’ top job would be seeing if he could develop Jameis Winston, who hasn’t become the franchise quarterback the team was hoping he would be when they took him with the first overall pick in the draft. Arians has a good track record of working with quarterbacks.

55 responses to “Bruce Arians interested in Buccaneers job

  1. He also LOVES Jameis and has known him since he was in High School. He is getting that job if his health is in check.

  2. Anyone who would want to coach the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a dumpster fire of an organization run by idiot owners Bryan, Joel, and Edward Glazer needs to have his head examined!

    Tampa Bay has NO(ZERO) Quarterback, No Defense, No Plan, No good Management/ownership, and No Fans!

    If YOU want to ruin your career, come coach Tampa Bay!

  3. Cleveland, he’s just not into you.I can see him having success in Tampa though, he’s a qb whisperer and could be a big help in getting Winston refocused and maximize his skills.

  4. He was a really good HC and Indy should’ve kept him. He’d still be there. But he’s older now with health issues and acting like a guy who has won a SB with the “I’d listen” routine. Pass.

  5. Jameis Winston is a liability to the Buccaneers actually landing a decent head coach. Winston is inconsistent and doesn’t appear to be able to rise past an average level. Not that there are a bunch of better quarterbacks standing in line. But the Buccaneers need to build a team that can win even though their quarterback is not good. It has to start with defense. Putting the teams destiny in the hands of Winston will result in continued mediocrity and failure.

  6. Cleveland, he’s just not into you

    We’re not into him. Win. Win.

  7. The facts are Bruce didn’t retire, he quit on the Cardinals. When the going got tough, Bruce became a coward. No team should hire him.

  8. Anyone who would want to coach the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a dumpster fire of an organization run by idiot owners Bryan, Joel, and Edward Glazer needs to have his head examined!
    Been a Buc fan since DAY 1 and I can’t agree more…the Glazers (and this includes ALL 6 of Malcom’s kids) have no real idea how to handle a NFL team. That’s fine, BUT get a seasoned GM and FRONT office. The franchise wont change till this is fixed.

  9. Bucs have #5 pick, why hold onto Winston when you can get Dwayne Haskins potentially? And you base your coaching search for who likes your mediocre QB? No wonder TB hasn’t been to the playoffs in 11 years.

  10. While I have a lot of respect for what Bruce Arians has accomplished in his career I feel like we’d be better off with a defensive minded coach. Dirk Koetter was able to get franchise historic numbers on offense but the teams consistently stank because of how bad the defense was (among other things). In my opinion the best course of action for Tampa would be to go after a guy like Vic Fangio or Don Martindale and commit most of their resources to improving the defensive backfield and the linebackers. So long as they do that, touch up the O-line so that they can actually have a run game and be balanced, and keep the passing game in the short and intermediate range so that Winston doesn’t whiff on deep balls (which he is known to do) then in theory the Bucs should at least be competitive next season.

  11. Winston’s numbers since he came into the Giants game for Fitz:

    148/230 for 1811 yards 13 TDs and 4 Interceptions. 64%. 7.8 YPA.

    Of those 4 interceptions 1 was a bad decision while the other 3 were either hail mary’s or went off a WR’s hands.

    There is something to work with here. His #’s are also generally up every year in completion % / TD:INT ratio.

  12. The rest of the nation is getting clued in on what we know here locally. The roster Keim gave him every year was a train wreck, which is why he “retired” last year. He coached them up well beyond what was on the field. If he’ll take the job, the Bucs should run and don’t walk to make this hire. Arians is a top shelf coach and would be a great partner for Winston in the QB room as well.

  13. The self proclaimed maven of football should stay away from coaching as well as
    broadcasting. There is a reason that it’s always reported that Bruce is interested in jobs, but no team has interest in him.

  14. So Arians has a talented team in AZ. What did he accomplish? The Cardinals today is what Arians and Kiem built. That’s his legacy! Arians is an ok coach with old school offensive schemes. He is acting like he is BB calling shots…as a head coach he’s more like John Gruden without the actual SB win. No thanks.1

  15. …. someone please hire him to coach. That way he won’t be ruining my Sunday afternoons with his horrible,l horrible commentaries. He is an average coach but an unmitigated disaster as a commentator.

    Bucs.. anyone … hire the guy.

  16. I can just see it now.
    “ok, Jamis I know how to turn your career around. We’re going to talk about protecting the ball but first, we need to cut down the sexual assaults to a more manageable level. I’m not saying you can’t do it but you have to pick your spots. Am I not reasonable?”

  17. Nick Foles isn’t going anywhere but Philadelphia. Philly might trade Wentz for at least what they paid for him three years ago. Bruce Arians is retired and should stay that way unless the Rams want to hire him. I don’t believe he could screw up that team right away.

  18. I really really like Arians, but–and I hate to say this–he’s too old. The Bucs need stability. How long will Arians stay before he retires again?

    I agree with a poster above; hire a bright, young defensive-minded coach with a track record of organizational management, keep Monken as the offensive coordinator, and stand behind them for a few years. I’m sick of the revolving door at the head coach’s office.

  19. “Why would the Browns hesitate in hiring Arians?”

    Because they watched how quickly it all fell apart in Arizona? The first two years were great when they were winning. He was always good for a funny quote and things looked ideal. They then went 7-9 and 8-8 and he became a totally different guy constantly throwing players under the bus and alienating everybody around. Nothing was ever his fault and there was no accountability.

  20. shogunassasin30 says:

    December 31, 2018 at 10:56 am

    He also LOVES Jameis and has known him since he was in High School. He is getting that job if his health is in check.


    I’m sorry, but how does ANY coach LOVE Jameis when he’s constantly in trouble off the field and wildly inconsistent on it?

  21. “I also have yet to hear of any team wanting to interview Arians…why is that?”

    Because you are not Rapoport, Schefter, or Glazer. Why on earth would you hear about it before anyone else?

  22. I think that he just might be the right fit for the Bucs. Instilling discipline in Winston and grooming him as a quarterback will serve them well. Go for it!

  23. I suspected this when I heard Jason Licht was keeping his job. Licht probably assured the Glaziers that he could lure Arians which led to them retaining him. We’ll see if he gets that done.

  24. I have a feeling they’ve been talking to Arians for a while. Friends help friends make a lot of money in this business, and as long as the owners are making money too, some of them don’t really care about winning. You can’t win with Jameis Winston unless you have a dominant 53 man roster, but the guy that drafted Winston isn’t going to say that. But like I said before, some owners are fine as long as they make money, and you can go 0-16 every year and still make money.

  25. I thought at one point he was interested in the Browns’ gig? I think the Browns’ job is the better job. Pittsburgh is a mess, the Bengals are the Bengals so they shouldn’t be a problem. Baltimore would be their only competition in the division.

  26. People who keep saying he was interested in the Browns job don’t seem to grasp things well. He’s basically telling you that he sees those QBs and the rest of those rosters, and he thinks he can win with those teams from what he sees. It’s how it goes when you’ve had success. You don’t have to take the current Arizona job with Keim drafting for you or the Bronco job with no QB. You can pick your spot. How it always goes.

    Also, for the person asking why he hasn’t been getting interviews, he’s 66, and owners tend not to hire older coaches. Also he’s still under contract with AZ, so if someone hires him, there will have to be some kind of compensation go to the Cardinals.

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