Iowa State coach declines offer to interview with Jets

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The Jets are moving quickly to put together a list of candidates for their head coaching vacancy, but it won’t include one of the popular names among college coaches.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Iowa State coach Matt Campbell declined a chance to interview with the Jets.

A product of Mount Union, the 39-year-old Campbell has risen quickly from his first head coaching job at Toledo, and is 19-19 in three seasons at Iowa State.

The Jets have already asked to talk to NFL assistants Todd Monken, Kris Richard, and Eric Bieniemy as they look for a replacement for Todd Bowles.

19 responses to “Iowa State coach declines offer to interview with Jets

  1. He just signed an extension at Iowa State a couple of months ago. I think this is more of he knows he isn’t ready yet and has more time to maximize his ceiling plus wait for the perfect landing spot then it is the Jets not looking like a good job.

  2. The guy just got an extension and is not taking any interviews with nfl teams but yeah try too make jets look even worse

  3. Matt Campbell has the potential to be a very good NFL guy one day. I think he is holding out for Cleveland. Where Campbell is thought very highly of by Browns GM John Dorsey.

  4. Smart move. The Jet ownership situation is a joke. Not to mention the bad GM is still there. Unless there is a guy who ever takes that job as their GM that you know intimately, I would stay far away.

  5. ahs2 says:
    December 31, 2018 at 2:58 pm
    Uhhhhh, 19-19…at Iowa State? What’s the draw?


    Context matters. ISU has long been regarded a coaching graveyard. Prior to Campbell’s arrival they were generally regarded as one of the worst P5 programs in the country. He’s done an outstanding job of building the program up in just three years.

  6. Matt Campbell can coach. 16 wins the last two seasons at an outpost like Ames, IA?? He’s not exactly stockpiling 4* and 5* recruits like Saban or Swinney. That’s true coaching.
    If he’s interested in the pro game, he’d be successful.

  7. Embarrassing. Does anyone know how to do anything at the Jets? No doubt Maccagnan was “helping” the owner on this one. Remember in December 2014 when Charley Casserly (at that time consulting for Jets called Jimmy Sexton two weeks before the season was over and asked him if he had any clients interested in the Jets HC job. Problem was, Rex Ryan was one of Jimmy Sexton’s clients and still the Head Coach.

    Maybe someone told Campbell the Jets GM was garbage – which he is.
    Problem here is that Campbell or his agent should have said nothing. Not the way to do business. There is a way to back-channel things without having the team name on an interview request-so Jets cuplable too.It’s what happens when you have a bad GM and new owner.
    They should renege and fire him.

    The set-up is terrible with the Head Coach and GM reporting separately to the owner-why should the Jets limit the candidate pool by saying this is the structure in a press conference?

    Chris Johnson should dump Maccagnan and hire Rex Ryan as his Head Coach hire Louis Riddick or Reggie McKenize with him. It’s the number one job for Ryan and wouldn’t use the Jets as leverage for another job.

    Everyone thinks it has to be an offensive guy. Amatuer hour. Chasing a fad. Find the best guy who can energize an organization and command respect from players.

    I’ll take Rex Ryan 10/10 over Matt Campbell and the other names out there anyday.

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