Dolphins fire Adam Gase

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Word last week was that the Dolphins planned to fire executive vice president of football operations Mike Tannenbaum, but intended to hold onto head coach Adam Gase.

The team never said anything publicly before or after losing to the Bills to end their season with a 7-9 record, however, and now comes word that they’ve decided on more sweeping changes. Per multiple reports, the team has fired Gase after three years on the job.

Gase’s first season ended with a playoff berth, but quarterback Ryan Tannehill missed their postseason game with a knee injury and then missed all of last season for the same reason. Tannehill returned this year, but continued to miss time with injuries and the team lost players at many other spots.

That didn’t stop them from getting to 7-6 through 13 games, but they lost the final three games of the year by a combined score of 100-31 and it seems the ugly end convinced Dolphins owner Stephen Ross that it was time for a larger shakeup.

Tannehill’s exit was expected to be part of the offseason plan in Miami before Gase was out the door. That may still be the case, but the new coach will surely have some say in that and other big decisions to come.

58 responses to “Dolphins fire Adam Gase

  1. It’s about f’n time that Gase got FIRED! Mike Tannenbaum needs to be FIRED too!!! Ryan Tannehill is not a franchise QB and needs to be cut or traded!!!! The Dolphins so desperately needed this ORGANIZATIONAL ENEMA!!!!

  2. Hey Adam, come to the west coast and learn from the master McVay. We have a nice offensive coordinator position for you where you can learn from the best without all the pressure. Kevin Demoff will get in touch with your people. 😀

  3. jerruhjones says:
    December 31, 2018 at 10:04 am
    Reminder – Never hire a Belichik assistant.


    Honest answer I didnt even realize he was from “The Tree” (Laughs HARD out loud). I only associated him with Denver which shows you how much I paid attention to him before then. But I agree. Haven’t really seen any of them succeed. Struggling thinking of one.

    Speaking of said tree…I am REALLY hoping McDaniels DOES NOT come to Cleveland

  4. eaglesmancave says:
    December 31, 2018 at 10:14 am
    As someone who doesn’t have a dog in this race, I think this is a questionable move at best. Given what he had to deal with, he did a pretty great job.

    Gotta agree. Gase may not have been the answer in Miami but Lombardi probably couldn’t have done too much better. Would have to think his roster moves had a bigger part in his firing than his coaching. Paired with a decent GM Gase is a viable HC

  5. Man, it’s only 10:00 am EST and the NFL has axed over 6 HCs with Cleveland and Green Bay not in the mix yet. Someone tell me IF there’ are even 3 decent NEW coaches to take there place. The NFL is sinking pretty quick….

  6. Dolphins will never win while Goodell is commishner. Patriots will always win the division while Goodell is commish. It does not matter who they hire.

  7. Dolphins suck and will be the bottom of the coaching barrel. NOONE Will take that job until all of the other jobs are filled. What a crappy franchise. They should move to Oakland

  8. Marvin Lewis would be a major upgrade over Gase as head coach of the Dolphins. Lewis’s teams always played hard and they made the playoffs a lot. Gase was over matched .

  9. Omar Kelly of the Sun Sentinel tweeted, “Dolphins players were tremendously bothered by Adam Gase’s loyalty and excuse making for Ryan Tannehill. He lost a lot of support in the locker room in the second half of this season. It became clear players didn’t want Gase back, and aren’t Tannehill fans.”

  10. Give me a break! Nick Saban, Cam Cameron, Tony Sparano, Joe Philbin, a few stand in coaches (Bowles & Campbell) and now Adam Gase. A spindling roster of GM’s and VP’s of football operations too. Is Karl Peterson still whispering in Ross’s ear? Owners, managers, coaches, post Joe Robbie, all of them, suck. So now we are going to look for a recently fired head coach, an inexperienced head coach OC or DC, and who knows what else in the talent acquisition realms. Why in the world would anyone, in the game, pundit, or fan put any confidence in this franchise. Maybe pictures will help Ross. Look at the Browns. Whats different? The big difference is their quarterback… Born to win. No matter what. Other good, but new (to the organization) skill players. And a coach who knows how to use them. If history is the teacher here, get ready for another terrible 3 years.

  11. I’m a Jets fan and we’ve lost to Gase many times while he was there. But, I don’t get the media pumping his name back out there like he’s still some kind of good coach. Pay attention to the Fins fans. Guy is very immature, arrogant, “diva-ish”, he never passes up an opportunity to throw somebody under the bus in front of a microphone, and he STINKS. Whatever team hires Gase has a destroyed locker room and a below .500 record coming.

  12. I remember in 2016 when everyone was saying that Gase was a “genius” hire and that Doug Pederson was a “horrible” hire. Since Doug is the only 2016 hire still around, I guess we know conventional wisdom is anything but wise.

  13. The roster was decimated with injuries and the starters themselves weren’t all that good anyways. As an outside observer, 7-9 seems better than expected given what he had to work with and the GM seems to be far more at fault to me.

  14. I guess he ended up not being the next Don Shula. Seriously though, although I’m hardly a fan of Gase as I think he needlessly alienated players that could have helped him win, this league is a joke now. Al Davis used to be a running punchline because he fired coaches every two years, but look around this league now. Guys rarely get more than two or three years now, and it’s not working out well for these franchises. A guy who took a team to the playoffs just two years ago didn’t get dumb overnight, so why don’t these franchises stand behind people they hired? Especially since you’re going right back to the same trash can of candidates to try to find a guy.

  15. D Hammer says:
    December 31, 2018 at 10:14 am
    He’s going back to Denver. Count it.
    Considering he insulted Number 7 on his way out the door, I think there is a better chance Manning comes out of retirement to lead the Broncos to another championship. Never going to happen, not as HC at least.

  16. This roster when healthy is not too far off from being competitive. I am on the fence with Tannehill and think the new coach should have the say so in that decision. Look at how well he was doing when he was healthy and had the full starters on the OL and had Wilson and Grant to stretch the field. The D is most of the problem with this team. If we do not get another CB and some DL help it wont matter who is coaching. Going to once again be an interesting off season.

  17. Gase isn’t cut out to be a head coach. Big chip on his shoulders which keeps him from learning mistakes and he hates disciplining guys but the second a guy left he’d tell the press about all the things he’d let the guy get away with.

    Best example was Ajayi who had like 110 of the total 120 carries at the time he was traded without ever having been disciplined but the second he was traded Gase went into how he’d been late for every meeting they’d ever had. Gee, coach, maybe you should have disciplined him instead of letting him have EVERY SINGLE CARRY.

  18. phillyphinsfan says:
    December 31, 2018 at 10:32 am
    Omar Kelly of the Sun Sentinel tweeted, “Dolphins players were tremendously bothered by Adam Gase’s loyalty and excuse making for Ryan Tannehill. He lost a lot of support in the locker room in the second half of this season. It became clear players didn’t want Gase back, and aren’t Tannehill fans.”

    This would mean more if it weren’t coming from Omar, who has treasured every opportunity to trash Tannehill.

  19. My guess is this had more to do with his unwillingness to give up play calling to an actual OC. Except for a couple of trick plays, his play calling was horribly predictable and didn’t change all season despite losing key position players that the plays were designed for. Lost all of his speed receivers and continued to call screen passes every other play.

  20. Won’t matter if the people making the personnel decisions remain on staff. How many resources have been pumped into the Defense? It’s still one of the worst ranked defenses, with many 1st round picks/free agent money in the secondary and D line.

  21. When you are a “offensive guru” and can’t manage more than 21ppg, despite your predecessor doing so….your excuses run hollow.

    Tannenbaum, Grier and Tannehill all need their walking papers too.

  22. Anyone still wondering if this was the right call, Gase, an offensive guru, was in charge of an offense that was 29th in the NFL. He signed and kept players he was buddies with, like Cutler, and would ship guys like Landry and Ajayi who he didn’t always get along with rather than try to make it work. He was needlessly and aggressively arrogant for no reason. And Tannehill only looked good early in the season because he was playing the Jets and the Raiders.

  23. I remember being at the stadium and seeing a plane banner saying “Hire Jimmy Johnson” and everyone cheering.

  24. jerruhjones says:
    December 31, 2018 at 10:04 am
    Reminder – Never hire a Belichik assistant

    Unless of course, you are Belichick.

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