Marvin Lewis: Mike Brown and I decided it was time

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The Bengals officially announced that Marvin Lewis is out as their head coach on Monday morning and the statement from the team called it a mutual decision to part ways.

Lewis signed a contract extension with the team after the 2017 season that gave the Bengals the option of retaining him for the 2019 season. In a statement, Bengals owner Mike Brown said he “is very appreciative” of what Lewis brought to the organization “and will miss working with him.”

At a press conference after the announcement, Lewis said that “Mike and I decided it’s time” and that “this season’s been a lot” when asked why now was the right time. Lewis lamented his inability to “deliver the No. 1 goal” of winning a Super Bowl during a run in Cincinnati that saw him go 131-122-3 in the regular season and 0-7 in the postseason.

Lewis said “we’ll see” when asked if he has designs on coaching again and said that he was not offered another role in the Bengals organization before the decision was made to end his time on the sideline.

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  1. Andy Reid proved that sometimes a good coach needs a change of scenery after a decade plus. I don’t think Lewis is in Reid territory as a coach but he is a decent coach who helped change the bottom of the barrel era in Cincinnati and I would give him serious consideration if I am a team looking for a Head Coach.

    As long as he promised to leave Hue Jackson behind.

  2. “Not offered another role”. Hopefully that means Hue and Joseph will be out of the HC running if they want to rid the organization of Lewis’s influence.

  3. Just wait, Marv is going to be driving out of town on I-70 and the owner is going to call him and tell him to come back for another year.

  4. The Bengals are right to clean house. Trade Dalton, draft a QB and start fresh with a new coaching and personnel staff.

  5. If he doesn’t end up with another position in the Bengals organization he could move to the college ranks or be a NFL def coordinator quickly if he chose to.

  6. ebhaynz says:
    December 31, 2018 at 11:29 am

    Just wait, Marv is going to be driving out of town on I-70 and the owner is going to call him and tell him to come back for another year.

    I-70 doesn’t go through Cincy. Columbus and Dayton.

  7. They need a fresh start, fresh voice…That means NO Hue, NO Vance…and NO assistants currently on the staff.

  8. LOL!!!

    Backup QB Jeff Driskell with an offense of backups
    almost beat the pittsburgh steelers (when they needed the win).


  9. “Whatever helps you sleep at night Marvy boy”

    What’s he made coaching there, 50 million+ ? I don’t think he has the slightest trouble sleeping at night or any other time he feels like it.

    He’ll probably turn up somewhere else coaching but what he should really do is take his millions and enjoy life.

  10. So as it turns out those of us who thought Brown wouldn’t pay to get rid of Marv were right. Lewis’ contract ‘extension’ was an option for 2019 and it didn’t cost Mike Brown a dime to ‘fire’ him. Shoulda known lol

  11. It’s tough to win consistently in the NFL and even tougher to be a perinial playoff team. This is magnified even further, when you have an owner/gm that is averse to spending. Marvin Lewis is a good coach and will find an opportunity quickly, when he is ready.

  12. it is sickening to still hear brown is cheap. i suggest you take a look at the nfl salary cap list and see for yourself that they are in the middle of the league in cap spending.

  13. Translation: I’m tired of working with an incompetent owner. Any job is better than this one.

  14. I remember making a mint off Marvin taking the Bengals as dogs up against the Redskins years and years ago…like 2004 I think.

    I took them because I knew Marvin Lewis must have the Pure Hate for Snyder. I was right.

    Its been downhill for Bungles ever since.

  15. “Marvin Lewis is a good coach and will find an opportunity quickly, when he is ready.”

    You act like it’s was Mike Brown’s fault that they were 0-7 in playoff games. The team was woefully underprepared, terribly inconsistent and melted down at the worst times. His tenure in Cincy was a complete joke.

  16. If the Bengals want to go after Zimmer, the Vikings would probably do that deal for a first round pick. If you think that price is too steep, they’d probably settle for a 7th rounder or a bag of kicking tees.

  17. Perfect Marv, the epitome of what you and Mike Brown always have been; about 12 years behind in figuring things out.

  18. As others have said, new blood is needed in that organization. If they go the route of Hue “All hat, no cattle” Jackson, sub .500 seasons are a guarantee.

  19. Eh, I mean, his overall record is respectable. Better than .500. Should he have reached greater hights in 16 years? Maybe, but there have been many worse coaches in the league. I honestly can’t believe it’s been 16 years!!?!

    Good luck Marvin.

  20. I doubt he was fired and just decided he was done. After all he was contemplating quitting last year and then Mike Brown enticed him back with that extension. He had an okay run with a really bad owner & coach and I kind of wish the NFL was less quick to fire and play coach carasoul but I digress.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he retired. Or took a role that had severely reduced hours. He just seems like he’s over it all.

  21. Thank goodness the Bengals can finally move on. In the meantime, the two worst words a Bengals fan can hear right now are Hue and Jackson.

  22. The same people ripping Lewis in that fan base will be trying to erect a statue of him in a few years. I don’t think most people grasp what goes on in that organization even before you get to the coaching part or even the football part. I feel sorry for him because he should have left years ago and would have been better off for it. People forget that all of that defensive success in Baltimore over the years that continues to go on started with him as the original coordinator of that defense under Billick. Hope the guy gets another shot with a real organization.

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