Buccaneers, Cardinals and Dolphins request interviews with Eric Bieniemy

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Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy is a popular name in this year’s head coaching searches.

Monday’s report that the Jets requested an interview with Bieniemy was followed a short time later by word of interest from three more teams. Terez Paylor of Yahoo Sports reports that the Buccaneers and Dolphins have requested interviews with Bieniemy and Tom Pelissero of NFL Media added the Cardinals to the list of teams that have put him on their lists.

Bieniemy is in his first season as coordinator after five seasons as the team’s running backs coach. Andy Reid calls the plays on offense in Kansas City, but that didn’t stop Doug Pederson and Matt Nagy from parleying Bieniemy’s job into head coaching gigs.

Their success has likely helped put Bieniemy’s name on radars around the league and he’s also on the league advisory committee’s list of recommended coaching candidates for this offseason.

7 responses to “Buccaneers, Cardinals and Dolphins request interviews with Eric Bieniemy

  1. Everyone wants fruit from the Andy Reid coaching tree. And, given it’s productivity , it is a wise choice.

    Much wiser than picking the poisoned fruit from the Bill Bellichick coaching tree.

  2. I’d say Eric’s done well but since Reid is the actual OC I’m surprised in all the interest. I suppose it worked for the Bears and Eagles so more power to him.

    Pretty neat Reid and his assistants now makeup 25% of the teams in the playoffs.

  3. I don’t think any of those three teams have something that can be considered a stable situation at QB. I’d pass unless he REALLY wants to be a head coach. His better move would be to wait and get a few more years of experience. Then hopefully he can take over a team that’s more stable and have a chance to succeed. I don’t think anyone could succeed with the Jets.

  4. Alright someone’s gotta say it…so everyone wants to interview Bieniemy (who’s not really coordinating the offense in KC) and Brian Flores (who’s not really coordinating the defense in New England)? I genuinely like the idea behind the Rooney rule but does it actually help place qualified minority candidates who were getting overlooked or does it help the Eric Bieniemys and Brian Floreses of the world land highly questionable interviews?

  5. I’d be all about this guy. The Bucs have continued to try to sign guys from in house, or guys who are well known but havent innovated in years. The NFL has been a good old boys league that is full of coaches doing nothing new and riding on nothing but their names, but that’s finally changing. Time to target someone from a team who’s actually doing something NEW.

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