Cardinals cite “lack of competitiveness” for Steve Wilks firing

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The Cardinals fired head coach Steve Wilks after one season on Monday and team president Michael Bidwill met the media later in the day to discuss the decision.

Bidwill’s answer was focused on the team giving up 200 more points than they scored while picking up the first overall pick in the 2019 draft.

“I looked at the record, I looked at the lack of competitiveness and the direction we were going in, I felt it was in the best interests of the organization,” Bidwill said.

Bidwill added that his conversations with Wilks about plans for 2019 didn’t leave him with the feeling that Wilks was the right coach to get the team pointed in the right direction. He went on to say that “he didn’t get it right” last year and will keep his cards closer to his chest during the search this time around. He did say the team has reached out to coaches who are currently out of the league and that he expects to begin the process of requesting interviews on Monday.

Bidwill also made it clear that he has “a lot of confidence” in General Manager Steve Keim despite the team’s inability to compete this year, so Keim will join him in trying to find the right guy on this year’s spin of the coaching carousel.

23 responses to “Cardinals cite “lack of competitiveness” for Steve Wilks firing

  1. While Wilks was probably in over his head as coach, he was setup to fail with that roster.

  2. Don’t hire a guy that just got fired! How about that as a starting point. Also don’t hire a guy that is currently providing commentary for the NFL or NCAA. Chances are they were fired or resigned after failing. I think that gets you on the right path.

  3. same old pc speak. kiem “I am humble” absolute crap. he has no clue. over 300 roster changes this year. and these 2 morons are gonna pick a coach. lol

  4. Seriously, the Rooney rule ain’t working. All these teams hiring due to skin color, just to look politically correct are paying the price. Stop it already!

  5. Slow Joe (Bucs fan) says:
    December 31, 2018 at 1:48 pm
    Bruce Arians is available and apparently stumping for jobs.
    Arians jumped off that sinking ship already. Besides, he did absolutely squat with it when that roster was stacked with talent…why would AZ want him back?

  6. So why is DUI Keim stil there? He gave him the terrible roster. It’s the reason Arians “retired.” He knew that there was only so long he could keep covering up bad drafts with the one-year rentals that Keim kept giving him. Take that job at your own peril. There are holes everywhere and Keim is still going to be doing the drafting.

  7. jjbadd385 ,

    Yeah, I’m sure NFL owners are hiring people to be PC. Out of the last three cycles, there is only like one coach left from each of those hires, and all the failures weren’t black. So why are you worried about them? Would you feel better if it was like the old days when all of the coaches were white and 90% of them failed too? I’m just seriously asking to understand what you people’s problem is.

  8. I don’t understand how you fire a guy in his first year and not can the GM who hired him. Besides, Keim gave him that awful team that got him fired. He should be shown the door too.

  9. So you hand a coach a roster that was not exactly teeming with talent, overpay for Sam “I get injured every single year, without fail, guaranteed” Bradford, and a rookie QB, and the team still plays really hard week in and week out for the coach, yet you fire him after one season? This is absurd and it explains why the Cards will continue to suck for a long time. Man, Larry Fitzgerald deserved better than this.

  10. What perplexes me is that by reading some of these comments it looks like some people really and truely believe that a team would hire a black HC and then purposely set him up just to fail so they can fire him, that makes absolutely NO SENSE!

    What would the purpose of wasting those years be, any clue?

  11. I’m sick of the white/black issue…Can we just hire the right man for the job and leave color aside? The ‘Rooney Rule’ is a joke. AZ needs a visionary head coach (any color would be fine) to get QB Rosen up to NFL quality thus helping Larry Fitzgerald win now. AZ also needs a new ‘Honey Badger’ on defense. The fans of Phoenix deserve a quality team.

  12. The Rooney rule is about the interview process, not hiring. It is fair to debate it’s value. To bring it up here in the context of firing is either woefully ignorant or deliberately fanning the flames.

  13. “Seriously, the Rooney rule ain’t working. All these teams hiring due to skin color, just to look politically correct are paying the price. Stop it already!”


    Wilks may have had more on his plate than he could handle but he never really had a chance to prove his capabilities. Hard to say what he actually is capable of after that one season with a terrible roster.

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